Press List

This page displays applications, which have been publicised in the local press and have yet to be determined. Applications can be publicised for the following reasons:

  • a) Major development - defined as being schemes of more than 10 houses (or over 0.5ha where number of units not defined), for other uses over 1000sq.m in floorspace or where the site area of the development itself is above 1ha in size.
  • b) The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement.
  • c) The application involves the stopping-up or diversion of public highway.
  • d) In those cases where the proposal may be in conflict with the Development Plan (a departure).
  • e) Planning applications that may affect the character and appearance of a Conservation Area or the setting of a Listed Building.
  • f) Listed Building Consent applications.
  • g) Conservation Area Consent applications.
  • h) Other applications where it is considered they raise issues of wider interest.

The listing gives general information about the proposal and under 'Press List details' gives the reason for publication and the date it appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. To find out more about any application simply click on the Reference No.

Reference number Valid date Site location Applicant details Press List details Proposed development
OUT/2020/0363 10-02-2020 Land East of Watery Lane Coventry CV7 8HX C/O Agent Standard Notice : Major Developments - 05-03-2020 Erection of up to 17 dwellings (outline with access submitted)
FUL/2020/0217 27-01-2020 23, 25 & 29 Warwick Road Coventry CV1 2EW C/O Agent Planning App: Dev.affecting Conservation Area - 27-02-2020 Demolition of 23 (Bank House), 25 and 29 Warwick Road and the erection of purpose-built student accommodation including ancillary residents' hub and associated open space, landscaping, access, parking and drainage provisions.
RMM/2020/0046 07-01-2020 Whitley South - Land to the north and south of the A45 (between the Festival and Tollbar junctions) and land at the junctions of the A45/Festival Roundabout and the A46/Tollbar Roundabout A45 Coventry CV3 6RQ . Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-01-2020 Application for approval of reserved matters for a car showroom and ancillary workshop, repairs and valeting areas with associated external car parking, storage and display areas, and hard and soft landscaping at Land at Whitely South (Zone 2), Coventry
FUL/2019/3195 03-01-2020 London Taxi Holyhead Road Coventry West Midlands CV5 8JJ C/O Agent Standard Notice : Major Developments - 30-01-2020 Demolition of the former London Taxi Manufacturing buildings together with access alterations and associated works
FUL/2019/3193 03-01-2020 London Taxi Holyhead Road Coventry West Midlands CV5 8JJ C/O Agent Standard Notice : Major Developments - 30-01-2020 Demolition of the former London Taxi Manufacturing plant and erection of 107 dwellings (Use Class C3), together with access alterations, car parking, drainage, landscaping and associated works
FUL/2019/3194 03-01-2020 London Taxi Holyhead Road Coventry West Midlands CV5 8JJ C/O Agent Standard Notice : Major Developments - 30-01-2020 Demolition of the former London Taxi Manufacturing plant and extension to multi-storey car storage building, together with access alterations, car parking, drainage, landscaping and associated works
FUL/2019/3114 22-01-2020 Land at Well Street & Bishop Street Coventry CV1 1HU Ian Harrabin Turnmill Street London EC1M 5QU Standard Notice : Major Developments - 30-01-2020 Erection of a new build 5 storey mixed use development to provide commercial space (A1/A2/A3/A4/B1 use class) at ground floor and 40 residential units on the upper floors. A rear courtyard is to provide 17 car parking spaces, to be accessed from Well Street, with associated landscaping.
FUL/2019/3081 07-01-2020 Land Adjacent to 49 and 51 Corporation Street Coventry CV1 1GH Complex Development Projects Turnmill Street Farringdon London EC1M 5QU Planning App: Dev.affecting Conservation Area - 30-01-2020 Change of use from class A4 to mixed use B1/D2 and renovation of existing apartment at rear creating 2 apartments. The erection of five storey mixed use extension to include one commercial unit A3/A4 at ground floor level and 14 apartments above.Development of the remaining open space, improving the setting of the church opposite and the new active elevation created.
RMM/2019/3059 09-12-2019 90 Cromwell Lane Coventry CV4 8AS C/0 St Ph Mark Rees St Philips Point Temple Row Birmingham B2 5EF Listed Building Consent Application - 09-01-2020 Reserved Matters for the approval of access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of a residential development of 240 dwellings including affordable housing and open space granted under Outline application OUT/2016/1874.
FUL/2019/3027 02-12-2019 203-269 Foleshill Road Coventry CV1 4JZ Mr Sidhu Planning App: Dev.affecting Conservation Area - 02-01-2020 Proposed conversion of a mixed use building to 24 one and two bed apartments, including 4 'live-work' apartments, with the erection of an additional storey of accommodation and demolition of single storey rear extension and provision of car parking
OUT/2019/3028 05-12-2019 Land at 8a-10 Lythalls Lane Coventry CV6 6FG Mr Sam Dehill Lythalls Lane Coventry CV6 6FG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-01-2020 Outline application for the demolition of existing buildings, erection of up to 95 apartments in 3 storey building with associated access and basement parking and amenity (access, layout and scale submitted)
FUL/2019/3007 03-12-2019 Hydrogarden Binley Industrial Estate Progress Close Coventry CV3 2RR Mr Barry Geaney Binley Coventry CV3 2NT Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-01-2020 Development of a storage / warehouse facility, which combines existing two buildings creating new infill building. Bay extension to existing building. New ancillary offices to each existing building.
S73/2019/2837 04-12-2019 Unit 4 Edgewick Park Industrial Estate Canal Road Coventry Mr Scott Mulley Boels Rental Far Gosford Street Coventry CV1 5DU Standard Notice : Major Developments - 12-12-2019 Variation of Conditions 24 (to allow for storage on site) and 25 (to allow for machinery to be operated on an open area of the site) for planning application FUL/2017/0519 for the Demolition of existing warehouse to develop new commercial units (Class B1, B2, B8) and an indoor go-karting facility (sui generis use); widening of existing entrance, parking and manoeuvring areas and associated landscaping granted on 14/07/2017. (This Variation of Conditions Application only relates to unit 4)
FUL/2019/2801 08-01-2020 31 Herald Way Binley Industrial Estate Coventry CV3 2RQ Mr Kevin Graham CV3 2RQ The construction of a tank farm in association with use of land for Use Class B2 on land to the rear of SFM Ltd.
FUL/2019/2733 31-10-2019 145 Warwick Road Coventry CV3 6AU C/O Agent Planning App: Dev.affecting Conservation Area - 21-11-2019 Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and the erection of a new apartment building to provide 24 apartments with associated landscaping, car parking and cycle storage.
FUL/2019/2671 30-10-2019 Land to the North and South of A45 Eastern Green Coventry CV5 7LG Hallam Land Management Ltd Planning App: Dev. affecting Listed Building - 14-11-2019 Application affecting a footpath/highway - 14-11-2019 Standard Notice : Major Developments - 14-11-2019 Construction of grade separated junction with associated access roads, landscaping, drainage and engineering works
OUT/2019/2277 04-09-2019 Rookery Farm (land adjacent to Pumping Station) Watery Lane Keresley Coventry CV6 2GE J G Gray, Gillett Properties And The Newcombe Estates Fitzhardinge Street London W1H 6EF Standard Notice : Major Developments - 10-10-2019 Proposed residential development (up to 40 dwellings) with associated landscaping/open space, drainage and highway infrastructure (outline application - all matters reserved except access into the site)
OUT/2019/1811 29-11-2019 22-25 Cross Cheaping Coventry CV1 1HF Mr P Thind Cambridge Close Hounslow TW4 7BG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-01-2020 Change of use from restaurant space on first and second floors to student accommodation, additional two floors to be added for student accommodation use (outline application seeking approval of appearance and scale).
S73/2019/1737 12-09-2019 President Kennedy School& Community College Rookery Lane Coventry CV6 4GL - c/o Agent Standard Notice : Major Developments - 17-10-2019 Variation of condition No.2 (drawing numbers) to facilitate minor amendments (involving relocated MUGA) to planning permission reference number S73/2017/0413 - granted on 26th May 2017; which in turn amended planning permission reference number FUL/2015/0957 granted on 30th June 2015 for redevelopment of school site.
FUL/2019/1403 10-07-2019 2 & 3 The Oaks Westwood Way Coventry CV4 8JB N/A Curzon Street London W1J 5JA Standard Notice : Major Developments - 18-07-2019 Demolition of existing building and erection of student accommodation providing 636 bed spaces; commercial units (use classes A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5); car parking; landscaping and associated works.
OUT/2019/0484 05-03-2019 Land at Thompsons Farm Thompsons Road Kersley End Coventry CV7 8JW Bluemark Developments Limited Lioncourt Strategic Land Ltd Application with EIA - 14-03-2019 Outline permission for the erection of up to 500 residential dwellings with all matters reserved with the exception of access and comprising of: The demolition of Thompsons Cottage and associated buildings; Provision of green infrastructure including strategic open space, sustainable urban drainage, green networks, play space and associated structural and general landscaping; A vehicular access point and emergency access point onto Bennetts Road North; Network of pedestrian and cycle routes; and All associated infrastructure and enabling works
FUL/2018/2063 13-01-2020 University Hospital Clifford Bridge Road Coventry CV2 2DX Mr Rob Ferris Wildwood Drive Worcester WR5 2QX Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-08-2018 Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-01-2020 Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-01-2020 Change of use from grass farmland to surface car park for hospital staff use, providing 1600 car parking spaces (including 34 active Electric Vehicle charging spaces and 46 passive charging spaces), 34 motorcycle parking spaces and 160 bicycle parking spaces, with associated landscaping, lighting and car parking equipment, and new substation, with new time-controlled vehicle exit to Farber Road (for use by Car Park A only (capacity 565 spaces), between 4.00pm - 8.30pm). This re-notification relates to an amendment to the red egded application site and further detailing in relation to the proposed Farber Road exit.

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