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This page displays applications, which have been publicised in the local press and have yet to be determined. Applications can be publicised for the following reasons:

  • a) Major development - defined as being schemes of more than 10 houses (or over 0.5ha where number of units not defined), for other uses over 1000sq.m in floorspace or where the site area of the development itself is above 1ha in size.
  • b) The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement.
  • c) The application involves the stopping-up or diversion of public highway.
  • d) In those cases where the proposal may be in conflict with the Development Plan (a departure).
  • e) Planning applications that may affect the character and appearance of a Conservation Area or the setting of a Listed Building.
  • f) Listed Building Consent applications.
  • g) Conservation Area Consent applications.
  • h) Other applications where it is considered they raise issues of wider interest.

The listing gives general information about the proposal and under 'Press List details' gives the reason for publication and the date it appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. To find out more about any application simply click on the Reference No.

Reference number Valid date Site location Applicant details Press List details Proposed development
FUL/2019/1563 21-06-2019 Faculty of Arts and Humanities Cox Street Coventry CV1 5QT - Standard Notice : Major Developments - 04-07-2019 Proposed demolition of the Bugatti Building and erection of a part four and part five-storey extension (class D1 use); various internal and external alterations to the Maurice Foss and Graham Sutherland Buildings; alterations to the service yard; landscaping and associated works.
FUL/2019/1403 10-07-2019 2 & 3 The Oaks Westwood Way Coventry CV4 8JB N/A Curzon Street London W1J 5JA Standard Notice : Major Developments - 18-07-2019 Demolition of existing building and erection of student accommodation providing 636 bed spaces; commercial units (use classes A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5); car parking; landscaping and associated works.
FUL/2019/1396 10-06-2019 Land adjacent to Grosvenor Road Coventry Coventry City Council Application affecting a footpath/highway - 20-06-2019 Construction of new link road
S73/2019/1222 20-05-2019 9 North Avenue Coventry CV2 4DH Mr Ramesh Parmar North Avenue Coventry CV2 4DH Planning App: Dev.affecting Conservation Area - 27-06-2019 Variation of condition 2 (plan numbers) imposed upon planning permission FUL/2018/2294 (for proposed alterations and extensions to 9 North Avenue, comprising 5no. one bedroom apartments and 9no. two bedroom apartments with associated works and parking granted on 13/12/18) to allow the external courtyard wall to be rebuilt to Apartment 9 and the increase in a bedroom size to Apartment 10.
RM/2019/1252 17-06-2019 Paragon Park Coventry CV6 5DS Mr Richard Hodson Castle Bromwich Birmingham B35 7AG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 27-06-2019 Reserved matters approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale in respect of Phase 5 pursuant to condition 1 imposed on permission S73/2018/2999, which varied conditions imposed upon OUT/2014/2538 granted on 2nd March 2015 for erection of up to 700 dwellings and provision of up to 3500 sq m employment floorspace, remodelled public park, new playing field for school, public open space, attenuation areas, pedestrian routes, access to Foleshill Road and Stoney Stanton Road and creation of noise barrier adjacent to EMR premises. The outline application was an EIA application and an ES was submitted.
FUL/2019/1215 24-06-2019 53 Heath Road Coventry CV2 4QB Mr Vinu Battesa Neasden London NW10 8JP Standard Notice : Major Developments - 04-07-2019 Replacement of boundary treatement from Concrete Bollards To New Brick & Metal Rail Max Height 1800mm
S73/2019/1201 15-05-2019 Car park adjacent to Ringway Whitefriars Fairfax Street Coventry West Midlands CV1 5GA Mr Parker Standard Notice : Major Developments - 13-06-2019 Variation of condition No. 5 (to revise timescales for landscaping) and Condition No. 18 (amended drawings to provide 14 studios at first floor) on application reference S73/2018/2967, granted on 23rd January 2019 (original reference FM/2016/2084) for purpose built student accommodation, commercial uses at ground floor and associated works.
FUL/2019/1171 13-05-2019 59 - 69 Berry Street Coventry CV1 5JT Mr Sandhu Safron Homes UK Cannon Park Road Coventry CV4 7AY Standard Notice : Major Developments - 06-06-2019 Erection of 15 studio apartments with associated parking
OUT/2019/1086 17-06-2019 8a-10 Lythalls Lane Coventry CV6 6FG Mr Sam Dehill Coventry CV6 6FG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 27-06-2019 Outline application for the demolition of existing buildings, erection of up to 95 apartments in 3 storey building with basement parking and amenity space (details of access, layout and scale submitted)
S73/2019/1041 01-05-2019 13 London Road Coventry CV1 2JP Mr Cole Snow Hill Queensway Birmingham B4 6GA Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-05-2019 Variation of Condition No.2 (drawing numbers) imposed on planning permission FUL/2018/1300 'Demolition of existing buildings and erection of two buildings for a residential development up to a maximum height of 5 storeys and 16 storeys and plant, providing 167 dwellings including retail and/or cafe use (Use Class A1 and/or A3) at ground level, with associated car parking, cycle parking, highways works, landscaping and other associated works' granted 2nd October 2018.
RMM/2019/1030 30-04-2019 Land bounded by Hall Brook, Bennetts Road South, Sandpits Lane and Tamworth Road Coventry Taylor Wimpey Midlands and North Midlands Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-05-2019 Submission of reserved matters (layout, internal access arrangements, scale, appearance and landscape details) for Phase 1 comprising of 323 dwellings and details of green infrastructure strategy for all phases (excluding third party land) and a temporary construction access pursuant to OUT/2014/2282 for up to 800 dwellings, local centre, primary school, public open space (all matters reserved except vehicular access from Tamworth Road and Bennetts Road South). The outline application was an EIA application and an Environmental Statement was submitted with it.
FUL/2019/1032 18-06-2019 203-269 Foleshill Road Coventry West Midlands CV1 4JZ Mr Sidhu Highgrove Coventry CV4 8JJ Planning App: Dev.affecting Conservation Area - 27-06-2019 Conversion of a mixed use building to 24 one and two bed apartments, including 4 'live-work' apartments, erection of an additional storey of accommodation and associated parking
RMM/2019/0934 04-06-2019 Whitley South - Land to the north and south of the A45 (between the Festival and Tollbar junctions) and land at the junctions of the A45/Festival Roundabout and the A46/Tollbar Roundabout A45 and the junctions of the A444 with the A4114/Whitley. Roundabout CV3 6RQ C/O Agent Standard Notice : Major Developments - 13-06-2019 Submission of reserved matters (internal road layout in development zone 5 of the parameters plan) in respect of application reference S73/2018/3224, granted on 15th February 2019 for comprehensive development of Whitley South.
FUL/2019/0824 25-03-2019 Club House Gaveston Road Coventry Coventry City Council Standard Notice : Major Developments - 11-04-2019 Erection of new indoor bowls facility and maintenance store and reconfiguration of car park
FUL/2019/0687 13-05-2019 1 Bede Road and 250 - 254 Radford Road Coventry CV6 3BU Mr Tarsem Singh Bardley Drive Coventry CV6 3LD Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-05-2019 Change of use and extension of No.250 from bed and breakfast to provide 18 self contained units of accommodation and reconfigured access, car parking and amenity areas
FUL/2019/0635 08-03-2019 54-57 Hertford Street Coventry CV1 1LB DELPHINE INVESTMENTS STONEYBRIDGE COURT STOURBRIDGE DY9 9XT Standard Notice : Major Developments - 28-03-2019 Demolition of existing building and erection of new building comprising of ground floor commercial unit (A1 or A2) and 18 serviced apartments (sui generis)
OUT/2019/0484 05-03-2019 Land at Thompsons Farm Thompsons Road Kersley End Coventry CV7 8JW Bluemark Developments Limited Lioncourt Strategic Land Ltd Application with EIA - 14-03-2019 Outline permission for the erection of up to 500 residential dwellings with all matters reserved with the exception of access and comprising of: The demolition of Thompsons Cottage and associated buildings; Provision of green infrastructure including strategic open space, sustainable urban drainage, green networks, play space and associated structural and general landscaping; A vehicular access point and emergency access point onto Bennetts Road North; Network of pedestrian and cycle routes; and All associated infrastructure and enabling works
RMM/2019/0149 14-06-2019 Ellacombe Road Coventry CV2 1BN Mr Rob Hannan NG8 6PX Standard Notice : Major Developments - 11-04-2019 Standard Notice : Major Developments - 27-06-2019 Submission of revised reserved matters for phase 1C3 (all matters) in respect of outline application ref 54800 dated 22/10/2009 for the redevelopment of the area (Revised layout on land adjacent Hollicombe Road and Ellacombe Road to provide 20 dwellings).
OUT/2019/0022 08-01-2019 Land at Fivefield Road and Tamworth Road Keresley Coventry Bellway Homes Ltd Combined EIA and Footpath - 17-01-2019 Outline application for the demolition of all existing buildings and the erection of up to 550 dwellings and creation of associated vehicular accesses to Tamworth Road and Fivefield Road, pedestrian/cycle and emergency accesses, diversion of public rights of way, highway improvements to Fivefield Road, parking, landscaping, drainage features, open space and associated infrastructure, with all matters to be reserved except access points into the site.
OUT/2018/3225 20-11-2018 Eastern Green South of the A45 Coventry CV5 7LG Hallam Land Management Ltd and the Trustees of the Eastern Application affecting a footpath/highway - 29-11-2018 Outline application for residential development of up to 2625 dwellings, including extra care accommodation; new vehicular access from the A45 and via Pickford Green Lane, with other non-vehicular access points; 10.25ha of employment land (B1, B2, B8). A district centre of approx 10000 sq m retail; a local centre of 1000 sq m of local convenience, retail plus other community facilities; provision of a 2 form entry primary school; open spaces, substantial landscaping, green infrastructure and sports provision; earthworks including the provision of new drainage features and associated demolition and groundworks (All matters reserved except for access)
FUL/2018/2717 09-10-2018 Land at the side and rear of 61 Ansty Road Coventry CV2 3FG Mr Paul Bennett Portland Place West Leamington Spa CV32 5EU Standard Notice : Major Developments - 25-10-2018 Residential development for the construction of seven 3-bedroom houses and five 4-bedroom houses, new access road, parking and landscaping and alterations to No.61 Ansty Road
FUL/2018/2063 19-07-2018 University Hospital Clifford Bridge Road Coventry CV2 2DX Mr Rob Ferris Wildwood Drive Worcester WR5 2QX Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-08-2018 Change of use from grass farmland to surface car park for hospital staff use, providing 1600 car parking spaces (including 34 active Electric Vehicle charging spaces and 46 passive charging spaces), 34 motorcycle parking spaces and 160 bicycle parking spaces, with associated landscaping, lighting and car parking equipment, and new substation, with new time-controlled vehicle exit to Farber Road (for use by Car Park A only (capacity 565 spaces), between 4.00pm - 8.30pm).

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