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This page displays applications, which have been publicised in the local press and have yet to be determined. Applications can be publicised for the following reasons:

  • a) Major development - defined as being schemes of more than 10 houses (or over 0.5ha where number of units not defined), for other uses over 1000sq.m in floorspace or where the site area of the development itself is above 1ha in size.
  • b) The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement.
  • c) The application involves the stopping-up or diversion of public highway.
  • d) In those cases where the proposal may be in conflict with the Development Plan (a departure).
  • e) Planning applications that may affect the character and appearance of a Conservation Area or the setting of a Listed Building.
  • f) Listed Building Consent applications.
  • g) Conservation Area Consent applications.
  • h) Other applications where it is considered they raise issues of wider interest.

The listing gives general information about the proposal and under 'Press List details' gives the reason for publication and the date it appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. To find out more about any application simply click on the Reference No.

Reference number Valid date Site location Applicant details Press List details Proposed development
TEL/2017/0713 20-03-2017 Adopted Footpath Longfellow Road Coventry CV2 5HL Cornerstone Telecomunications RG7 5SA Application for prior notification of proposed development by telecommunications code system operators
FUL/2017/0638 14-03-2017 Greyfriars House Greyfriars Lane Coventry CV1 2GW Blue Bear Management Ltd Newbold Terrace Leamington Spa CV32 4EA Planning App:Combined LB and Conservation Area - 23-03-2017 Change of use of existing office building, elevation alterations and extension to provide two additional storeys to provide 38 student accommodation units (98 bedrooms)
FUL/2017/0585 09-03-2017 2-18 Corporation Street Coventry CV1 1GE Mr Edginton EDG Property Wharfside Street Birmingham B1 1RN Standard Notice : Major Developments - 16-03-2017 Refurbishment and redevelopment of the Cooperative Building and adjacent Hawkins Building to provide A1, A3, A4, D2 uses at basement and ground level, C3 uses on first, second and third floors of the Cooperative Building and B1 to the first floor of the Hawkins Building. Inclusion of undercroft car parking for C3 use; and internal and external alterations
FUL/2017/0516 24-02-2017 Coventry University Sir John Laing Building Much Park Street Coventry CV1 5FB Coventry University Planning App: Dev. affecting Listed Building - 09-03-2017 Variation of condition 26 of planning permission reference FUL/2014/0998 granted on 26/06/2014 [(as amended by AD/2016/3009 granted on 16/01/2017) for the erection of a new Science and Health Building for education and research use; demolition of existing extension to the Richard Cressmand Building and creation of new entrances at ground floor level; provision of new Energy Centre; and associated landscaping, parking and means of access] to amend drawing numbers to allow for revisions to landscaping layout and addition of air compressor within gas bottle storage area.
FUL/2017/0519 15-03-2017 Edgwick Park Industrial Estate Canal Road COVENTRY CV6 5RB Vining Siskin Parkway Middlemarch Business Park Coventry CV3 4PE Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-03-2017 Demolition of existing warehouse to develop new commercial units (Class B1, B2, B8) and an indoor go-karting facility (sui generis use); widening of existing entrance, parking and manoeuvring areas and associated landscaping
FUL/2017/0489 21-02-2017 10 Lythalls Lane COVENTRY CV6 6FG Mr Sam Dehill Lythalls Lane COVENTRY CV6 6FG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 09-03-2017 Demolition of existing commercial building and erection of 15 flats
FUL/2017/0459 16-02-2017 129 Shakespeare Street Coventry CV2 4NE Mr Arondeep Singh Shakespeare Street Coventry CV2 4NE Standard Notice : Major Developments - 09-03-2017 Demolition of 129 Shakespeare Street and erection of 17 flats (with communal kitchen) and associated car parking
S73/2017/0413 27-02-2017 President Kennedy School Rookery Lane Holbrooks COVENTRY CV6 4GL Carillion Construction Ltd Standard Notice : Major Developments - 16-03-2017 Variation of condition 2 (drawing numbers condition) to facilitate minor material amendments (involving relocated MUGA, energy centre and bin store and revised roof layout) to planning permission FUL/2015/0957 for redevelopment of school site
S73/2017/0389 13-02-2017 Sutton Park Shultern Lane Coventry CV4 7AN Aldi Stores Limited Atherstone CV9 2SQ Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-02-2017 Removal of Condition 3 - No deliveries shall be taken at or despatched from the site and no vehicle(s) shall enter or leave the site before 06.00am or after 11.00pm Monday to Saturday or before 08.00am or after 7.00pm on Sundays or Bank / Public Holidays : imposed on planning permission S73/2016/1940 granted on 26/10/2016
FUL/2017/0361 08-02-2017 378 Foleshill Road Coventry CV6 5AN Mr M Nagra Highgrove Coventry CV4 8JJ Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-02-2017 Change of use of first and second floor from A1 and D2 use to 19 bedsit studios
S73/2017/0374 09-02-2017 Land Between 28 And 48 Grange Avenue Binley Coventry CV3 2ED Kay Smith John White Community Centre Grange Avenue Coventry CV3 2ED Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-02-2017 Variation of Condition No. 4 (to enable opening between 6.00am and 11.00pm) : imposed on application reference 25214/D, granted on 4th March 2004 for erection of community centre and associated car parking and landscaping.
FUL/2017/0330 03-02-2017 Land at Brownshill Green Farm Coundon Wedge Drive Coventry CV5 9DQ Mr Angelo Luciano Expert Tooling and Automation Ltd Wickhmans Drive Coventry West Midlands CV4 9XA Standard Notice : Major Developments - 09-02-2017 Erection of an industrial unit (Use Class B1c - Light Industry, B2 - General Industry and B8 - Storage and Distribution) with ancillary offices and plant, associated infrastructure including service yard, access, parking, landscaping and associated works
OUT/2017/0260 01-02-2017 Car Park 16 University of Warwick Gibbet Hill Road / Kirby Corner Road Coventry CV4 7AL University of Warwick Standard Notice : Major Developments - 23-02-2017 Outline application for the erection of a multi-storey car park with associated accesses (discharging access, all other matters reserved)
RM/2017/0175 15-03-2017 Land off Middle Ride Coventry CV3 3FL Miss S Phipps Persimmon Homes (Central) Ltd & Bluemark Projects Ltd Tameside Drive Castle Bromwich Birmingham B357AG Departure Notice - 23-03-2017 Submission of reserved matters (discharging appearance, landscaping, siting and scale relating to phase 1) for 159 dwellings and associated works pursuant to planning permission OUT/2014/1740 granted on 28/08/2014 for 'Erection of up to 257 dwellings, demolition of 1-8 Field March with vehicular access to Middle Ride, emergency access to St.James' Lane and public open space (Outline with details of access submitted)'
OUT/2017/0116 16-01-2017 509-511 Walsgrave Road Coventry CV2 4AG Mr Gary Bye Life Path Trust Walsgrave Road COVENTRY CV2 4AG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-02-2017 Demolition of existing buildings and development of 32 retirement apartments with associated works (outline application with layout, scale, appearance and access submitted)
S73/2017/0075 10-01-2017 Land Bounded by Trinity Street, Palmer Lane & Hales Street COVENTRY CV1 1JB Mr Chris Sorenti Swan House Stratford Place London W1C 1BQ Planning App:Combined LB and Conservation Area - 26-01-2017 Variation to Condition 10 to allow the completion of the acoustic assessment based on the actual plant being installed imposed upon planning permission reference 2016/0187 granted approval on 11.4.2016 for the erection of a part 5, 8 and 11 storey building comprising 517m2 of commercial space (A1 & A3) at ground floor and 391 student rooms at the upper levels including the change of use and modifications to the Illingworth building from Use Class B1a to Use Class A3 or A4
FUL/2016/3107 03-02-2017 7 Manor Road Coventry CV1 2LH Mr Dan Spencer Standard Notice : Major Developments - 16-02-2017 Demolition of existing building and redevelopment of site for student accommodation comprising 34 cluster flats and 2 studios (206 bedrooms) with associated landscaping
FUL/2016/3109 04-01-2017 5 Warwick Row Coventry CV1 1EX Lunar Office Sarl Planning App: Dev. affecting Listed Building - 26-01-2017 Change of use from office (B1) to residential (C3), with alterations to the interior of the building to provide 18 dwellings
FUL/2016/3071 22-12-2016 Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre Broadgate Coventry CV1 1LL Rolfe Judd Planning Ltd Claylands Road London SW8 1NZ Planning App:Combined LB and Conservation Area - 12-01-2017 Internal reconfiguration of part of existing Cathedral Lanes Shopping Centre for use as 6 restaurants (Class A3), gym (Class D2), reconfigured retail store (Class A1); External alterations including two storey extension to create a further new restaurant (Class A3) to servicing yard on Pepper Lane, new shopfronts, glazing, creation of recessed balcony areas at first floor level to Broadgate, and other fašade alterations; Use of the public highway at ground floor level to Broadgate as an outdoor eating/drinking area associated with the proposed restaurant units
FUL/2016/3015 27-02-2017 Site of former garages on Terry Road Coventry CV1 2BA Mr Alan Earp Birmingham Road Redditch Birmingham B97 6RL Standard Notice : Major Developments - 12-01-2017 Demolition of existing garages and erection of 11 cluster flats (42 bedrooms) for students
OUT/2016/2918 28-02-2017 Land at Scots Lane COVENTRY CV6 2DN Midland Land Portfolio Limited Standard Notice : Major Developments - 09-03-2017 Outline application with all matters reserved except for means of access, for residential development of up to 70 dwellings and landscaping with associated public open space and car parking.
FUL/2016/2785 05-01-2017 Land at corner of St.Patricks Road and Friars Road Coventry CV1 2LL Mr Michael Moran Crosslane Group Manchester Int. Office Centre Styall Rd Manchester M22 5WB Standard Notice : Major Developments - 26-01-2017 Erection of building to provide 583 student rooms in a combination of study bedrooms with shared kitchens and studio rooms, internal amenity/social space and a landscaped courtyard.
FUL/2016/2361 17-01-2017 Land adjacent 624 Stoney Stanton Road Coventry CV6 5FT Mr Manjit Dhanda Langor Road Coventry CV2 3JU Standard Notice : Major Developments - 02-02-2017 Erection of 16 flats and associated parking and landscaping
OUT/2016/2033 16-08-2016 Land at Chapel Street Lamb Street and Bishop Street Coventry CV1 1HU Mr Trinity Mirror Group Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a mixed use development comprising up to 61 dwellings (Use class C3) and office space (Use class B1)
OUT/2016/2034 16-08-2016 Land Bound by Upper Well Street, Lamb Street and Corporation Street Coventry CV1 1GU Trinity Mirror Group Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Erection of mixed use development consisting of up to 1,500 sq m gross A1-A4 Space, hotel, up to 385 bedrooms student accommodation, up to 84 residential dwellings and up to 400 sq m gross office space
OUT/2016/1874 26-07-2016 Land to the west of Cromwell Lane Coventry CV4 8AS UK Land Development and Heyford Developments Ltd Standard Notice : Major Developments - 04-08-2016 Outline application for the erection of up to 240 residential dwellings (class C3) and associated open space and accesses, with all matters reserved except access

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