Press List

This page displays applications, which have been publicised in the local press and have yet to be determined. Applications can be publicised for the following reasons:

  • a) Major development - defined as being schemes of more than 10 houses (or over 0.5ha where number of units not defined), for other uses over 1000sq.m in floorspace or where the site area of the development itself is above 1ha in size.
  • b) The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement.
  • c) The application involves the stopping-up or diversion of public highway.
  • d) In those cases where the proposal may be in conflict with the Development Plan (a departure).
  • e) Planning applications that may affect the character and appearance of a Conservation Area or the setting of a Listed Building.
  • f) Listed Building Consent applications.
  • g) Conservation Area Consent applications.
  • h) Other applications where it is considered they raise issues of wider interest.

The listing gives general information about the proposal and under 'Press List details' gives the reason for publication and the date it appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. To find out more about any application simply click on the Reference No.

Reference number Valid date Site location Applicant details Press List details Proposed development
OUT/2016/2230 13-09-2016 33 Parkside Coventry CV1 2NE Coventry Parkside Limited Standard Notice : Major Developments - 22-09-2016 Outline application with landscaping matters reserved, for the demolition of existing buildings and erection of a 4 to 10 storey building providing 217 student (studio) rooms with associated street level retail (Use Class A1/A2/A3) use and landscaped courtyards
FUL/2016/2245 19-09-2016 Land at Grange Farm Grange Road CV6 6DD Westleigh Partnerships Ltd Planning App:Combined LB and Conservation Area - 29-09-2016 Demolition of farm outbuildings and construction of 107 dwellings and associated vehicular and pedestrian access
FUL/2016/2193 02-09-2016 Land at Lyons Park Coundon Wedge Drive Coventry CV5 9PT Mr Heslop Goodman Real Estate (UK) Ltd Standard Notice : Major Developments - 22-09-2016 Earthworks, including cut and fill process, for the creation of level ground conditions
S73/2016/2217 01-09-2016 Spire House / Christchurch House complex New Union Street Coventry West Midlands CV1 2PW Mr Steve Wiles Coventry City Council Civic Centre 4 Much Park Street Coventry CV1 2PY Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Variation of Condition No.6 and 13 imposed under original application: FUL/2016/1255.
FUL/2016/2178 07-09-2016 Land off Prior Deram Walk Coventry CV4 8FT Mrs Charlotte Henson Barratt Homes Mellors Way Nottingham Business Park Nottingham NG8 6PY Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Erection of 250 dwellings including attenuation pond, temporary access, permenant access, landscaping and associated infrastructure.
S73/2016/2167 30-08-2016 Canley Regeneration Site Prior Deram Walk Coventry CV4 8FT Taylor Wimpey (Midlands) Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Removal of Condition No.25 under original planning application :FM/2012/2343
FUL/2016/2161 30-08-2016 Land at 189 To 193 Princethorpe Way COVENTRY CV3 2GB Mr D O'Flanagan Princethorpe Way COVENTRY CV3 2GB Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Demolition of two bungalows and erection of 15 houses with ancillary parking and revised existing vehicular access.
FUL/2016/2093 16-08-2016 Land at the rear of 35, 37, 39 & 41 Wheelwright Lane Coventry CV6 4HN Mrs Nicola Lea Lovelea Projects Holly Lane Balsall Common CV7 7EA Standard Notice : Major Developments - 25-08-2016 Demolition of No. 35 Wheelwright Lane and erection of 9 houses, 3 flats and associated car parking and landscaping.
FM/2016/2084 30-08-2016 Car park adjacent to Ringway Whitefriars Fairfax Street Coventry CV1 5GA Mr Rob Parker CODE Students Standard Notice : Major Developments - 08-09-2016 Purpose built student accommodation with the provision, at ground floor level, of commercial units to be used for purposes within Use Classes A1, A3, A4 or A5, together with on site car parking, servicing areas, landscaping and associated infrastructure; temporary use of part of ground floor for public car parking
S73/2016/2072 19-08-2016 Land Off Tower Street Coventry CV1 1HW Barberry Developments Bromsgrove Road Belbroughton DY9 9XX Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Variation of condition 33 (Schedule of Approved Documents and Drawings) imposed on planning permission FUL/2016/0074 granted on 02/03/2016 for 'Redevelopment of the site for student accommodation and two commercial units at ground floor (Use classes A1, A3, A4 or A5) together with on-site car parking and servicing areas and associated landscaping and services infrastructure' to provide revised landscaping plans
S73/2016/2043 10-08-2016 Land Bounded by Sky Blue Way, Gosford Street and Far Gosford Street Coventry CV1 5DT Mr Chris Sorenti Unite Plc Stratford Place London W1C 1BQ Planning App: Dev.affecting Conservation Area - 25-08-2016 Variation of Condition 15 (to allow the car parking to be completed within 6 months of first occupation of the building); imposed on planning permission FUL/2015/0240 granted on 24/03/2015 for the demolition of existing buildings on site and the erection of a part 4, 5, 6 and 7 storey student accommodation building comprising 827m2 of commercial space (A1 and A3) at ground floor, 286 student rooms at the upper levels, surface level car parking for 21 spaces and associated hard and soft landscaping (including Stopping Up of highway)
OUT/2016/2034 16-08-2016 Land Bound by Upper Well Street, Lamb Street and Corporation Street Coventry CV1 1GU Trinity Mirror Group Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Erection of mixed use development consisting of up to 1,500 sq m gross A1-A4 Space, hotel, up to 385 bedrooms student accommodation, up to 84 residential dwellings and up to 400 sq m gross office space
OUT/2016/2033 16-08-2016 Land at Chapel Street Lamb Street and Bishop Street Coventry CV1 1HU Mr Trinity Mirror Group Standard Notice : Major Developments - 15-09-2016 Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a mixed use development comprising up to 61 dwellings (Use class C3) and office space (Use class B1)
OUT/2016/1965 02-08-2016 Land at Elm Fields Farm Wigston Road Coventry CV2 2RH Mr James Grant Coventry City Council Earl Street Coventry CV1 5RR Standard Notice : Major Developments - 18-08-2016 Outline application with all matters reserved, with the exception of access details, for residential development of up to 150 dwellings.
S73/2016/1940 28-07-2016 Sutton Park Shultern Lane Coventry CV4 7AN Aldi Stores Limited Atherstone CV9 2SQ Standard Notice : Major Developments - 18-08-2016 Variation of Condition 4 (to allow deliveries to be taken and dispatched from the site and vehicles to enter or leave the site between 0600 and 2300 Monday to Saturday, and 0800 and 1900 on Sundays or Bank Holidays); imposed on FUL/2015/2906 granted on 11/11/2015 for the erection of a retail food store.
RM/2016/1951 17-08-2016 Land at Wood End, Henley Green, Manor Farm Deedmore Road Coventry CV2 1EH Mr Iain Jones Keepmoat Homes Midlands (West) Standard Notice : Major Developments - 08-09-2016 Submission of all Reserved Matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for Phases 1B2, 1B4, 1C1, 1C2 and 1C3 (372 residential units in total) pursuant to Condition 1 of Outline Permission 54800 dated 22/10/2009 for redevelopment of area. An Environmental Statement was submitted with the outline application.
S73/2016/1923 26-07-2016 Land between Swift Road and Mile Lane Coventry CV1 2TT Mr Coventry University Enterprises Ltd Standard Notice : Major Developments - 11-08-2016 Variation of Condition 10 - Revised Unexploded Ordnance Threat Assessment and Condition 16 - Approved drawings (to allow minor material amendment relating to revised siting of building): to planning permission reference FUL/2016/0194 granted on 24//03/2016 for Two-storey building to provide 1780 sq m of flexible B1/D1 use class for the National Transport Design Centre with associated car parking and landscaping.
OUT/2016/1874 26-07-2016 Land to the west of Cromwell Lane Coventry CV4 8AS UK Land Development and Heyford Developments Ltd Standard Notice : Major Developments - 04-08-2016 Outline application for the erection of up to 240 residential dwellings (class C3) and associated open space and accesses, with all matters reserved except access
FUL/2016/1855 29-07-2016 Land Adjacent To Willenhall Clinic Stretton Avenue Coventry CV3 3AH Ms Natalie Treadwell Solihull Parkway Birmingham B37 7YN Standard Notice : Major Developments - 18-08-2016 Construction of 14 dwellings, proposed new adopted highway, diversion of unrecorded footpath together with associated external works, car parking and landscaping
FUL/2016/1769 12-07-2016 Land to the rear of The Boat Inn Shilton Lane Coventry CV2 2AB Miss S Phipps Persimmon Homes (Central) Ltd Tameside Drive Castle Bromwich Birmingham B357AG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 28-07-2016 Erection of 117 houses and associated landscaping and ancillary works (forming Phase 2 of development on land to the rear of the Boat Inn)
FUL/2016/1723 04-07-2016 West Orchard House 28-34 Corporation Street COVENTRY CV1 1GF Mr J Li 31 Greyfriars Lane Coventry Standard Notice : Major Developments - 21-07-2016 Change of use and sub-division of premises from a retail unit (Use Class A1) on the ground floor with offices (Use Class B1) on the upper floors to a mixed use comprising 5 units (Use Classes A1, A2 and A3), office unit (Use Class B1) and gym area (student use only) on the ground floor and student accommodation to the upper floors comprising 62 self-contained flats/cluster flats providing 91 bedrooms. Extension of lift motor room, external alterations including new cladding and glazing to all elevations.
FUL/2016/1666 12-07-2016 Former Tile Hill Social Club Jardine Crescent Coventry CV4 9NW HB Villages Developments Limited Standard Notice : Major Developments - 21-07-2016 Redevelopment of the site to provide 28 specialised supported living apartments (Use Class C3) and one higher care and autism unit comprising 4 apartments and 6 en-suite rooms with communal lounge, kitchen and dining areas and associated staff areas (Use Class C2)
FUL/2016/1496 30-06-2016 1 John Wigley Way COVENTRY CV6 5RF Mr Jason Biggadike Langford Lane Kidlington Oxford OX5 1HT Erection of a car showroom building comprising MOT, service, workshop, wash/valet and associated external work and car parking.
FUL/2016/1302 25-05-2016 Cornerfield Cottage Shultern Lane Coventry CV4 7AN Mr Jasbinder Shergill Signature Sites Far Gosford Street Coventry CV1 5EA Standard Notice : Major Developments - 09-06-2016 Demolition of existing childcare facility & construction of new building to incorporate student dwellings & associated amenities (resubmission of FUL/2016/0207)
OUT/2016/1177 08-07-2016 511 Walsgrave Road Coventry CV2 4AG Mr Gary Bye Walsgrave Road COVENTRY CV2 4AG Standard Notice : Major Developments - 21-07-2016 Demolition of existing premises and the development of 32 apartments and associated works (outline permission with access, layout, scale, appearance submitted)
S73/2016/0805 18-07-2016 Bethel Evangelical Church Spon End Coventry CV1 3HB Rev Keith Foster C/O Bethel Evangelical Church Spon End COVENTRY CV1 3HB Standard Notice : Major Developments - 14-04-2016 Standard Notice : Major Developments - 18-08-2016 Variation of condition 19 (details of phasing) imposed on planning permission FUL/2011/1984 granted on 27/02/2012 for 'Demolition of existing church buildings and redevelopment for new church and community facility with associated car parking' to allow alternative phasing of the development
OUT/2016/0405 08-02-2016 Whitley South - Land to the north and south of the A45 (between the Festival and Tollbar junctions) and land at the junctions of the A45/Festival Roundabout and the A46/Tollbar Roundabout A45 and the junctions of the A444 with the A4114/Whitley. Roundabout CV3 6RQ Coventry City Council and Jaguar Land Rover Standard Notice : Major Developments - 18-02-2016 Comprehensive development comprising demolition of existing structures and the erection of new buildings to accommodate offices, research & development facilities and light industrial uses (Use Class B1), hotel accommodation (Use Class C1), car showroom accommodation, small scale retail and catering establishments (Use Classes A1, A3, A4 and/or A5), new countryside park, ground modelling work including the construction of landscaped bunds, construction of new roads/footpaths/cycle routes, remodelling of junctions on the existing highway network, associated parking, servicing and landscaping (Outline application discharging access with all other matters reserved)

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