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This page displays applications, which have been publicised in the local press and have yet to be determined. Applications can be publicised for the following reasons:

  • a) Major development - defined as being schemes of more than 10 houses (or over 0.5ha where number of units not defined), for other uses over 1000sq.m in floorspace or where the site area of the development itself is above 1ha in size.
  • b) The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement.
  • c) The application involves the stopping-up or diversion of public highway.
  • d) In those cases where the proposal may be in conflict with the Development Plan (a departure).
  • e) Planning applications that may affect the character and appearance of a Conservation Area or the setting of a Listed Building.
  • f) Listed Building Consent applications.
  • g) Conservation Area Consent applications.
  • h) Other applications where it is considered they raise issues of wider interest.

The listing gives general information about the proposal and under 'Press List details' gives the reason for publication and the date it appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. To find out more about any application simply click on the Reference No.

Reference number Valid date Site location Applicant details Press List details Proposed development
FUL/2016/0232 26-01-2016 Unit 3 Pilot Close Coventry West Midlands CV3 4RR Mr Gary Scott Standard Notice : Major Developments - 11-02-2016 Erection of an employment building (Use Class B1(c), B2 and B8) with ancillary office accommodation, a new access, service yard, car parking, landscaping, ancillary works and diversion of an existing public right of way.
FUL/2016/0187 20-01-2016 Land Bounded by Hales Street, Trinity Street & Palmer Lane Coventry CV1 1JB CgMs Consulting Planning App:Combined LB and Conservation Area - 28-01-2016 The erection of a part 5, 8 and 11 storey building comprising 564m2 of commercial space (A1 & A3) at ground floor and 391 student rooms at the upper levels including the change of use and modifications to the Illingworth building from Use Class B1a to Use Class A3 or A4
FUL/2016/0166 29-01-2016 72 Radford Road Coventry CV1 4BY RSSB Church End Road Haynes Bedford Bedfordshire MK45 3BL Standard Notice : Major Developments - 11-02-2016 Demolition of existing building and construction of two storey community building
FUL/2016/0194 27-01-2016 Land between Swift Road Mile Lane Coventry CV1 2TT Turnberry Consulting Ltd Standard Notice : Major Developments - 11-02-2016 Two-storey building to provide 1780 sq m of flexible B1/D1 use class for the National Transport Design Centre with associated car parking and landscaping
FUL/2016/0154 22-01-2016 Dental Surgery 63 Moseley Avenue Coventry CV6 1AE Mr Donna McCloskey Westridge Coventry Warwickshire CV5 9LN Standard Notice : Major Developments - 04-02-2016 Conversion of 63-65 Moseley Avenue from dental surgery to 11 nos. self contained flats and external alterations
FUL/2016/0074 11-01-2016 Land off Tower Street Coventry CV1 1HW Mr Henry Bellfield Barberry Developments Ltd and Coventry University Barberry House Bromsgrove Road Belbroughton Worcestershire DY99XX Standard Notice : Major Developments - 28-01-2016 Redevelopment of the site for student accommodation and two commercial units at ground floor (Use classes A1, A3, A4 or A5) together with on-site car parking and servicing areas and associated landscaping and services infrastructure
FUL/2016/0073 11-01-2016 Land at Leigh Court Torrington Avenue Coventry CV4 9XZ Finham Park 2 Free School Standard Notice : Major Developments - 28-01-2016 Construction of a Sports Hall and two Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA), with associated infrastructure, car park and external landscaping, plus air handling unit (AHU) in association with Finham Park 2 Free School (planning permission PA/2015/2477 dated 8th October 2015)
FUL/2016/0050 06-01-2016 368 Swan Lane Coventry CV2 4QS Mr D O'Flanagan Broad Street Coventry CV6 5AZ Standard Notice : Major Developments - 21-01-2016 Erection of 24 houses with associated parking
S73/2016/0020 12-01-2016 Warwickshire Shopping Park Kynner Way Coventry CV3 2SB c/o Agent Submission of details to vary Condition No. 1 (to allow the use of Unit 12 for D2 Leisure Use or A1 Retail Use and Units 11, 13-14 for A1 Retail Use) imposed upon planning permission 2013/2476 granted on 6th March 2014 for submission of details to vary conditions 2 and 3 of planning permission reference S73/ 2013/ 0248 granted on 21/06/2013 (as subsequently amended - original application reference 2007/2588 granted approval on 10/08/2009 for mixed commercial, leisure and residential development).
FUL/2015/4322 11-01-2016 Land adjacent to 47 Ribble Road Coventry CV3 1AW Mr Omar Shah Coventry CV6 3LP Standard Notice : Major Developments - 21-01-2016 Erection of 2.5 storey residential development comprising of 10 two bedroom flats and 3 one bedroom studios
S73/2015/4289 22-12-2015 Unit C and D, Gallagher Retail Park Stoney Stanton Road Coventry CV6 5QQ Mr Paul O'Boyle Douglas Isle of Man IM1 5PD Standard Notice : Major Developments - 14-01-2016 Variation of Condition 10 (to allow a primary use for the sale of food and drink to be sold in units C & D) imposed upon planning permission B/40786/B for erection of retail warehouse park
OUT/2015/4180 14-12-2015 Eburne Primary School Deedmore Road Coventry CV2 2AA Coventry City Council Earl Street Coventry CV1 5RR Standard Notice : Major Developments - 24-12-2015 Outline application (discharging access with all other matters reserved) for residential development of up to 52 dwellings.
FUL/2015/4174 08-12-2015 Land off Papenham Green and Donegal Close Coventry CV4 8BQ Mr Lee Wheeler Solihull Parkway Birmingham WEst Midlands B37 7YN Application affecting a footpath/highway - 17-12-2015 Construction of 83 new mixed tenure dwellings, 9 garages, proposed new adopted highway, demolition of no's 25-75 Donegal Close, small area of highway stopping up off Donegal Close, external works, car parking and landscaping.
FUL/2015/4123 08-12-2015 Grange Farm Grange Road Coventry CV6 6DD Westleigh Partnership Ltd Grange Business Park Enderby Road Whestone Leicestershire LE8 6EP Planning App:Combined LB and Conservation Area - 17-12-2015 Demolition of farm outbuildings and construction of 107 dwellings and associated access road.
FUL/2015/4106 04-12-2015 Land at Kingfield Road Coventry CV6 5PL Westleigh Partnerships Ltd Grange Business park Enderby Road Whetstone Leicestershire LE8 6EP Standard Notice : Major Developments - 17-12-2015 Erection of 83 dwellings with associated access roads
FUL/2015/3913 30-11-2015 57-59 Lower Ford Street Coventry CV1 5PS Mr J G Topham Raglan Street Coventry West Midlands CV1 5QF Standard Notice : Major Developments - 17-12-2015 Demolition of existing shop and rear outbuilding and redevelopment for 12 residential units within a 3-4 storey building fronting Lower Ford Street and two detached 2 storey buildings to the rear of the site
FUL/2015/3810 10-11-2015 Land to the Rear of 15 Chace Avenue Coventry CV3 3AD Mr Lee Wheeler Little Park Street Coventry CV1 2UR Standard Notice : Major Developments - 03-12-2015 Erection of 71 new dwellinghouses with associated landscaping and car parking.
FUL/2015/3446 23-12-2015 Former Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital Site Stoney Stanton Road Coventry West Midlands CV1 4FL Student City Inns Limited 148 Station Road Sidcup Kent DA15 7AB Listed Building Consent Application - 14-01-2016 Refurbishment, part demolition, alteration and extension of two listed buildings and the erection of a 5 storey free-standing building to create a student accommodation development providing 291 bed spaces and ancillary accommodation (within 157 units) and a free-standing A3 (cafe/restaurant) building to the front of the site together with landscaping, vehicle and pedestrian accesses
FUL/2015/3022 16-11-2015 Corner Of Cox Street And Ford Street Coventry CV1 5FN Mr Raju Patel Rocky Raj Ltd. London Road Norbury London SW16 4EW Standard Notice : Major Developments - 26-11-2015 Erection of 29 residential apartments with A1, A2 or B1 use to ground floor

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