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Application Details
Reference number RMM/2021/0314 Application Description Planning Application (Reserved Matters (Major))
Coventry Reference
Site Address Rookery Farm (land adjacent to Pumping Station)


West Midlands
Proposal Submission of reserved matters under condition 1 for details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for 40 dwellings together with associated landscaping/open space, drainage and highway infrastructure and temporary construction access from land to the north west pursuant to planning permission OUT/2019/2277 granted on 6th March 2020 for outline permisison with access.
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 08/02/2021 Valid date 01/03/2021 Decision expected Date 31/05/2021
Case Officer Dean Leadon
End of Public Consultation Period 01/04/2021
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
Site images and signage plan
Proposed Bundary Details
Construction Method Statement
Flood Risk Assessment Addendum
Concept Longitudinal Sections and Manhole Schedules
Highway Adoption Colouring Plan
Concept External Works Plan
Concept Engineering Plan
Refuse Vehicle Swept Path Analysis Forward Visibility Splays
Garages plans
Garages elevations
Planning layout
Location plan
Drawing Issue Sheet
Landscape Management Plan
LA4964-002 Soft Landscaping plan
LA4964-001 Landscape Strategy
Planning Statement
Compound and construction access plan
Materials and boundary treatment plan
The Thespian Proposed Floor Plans Dwg: TH-3B-2S-P1 Rev A
The Weaver Floor Plans Dwg; WE-4B-2S-P1
The Philosopher Elevations PH-4B-2S-CB-E
The Philosopher Floor Plans Dwg: PH-4B-2S-P1
Application form redacted
Drainage Design Report
Air Quality Assessment
Access Arrangements Plan - South East
The Tayloe Elevations Dwg: TA-3B-2S-CB-E-T Rev A
The Taylor Floor Plans Dwg: TA-3B-2S-P1 Rev A
The Joiner Elevations Dwg:JO-2B-2S-CB-E
The Joiner Elevations Dwg: JO-2B-2S-CB-E
The Joiner Floor Plans Dwg: JO-2B-2S-P1
The Luthier Eevations Dwg: LU-4B-2S-CB-E
The Luthier Floor Plans Dwg: LU-4B-2S-P1 Rev A
The -Scrivener Elevations SC-4B-2S-CB-E Rev A
The Scrivener Floor Plans SC-4B-2S-P1Rev A
The Farrier Elevations Dwg: FA-4B-2S-CB-E
The Farrier Floor Plans Dwg: FA-4B-2S-P1
The Sawyer Elevations Dwg: SY-3B-2S-CB-E
The Sawyer Floor plans Dwg: SY-3B-2S-P1
Eco Summary Letter
Archaeological Desk Based Assessment
House Type 3 Plans and Elevations
House Type 2 Plans and Elevations
Tree schedule
Tree protection plan
Design and Access Statement
Water Construction Plan
Electric Construction Plan
Gas Construction Plan
Consultation Response - Economic Development 03.03.2021
Consultation Response Sustainable Services 03.03.2021
Consultation Response - WMP 04.03.2021
Consultation Response -Education 04.03.2021
Consultation Response WMFS 05.03.2021
Consultation Response Policy 09.03.21
Consultation Response - UD - 18.3.21
Consultation Response - Ecology - 17.3.21
Consultation Response -Archaeology - 22.3.21
Consultation Response - Lead local flood authority - 23.3.21
Consultation Response - Highways 24.03.21
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