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Application Details
Reference number OUT/2021/0104 Application Description Outline Planning Application ( Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address
Siddeley Avenue

Proposal Outline planning application for the demolition of 69 Siddeley Avenue and two-storey former party venue building, and erection of residential development (Use Class C3), including affordable retirement units (Use Class C3), open space provision and associated infrastructure, with all matters reserved except access
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 19/01/2021 Valid date 05/04/2021 Decision expected Date 05/07/2021
Case Officer Emma Spandley
End of Public Consultation Period 13/05/2021
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
Fee Calculation
Attachment Summary
Superseded Application Form
Report - Economic Benefits Assessment, dated January 2021
Drawing - Green Infrastructure Parameter Plan - Drawing No.PL504 Rev C
Report - Lighting Assessment, dated 13th January 2021 - Report Ref:B025244 Issue 3
Report - Mineral Resource Assessment, dated November 2020 - Report Ref 001 Version V3.1
Drawing - Proposed Site Plan - Drawing No.PL003
Report - Travel Plan, dated January 2021 - Report Ref:4813 Rev A
Report - Site Investigation Report, dated 14th February 2020 -Report Ref:AEL-2178-FSR-991363
Report - Sustainability Assessment, dated January 2021 - Report Ref:003
Report - Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy, dated January 2021 - Report Ref:0002 Version V2.0
Report - Noise Impact Assessment, dated January 2021 - Report ref:P20-256-R01v5
Drawing - Site Location Plan - Drawing No.PL001
Report - Statement of Community Involvement, dated January 2021
Report - Design and Access Statement, dated November 2020 Rev D
Drawing - Parameter Plan, Height and Scale - Drawing No.PL503 Rev B
Report - Historic Environment Desk Based Assessment (DBA), dated April 2020 - Report Ref:MK0219_1
Report - Transport Assessment, dated January 2021 - Report Ref:4813 Version A
Drawing - Parameter Plan, Access and Movement - Drawing No.PL502 Rev B
Report - Air Quality Assessment, dated 15th January 2021 - Report Ref:P4270-R2-V1
Report - Energy Statement, dated January 2021 - Report Ref:0004 Version V1.0
Report - Health Impact Assessment, dated January 2021
Drawing - Illustrative Masterplan - Drawing No.PL002 Rev D
Drawing - Parameter Plan, Land Use - Drawing No.PL501
Report - Planning Statement, dated January 2021
Report - Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA), dated January 2021 - Report Ref:0005 Version V2.1
Report - Arboricultural Impact Assessment, dated December 2020 - issued 12/01/2021 Rev A
Report - Biodiversity Offsetting Report, dated 15th January 2021 - Report Ref:BM12009.R.6.1.2.ECO
Covering Letter
Report - Open Space Assessment, dated January 2021
Consultation Response Sport England 16.02.21
Consultation Response - WMF 18.02.2021
Consultation Response Housing Policy 19.02.21
Consultation Response EDS-22.02.21
Consultation Response Cadent 25.02.21
Consultation Response - Education - 26.2.21
Consultation Response UD 26.02.21
Consultation Response - TPO 01.03.2021
Consultation Response Ecology 02.03.2021
Press Notice dated 25.02.21
Superseded Certificate D Form
Consultation Response - archaeology - 9.3.21
Consultation Response - CCG - 10.3.2
Application Form
Consultation Response - Local Lead Flood Authority (LLFA) 09.03.21
Notice Under Article 13
Consultation Response - Environmental Protection 18.3.21
Consultation Response Environmental Protection 25.03.21
Consultation Response Economic Development 15.4.21
Consultation Response Sport England Final 09.03.21
Drawing - Site Access Options Siddeley Ave/Armstrong Ave Accesses for No.73 & No.75 - Drawing No.SK010 P2
Drawing - Site Access Options Siddeley Ave/Armstrong Ave General Arrangement - Drawing No.SK011 P02

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