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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2020/3150 Application Description Full Planning Application
Coventry Reference
Site Address Charterhouse
London Road

Proposal Refurbishment of existing Coach House; erection of a single storey structure for a new venue space and restaurant; Demolition and erection of a replacement stable block to provide new kitchen, stores and w/c.
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 22/12/2020 Valid date 05/01/2021 Decision expected Date 02/03/2021
Case Officer Emma Spandley
End of Public Consultation Period 18/02/2021
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 00/00/0000
Agent Name
BPN Architects
Report - Conservation Management Plan, dated October 2017 Report Rev F
Report - Design and Access Statement (including Heritage Statement), dated December 2020 - Report Ref.2242
Drawing - Site Location Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.0000 Rev P
Drawing - Existing Site Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.0001 Rev P
Drawing - Existing Ground Floor Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.0010 Rev P
Drawing - Existing First Floor Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.0011 Rev P
Drawing - Existing Roof Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.0012 Rev P
Drawing - Existing North West Elevations Drawing No.2242.2.0020 Rev P
Drawing - Existing South West Elevations - Drawing No.2242.2.0021 Rev P
Drawing - Existing Sections - Drawing No.2242.2.0030 Rev P
Drawing - Demolition Floor Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.0060 Rev P
Drawing - Demolition Elevations- Drawing No.2242.2.0061 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed Cells E and F - Drawing No.2242.2.0061 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed Site Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.1000 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed Site Plan inc. Charterhouse - Drawing No.2242.2.1001 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed Ground Floor Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.1100 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed First Floor Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.1101 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed Roof Plan - Drawing No.2242.2.1102 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed North West Elevations - Drawing No.2242.2.1200 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed South West Elevations - Drawing No.2242.2.1201 Rev P
Drawing - Proposed Sections - Drawing No.2242.2.2000 Rev P
Issue Sheet
Drawing - Photographic Survey
Superseded Noise Assessment Report
Report - Archaeological Evaluation and Monitoring (Watching Brief) - Report No.2019-076
Drawing - Drainage Layout - Drawing No.18141-SFK-CV-XX-DR-C-0200 P2
Report - Bat Survey Report, dated October 2020 -Report Ref: 55128ltOct20FV01_Bats
Report - Construction Method Statement, prepared by Splitlath Group, dated September 2020
Report - Arboricultural Method Statement, dated December 2020 - Report No. HTL17260
Report - Management and Maintenance Plan, dated October 2020
Drawing - Courtyard View - Visual 1
Drawing - Courtyard View - Visual 2
Drawing - Internal View of Venue - Visual 3
Drawing - Proposed First Floor Plan - Not to Scale
Drawing - Proposed Ground Floor Plan - Illustrative
Report - Amended Noise Assessment Report, dated 11 January 2021 - Report Ref. 1054-A1 Rev 2
Press Notice dated 28.01.21

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