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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2020/2119 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Ernesford Grange and Riverbank Academy
Princethorpe Way

Proposal Erection of three storey extension to Ernesford Grange School and a single storey extension to River Bank Academy. Additional works include extension and modification to entrance road, creation of 84 parking spaces, new MUGA's, reconfiguration of existing bus parking and erection of new temporary classroms.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 07/09/2020 Valid date 30/09/2020 Decision expected Date 30/12/2020
Case Officer Dean Leadon
End of Public Consultation Period 05/11/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 21/01/2021
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 21/01/2024
Agent Name
Application Form
Topographical Survey DWG:37017_T_REV 0
Archaeological Report
Tree Constraints Plan DWG:D17234-01
Tree Protection Plan DWG:D17234-02
Detection of Great Crested Newts Report
Site Investigation Report
Proposed Master Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-102 H
Proposed Site Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-103 A
Proposed General Arrangemnet Plan
Proposed Ground Floor Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-105 C
Proposed First Floor Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-106 C
Proposed Second Floor Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-107 B
Proposed Roof Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-108 A
Proposed Elevations DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-109 A
Proposed Elevations DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-110 A
Proposed Elevations DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-115 A
Proposed Elevations DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-116 A
Development Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-117 A
Sports Field Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-118 A
Location Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-119 A
Proposed Site Elevations DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-120 A
Site Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-121 A
Tree Works Plan DWG:ERG-LUC-ZZ-00-DR-A-122 A
Tree Survey and Arboricultural Assessment
Travel Plan
Transport Report
Design and Access Statement
Drainage Construction Details Sheet 2
Proposed Drainage Strategy
Proposed Drainage Layout Sheet 1
Proposed Drainage Layout Sheet 2
Proposed Drainage Layout Sheet 3
Proposed Drainage Layout Sheet 4.
Drainage Construction Details Sheet 1
Energy Statement
Planning Statement
Transport Assessment
Scholl Travel Plan
Returned Neighbour Letter
Consultation Response - Sports England - 16.10.20.
Habitat Imapct Assessment Calculator
Bio Diversity Assessment
Transport Statement
School Travel Plan
Access Design Pack
Road Safety Audit Stage 1
Officer report
Decision notice

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