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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2020/1892 Application Description Full Planning Application
Coventry Reference
Site Address
The Albany Theatre
Albany Road

Proposal Erection of a single storey, glazed entrance lobby and terrace to Albany Road elevation together with access ramps and landscaping, and single storey infill extension to yard area at rear of building to create studios, dressing rooms and extended bar area together with associated external alterations creating key internal link to the existing theatre.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 13/08/2020 Valid date 15/09/2020 Decision expected Date 10/11/2020
Case Officer Fiona Runacre
End of Public Consultation Period 14/10/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 10/11/2020
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 10/11/2023
Agent Name
Robothams Architects
Fee Calculation
Detailed UXO Risk Assessment
Drainage Strategy Technical Note
Attachment Summary
SUPERSEDED Applictaion Form
Statement of Support.
Air Quality Assessment
Design and Access Statement
Environmental Statement
Heritage Statement
SUPERSEDED Proposed External Works
3282A-108 Section CC/DD
3282A-107 proposed Section AA/BB
SUPIERSEDED Car Park-The Butts Elevation
3282A - 104 Proposed Upper Roof Plan
SUPERSEDED 3282A -102 inorrectly numbered Proposed First Floor - Lower Roof Plan
SUPERSEDED Proposed Site Plan - Ground Floor
SUPERSEDED Spatial Concept Plan
SUPERSEDED Site Location Plan
3282A-111 Existing Theatre floor Plan
3282A-112 Site Block Plan
200373 Existing Topographical Survey
Parking Assessment
3282A-100A Site Location Plan
SUPERSEDED 3282A-101A Spatial Concept Plan
SUPERSEDED 3282A-102A Proposed Site Plan - Ground Floor
SUPERSEDED 3282A-109A Proposed External Works
3282A-110 Existing Elevations
3282A-103 Rev A Proposed Lower Roof/First Floor
SUPERSEDED 3282A-105 Rev A Albany Road Elevation
SUPERSEDED 3282A-106 Rev A Elevations Car Park/ The butts Entrance
Application form REDACTED
Returned Neighbour Letter
3282A-101B Spatial Concept Plan
3282A-102B Proposed Site Plan - Ground FlooR
3282A-105B Albany Road Elevation
3282A-106B Car Park-The Butts Elevation
3282A-109B Proposed External WorkS
Decision Notice
Officer Report

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