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Application Details
Reference number FM/2020/1687 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Coventry Railway Station
Station Square

Proposal Construction of transport interchange with associated lighting, services and boundary treatmet
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 22/07/2020 Valid date 31/07/2020 Decision expected Date 30/10/2020
Case Officer Dean Leadon
End of Public Consultation Period 03/09/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision WITHDRAWN Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
SLC Property Ltd
Cover Letter
Planning Statement
Station Masterplan Transport Assessment
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Contaminated Land Technical Details
Construction Phasing and Methodology
DWG:CSG5-TOT-BI-XX-DR-E-002-A Lighting & CCTV Layout
B02 Existing Site Plan
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-A-1001-B01 Site Location Plan
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3151-B03 Pavement & Kerbing Layout With Details
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3152-B02 White Lining Layout & Details
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3250-B05 Proposed Levels
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3251-B02 Proposed Surfacing.
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3350-B05 Drainage Layout.
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3351-B03 Drainage Details Sheet 1
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3351-B03 Drainage Details Sheet 2
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3353-B01 Attenuation Tank Details
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3354-B01 Bypass Interceptor Details
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3450-B01 S218 General Arrangement & Details
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3550-B05 Tracking Layout Sheet 1
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3551-B04 Tracking Layout Sheet 2
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3552-B04 Tracking Layout Sheet 3.
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3553-B04 Tracking Layout Sheet 4
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3560-B04 Tracking Layout Plaxton Bus Sheet 1
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3561-B04 Tracking Layout Plaxton Bus Sheet 2
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3562-B04 Tracking Layout Van Hool Bus Sheet 1
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-XX-DR-C-3563-B04 Tracking Layout Van Hool Bus Sheet 2
Design & Access Statement
Surface Water Drainage Basis of Design & Calculations Report.
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-ZZ-DR-A-1003-B02 Proposed Site Plan.
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-ZZ-DR-A-1004-B02 General Arrangement Plan
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-ZZ-DR-A-1200-B01 Proposed Walkway
DWG:CSG5-WDK-BI-ZZ-DR-A-1300-B01 Existing & Proposed Sections
UXO Desk Study
Application Form
Air Quality Assessment
Returned Neighbour Letter
Returned Neighbour Letter
Return Neighbour Letter
Bus Interchange Transport Assessment: Technical Addendum

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