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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2020/1059 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land at
Pickford Green Lane

Proposal Development of 115 dwellings including 25% affordable housing provision, and associated works and infrastructure including vehicular and pedestrian access and diversion of public right of way
Application Status Recommendation entered - Pending decision
Received Date 06/05/2020 Valid date 27/05/2020 Decision expected Date 26/08/2020
Case Officer Nigel Smith
End of Public Consultation Period 15/09/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 11/02/2021
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
RCA Regeneration Limited
SUPERSEDED - Soft Landscape Plan shet 2 of 2 DWG:L-201
Landscape Management Plan
Tree Schedule
Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Method Statement
Fee Calculation
Attachment Summary
Application Form
Air Quality Assessment
Storm Network
SUPERSEDED - Schematic Finished Floor Levels - Layout Plan 4 of 4 DWG:SK104 Rev B
SUPERSEDED - Schematic Finished Floor Levels - Layout Plan 3 of 4 DWG:SK103 Rev B
SUPERSEDED - Schematic Finished Floor Levels - Layout Plan 2 of 4 DWG:SK102 Rev B
SUPERSEDED - Schematic Finished Floor Levels - Layout Plan 1 of 4 DWG:SK101 Rev B
SUPERSEDED - Schematic Drainage Strategy - Layout Plan DWG:SK01 Rev B
SUPERSEDED - Swept Path Analysis - Fire Tender DWG:DSP02 - Rev A
SUPERSEDED - Drive Swept Path Analysis - Refuse Vehicle DWG:DSP01 - Rev D
SUPERSEDED - Section 38 Agreement - Layout Plan DWG:100S38 - Rev C
Design and Access Statement-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type L-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type K-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type J-Rev A
House Type H-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type G1-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type G-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type F-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type E2-Rev A
House Type E1-Rev A
House Type E-Rev A
House Type E-Rev A
House Type D-Rev A.
House Type D-Rev A
House Type C-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type B-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - House Type A-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - Parking Assessment Plan-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - Materials Schedule-Rev A.
SUPERSEDED - Boundary and Surface Treatments-Rev A
Site Location Plan.
SUPERSEDED - Proposed Streetscapes Sheet 2-Rev A
Flood Risk Assessment
Noise Impact Assessment
SUPERSEDED - Proposed Site Plan-Rev K
SUPERSEDED - Proposed Streetscapes Sheet 1-Rev A
SUPERSEDED - Detailed Soft Landscape Plan sheet 1 of 2 DWG:200
Transport Assessment
REDACTED Ecological Impact Assessment
Planning statement
Sustainability Statement
SUPERSEDED - D40A Tree protection plan
Consultation Response - WMFS-8.6.20
Consultation Response - Economic Development Service - 08.06.2020
Consultation Response - Housing & Policy 10.06.2020
Consultation Response - UH Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust 10.06.2020
Consultation Response - Education 11.06.2020
Consultation Response - Conservation 16.06.2020
Consultation Response - Ecology 23.06.2020
Press Notice dated 11.06.20
Consultation Response - National Grid 03.07.2020
Consultation Response - Highways 02.07.2020
Consultation Response - Archaeology 03.07.2020
Consultation Response - Warwickshire Wildlife Trust 06.07.2020
Consultation Response - TfWM 07.07.2020
Consultation Response - NHS (CCG) 12.07.2020
Consultation Response - Drainage 14.07.2020
Consultation Response - National Grid 23.07.2020
Finished floor levels (Sheet 3 of 4)
Finished floor levels (Sheet 4 of 4)
Finished floor levels (Sheet 1 of 4)
Finished floor levels (Sheet 2 of 4)
Refuse Vehicle tracking
Fire Tender tracking
SUPERSEDED - Drainage Strategy Plan - SK01D
Section 38 Agreement Plan
SUPERSEDED - Pond Cross Sections
SUPERSEDED - Proposed Site Plan-D02 rev N
SUPERSEDED - Boundary and Surface Treatments-D03 Rev B
Soft landscaping sheet 2 of 2 Dwg:ZLA_981-L-201-A (A0)
Soft landscaping sheet 1 of 2 - Dwg:ZLA_981-L-200-A (A0)
SUPERSEDED - Tree Protection Overlay Plan-Rev A
D31 Proposed Streetscapes (Sheet 2 of 2)-Rev B
SUPERSEDED - D30 Proposed Streetscapes (Sheet 1 of 2)-Rev B
D26 House Type J (Alt. Layout)
D25 House Type L-Rev B
D24 House Type K-Rev B
D23 House Type J-Rev B
D21 House Type G1-Rev B
D20 House Type G-Rev B
D19 House Type F-Rev B
D18 House Type E2-Rev B
D11 House Type B-Rev B
D10 House Type A-Rev B
D05 Parking Assessment Plan-Rev B
SUPERSEDED - D04 Materials Schedule-Rev B
Consultation Response - Urban Design 04.09.2020
Consultation Response - Sport England 07.09.2020
designers response to RSA
Consultation Response - Highways 15.09.2020
Consultation Response - Ecology 25.09.202
Consultation Response - Drainage 27.10.2020.
Proposed streetscapes 1 of 2 rev C
Materials schedule rev C
SUPERSEDED - Boundary and surface treatments rev C
SUPERSEDED - Proposed site plan rev P
Drainage management plan 6.10.20
SK191A - Flood routing exceedance plan
SK01F - Schematic drainage stratagy
701C - Attenuation basin cross sections
Consultation Response - Urban design 8.1.21
Consultation Response - Tree officer 07.01.2021
Proposed site plan rev Q
Boundary and surface treatments D03 rev D
Tree protection overlay plan rev B

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