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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2020/0966 Application Description Full Planning Application
Coventry Reference
Site Address Cornerways Farm
Washbrook Lane
Proposal Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 5 detached residential dwellings and associated ancillary works
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 23/04/2020 Valid date 28/04/2020 Decision expected Date 23/06/2020
Case Officer Ayesha Saleem
End of Public Consultation Period 21/05/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 12/11/2020
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 13/11/2020
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 12/11/2023
Agent Name
Pegasus Group
Pre-Development Tree Condition Survey
(SUPERSEDED) Planning Statement
SUPERSEDED Application Form
(SUPERSEDED) Design and Access Statement
DWG: 7582-600 Typical Building Component Details
(SUPERSEDED) Plots 4 & 5 Proposed Plans and Elevations
(SUPERSEDED) Plot 1 Proposed Plans and Elevations
(SUPERSEDED) Plot 2 Proposed Plans and Elevations
(SUPERSEDED) Plot 3 Proposed Plans and Elevations
(SUPERSEDED) Existing and Proposed Site Plan
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Elevations and Proposed Site Plan
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Site Plans and Site Sections
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Site Plan
DWG: 7582-101A Existing Site Plan
DWG: 7582-100A Location Plan
Application Form
DWG: M43330-JNP-92-XX-DR-C-2002 S278 Drainage Layout
DWG: M43330-JNP-92-XX-DR-C-3001 S278 Draiange Construction Details
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2000 S278 General Arrangement
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2001 S278 Setting Out and Site Clearance
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2003 S278 Road Pavements Layout
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2004 S278 Road Markings Layout
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2005 S278 Proposed Finished Levels Layout
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2006 S278 Agreement Plan
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2007 S278 Large Refuse Truck Swept Path Analysis
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-2009 S278 Longitudinal Section
DWG: M43330-JNP-94-XX-DR-C-3000 S278 Road Construction Details
(SUPERSEDED) DWG: 7582-150M Proposed Site Plan
DWG: 7582-150M Proposed Site Plan - Garden and Green Areas
DWG: 7582-256B Plot 1 Proposed Plans and Elevations
DWG: 7582-255B Plot 2 Proposed Plans and Elevations
DWG: 7582-254B Plot 3 Proposed Plans and Elevations
DWG: 7582-261D Plots 4 and 5 Proposed Plans
(SUPERSEDED) Planning Statement- Rev A
DWG: 7582-153D House Types Plan
Design and Access Statement- REV E
Planning Statement- October 2020
DWG: 7582-150O Proposed Site Plan
DWG: 7582-160A Street Scene with existing superimposed
Decision notice

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