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Application Details
Reference number OM/2020/0935 Application Description Outline Planning Application ( Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Transco
Abbotts Lane

Proposal An Outline Planning Application (considering access and with all other matters reserved) for up to 731 residential units and 711 sqm of retail and commercial space (use class E) provided in a series of buildings of up to 22 storeys, creation of a water feature utilising the culverted Radford Brook, creation of a green link across the site, and provision of parking and landscaping.
Application Status OREF
Received Date 17/04/2020 Valid date 29/04/2020 Decision expected Date 29/07/2020
Case Officer Dean Leadon
End of Public Consultation Period 22/07/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 14/01/2021
Decision REFUSED Decision Date 29/01/2021
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
Metropolitan Workshop
Topographical Survey Dwg:001
Sustainable Buildings Statement(1.5)(1)
Sequential Test Appendix 1 - Retail Availability
Sequential Test Appendix 1 - Office Availability
Sequential Test
Historic Environment Desk-based Assessment
Noise Impact Assessment
Air Quality Assessment Report.
Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment Report
Supplementary information template
Planning Statement - Abbotts Lane Coventry
Cover Letter
SUPERSEDED Application Form
Appendix 5 - View Map
Appendix 5 - Photo Sheet
Appendix 5 - Historic England Guidance
Appendix 4 - townscape views
Appendix 3 - Boundary Sections
Appendix 2 - Heritage Assessment
Appendix 1 - Historic Environmental DBA Archaeological Assessment
Historic Environmental DBA Archaeological Assessment
Tree Survey Schedule_July 2018
Tree Quality and Constraints Plans
Design and Access Statement 9 (part 5-e)
Design and Access Statement 8 (part 5-d)
Design and Access Statement 7 (part 5-c)
Design and Access Statement 6 (part 5-b)
Design and Access Statement 5 (part 5-a)
Design and Access Statement 4 (part 3)
Design and Access Statement 3 (part 2-b)
Design and Access Statement 2 (part 2 - a)
Design and Access Statement 2 (appendix)
Design and Access Statement 11 (appendix 6)
Design and Access Statement 10 (part 5)
Design and Access Statement 1 (part 1)
Energy Strategy Statement
Flood Risk Assessment and Outline Surface Water Drainage Strategy
SUPERSEDED Health Impact Assessment Screening Report
Health Impact Assessment Screening Report Rev02
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal Report
SUPERSEDED Daylight and Sunlight_Part2
SUPERSEDED Daylight and Sunlight_Part1
Travel Plan and Transport Statement v3
Travel Plan and Transport Statement Addendum Note
Geo Env_Part2
Geo Env_Part1
Dwg:007 Existing-Section
Site location Plan
Dwg:005-Proposed Section II
SUPERSEDED Dwg:004-Proposed Section
SUPERSEDED Dwg:003-Proposed Section
SUPERSEDED Dwg:002-Proposed Section
SUPERSEDED Dwg:001-Proposed Section
SUPERSEDED Dwg:013-Roof Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:012 Block Site Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:010 Lower Ground Floor Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:009-Proposed-Building-Heights
SUPERSEDED Dwg:008-Proposed-Building-Outlines
SUPERSEDED Dwg:007-Eighteenth-Twenty First-Floor-Plan.
SUPERSEDED Dwg:006-Seventeenth-Floor-Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:005-Seventh-Sixteenth-Floor-Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:004-Fifth-Sixth-Floor-Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:003-Fourth-Floor-Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:002-Third-Floor-Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:001-First-Second-Floor-Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:000-Ground-Floor-Plan
SUPERSEDED Drawing Issue Register
Application Form
Consultation Response - WMP - 11.5.2020
Consultation Response Housing Policy 07.05.20
Consultation Response Economic Development 11.05.20
Consultation Response - Waste - 15.5.2020
Consultation Response - EP - 15.5.2020
Consultation Response - Cadent - 18.5.2020
Consultation Response - Education - 18.5.2020
Consultation Response - WMFS - 18.5.2020
Consultation Response Coventry Public Health 19-05-202
Consultation Response NHS part 1 - 20.05.2020
Consultation Response NHS part 2 - 20.05.2020
Massing Model Views of the Proposed Development
Consultation Response -conservation 01.06.2020
Consultation Response - Ecology - 01.06.2020
Consultation Response Highways 08.06.2020
Consultation Response - Flood Risk & Drainage 04.06.2020
Consultation Response - Archaeology 05.06.2020
Consultation Response - UD 05.06.2020
Press Notice dated 14.05.20
Consultation Response - EP 08.09.2020
Consultation Response - Highway 22.09.2020
Proposed Ground Floor Plan
Proposed Second and Third Floor Plan
Proposed Fourth Floor Plan
Proposed Fifth Floor Plan
Proposed Sixth and Seventh Floor Plan
Proposed Eighth to Sixteenth Floor Plan
Proposed seventeenth Floor Plan
Proposed eightteenth to Twenty First Floor Plan
Proposed Building Outline
Proposed Building Heights
Block Plan
Proposed Roof Plan
Proposed section AA & BB
Proposed section CC & DD
SUPERSEDED Proposed section EE & FF
Proposed section GG & HH
Proposed section EE & FF
Daylight and Sunlight Report
Consultation Response - Coventry Airport 24.12.2020
Final updated daylight and sunlight report
Decision Notice
Planning Committee Final Report - 12.11.20
Planning Committee Final Report - 14.1.21

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