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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2020/0872 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Former Civic Centre Site
Earl Street

Proposal Full planning application for extensions and alterations to Civic Centre 2 and basement, and erection of first phase of new university campus (Class D1) including academic facilities, auditorium, serviced apartments (Class C1), retail unit (Class A1/ A2/ A3) and, associated works, access landscape, infrastructure, cycle and car parking.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 07/04/2020 Valid date 14/04/2020 Decision expected Date 14/07/2020
Case Officer Anne Lynch
End of Public Consultation Period 22/07/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 30/07/2020
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 28/08/2020
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 30/07/2023
Agent Name
Turnberry Consulting Ltd
Travel Plan Part4
Travel Plan Part 3.
Travel Plan Part 2
Travel Plan Part 1
Transport Statement Part 5
Transport Statement Part 4
Transport Statement Part 3
Transport Statement Part 2
Transport Statement Part 1
Sustainability Statement.
Structural Assessment Part 7
Structural Assessment Part 6
Structural Assessment Part 5
Structural Assessment Part 4
Structural Assessment Part 3A
Structural Assessment Part 3
Structural Assessment Part 2
Structural Assessment Part 1
Site Location Plan
Statement of Public Benefits
Proposed Site Plan
Proposed Landscape Plan
Proposed Basement Floorplan
Planning Statement
Noise Impact Assessment.
Health Impact Assessment
Flooding Report Part 4
Flooding Report Part 3
Flooding Report Part 2
Flooding Report Part 1
Flooding Report Cover Letter
Existing Ground Floor Plan
Existing Elevations
Existing Historic Basement Drawings
Ecology Report Part 3
Ecology Report Part 2
Ecology Report Part 1
Ecology Report Part 1
Daylight and Sunlight Statement
Design and Access Statement Part 5
Design and Access Statement Part 4
Design and Access Statement Part 3
Design and Access Statement Part 2
Design and Access Statement Part 1
Contamination Assessment Part 9
Contamination Assessment Part 8
Contamination Assessment Part 7
Contamination Assessment Part 6
Contamination Assessment Part 5
Contamination Assessment Part 4
Contamination Assessment Part 3
Contamination Assessment Part 2
Contamination Assessment Part 13
Contamination Assessment Part 12
Contamination Assessment Part 11
Contamination Assessment Part 10
Contamination Assessment Part 1
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Block Plan
Designated Area Schedule
Archaeological Impact Assessment Part 3
Archaeological Impact Assessment Part 2
Archaeological Impact Assessment Part 1
Application Form
Air Quality Assessment.
Returned Neighbour Letters
Press Notice dated 30.04.20
Returned Neighbour Letters
Returned Neighbour Letters
RAM-50-300 - Mechanical Services
RAM-60-300 - Electrical Services
Dwg:32503-03-1000-Undercroft Basement Plan - Rev P2
Civic Centre - Proposed Courtyard sample relocation v1 - 300620
CWA-17-127 - Structural Assessment Revision 4 - Civic Centre Redevelopment
Dwg:32503-A-04-201_PH1 Proposed Sections AA BB rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-03-107_PH1 Proposed Fourth Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-03-108_PH1 Proposed Fifth Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-03-109_PH1 Proposed Sixth Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P1
Dwg:2020-0872\32503-A-03-110_PH1 Proposed Roof Plan - Phase 1 rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-03-106_PH1 Proposed Third Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-05-201_PH1 Proposed North Elevation rev P3_REDUCED.
Dwg:32503-A-05-201_PH1 Proposed North Elevation rev P3
Dwg:32503-A-04-202_PH1 Proposed Sections CC DD rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-05-101_PH1 Proposed Site Elevations rev P3_REDUCED.
Dwg:32503-A-05-102_PH1 Proposed Site East and West Elevations rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-03-104_PH1 Proposed First Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P3
Dwg:32503-A-03-101_PH1 Proposed Basement Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P1
Dwg:32503-A-03-102_PH1 Proposed Ground Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P3
Dwg:32503-A-03-103_PH1 Proposed Mezzanine Plan - Phase 1 rev P3
Dwg:32503-A-02-101_PH1 - Proposed Site Plan - Phase 1 rev P3
Dwg:32503-A-03-105_PH1 Proposed Second Floor Plan - Phase 1 rev P2
Dwg:32503-L-90-100 - Proposed Phase 1 Landscaping rev P1
Covering Letter - Amendments 2020 07 03
Option 8A_Aerial_B email
Option 8A_High_Street_B email
Option 8A_Jordan_Well_St_B email
Returned Neighbour Letters
Returned Neighbour Letters
Returned Neighbour Letters
Returned Neighbour Letters
Decision Notice

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