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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2019/3114 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land at
Well Street & Bishop Street

Proposal Erection of a new build 5 storey mixed use development to provide commercial space (A1/A2/A3/A4/B1 use class) at ground floor and 40 residential units on the upper floors. A rear courtyard is to provide 17 car parking spaces, to be accessed from Well Street, with associated landscaping.
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 12/12/2019 Valid date 23/04/2020 Decision expected Date 23/07/2020
Case Officer Anne Lynch
End of Public Consultation Period 20/02/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
D5 Architects LLP
Heritage Impact Assessment
Detailed Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Assessment
Sustainability Statement
Energy Statement
Application Form
Drainage Assessment
Archaeological Desk Based Assessment
Flood Risk Assessment & Drainage Strategy
Proposed Rear Bishop Street Elevations Dwg: 0403 Rev P02
Proposed Rear Well Street Elevations Dwg: 0402 Rev P02
Proposed Bishop Street Elevations Dwg: 0401 Rev P02
Proposed Well Street Elevations Dwg: 0400 Rev P02
Existing Bishop Street Elevations Dwg; 0201 Rev P02
Existing Well street Elevations Dwg: 0200 Rev P02
Design and Access Statement
Proposed Roof Plan Dwg: 0301 Rev P02
Proposed Level 4 Plan Dwg: 0301 Rev P02
Proposed Level 3 Plan Dwg; 0301 Rev P02
Proposed Level 2 Plan Dwg: 0301 Rev P02
Proposed Level 1 Plan Dwg; 0301 Rev P02
Proposed Level 0 Plan Dwg: 0301 Rev P02
Existing Site Plan Dwg: 0200 Rev P02
Location Plan Dwg: 0101 Rev P02
Transport Statement
Air Quality Assessment
Noise Assessment Report
Planning Statement
Proposed Well Street Elevation DWG:786-D5A-00-ZZ-DR-A-0400 P03
Proposed Bishop Street Elevation DWG:786-D5A-00-ZZ-DR-A-0401 P03
Proposed Rear Well Street Elevation DWG:786-D5A-00-ZZ-DR-A-0402 P03
Proposed Rear Bishop Street Elevation DWG:786-D5A-00-ZZ-DR-A-0403 -P03
Consultation Response Socail Value 27.01.19
Consultation response - NATIONAL_GRID
Consultation response - Ep 29.01.2020
Consultation Response - Cadent gas 30.01.2020
Returned Neighbour Letters
Consultation Response - NHS - 07.02.2020
Consultation Response -Flood Risk & Drainage 12.02.2020
SIte Notice
Ground Investigation Report
Consultation Response - Canal and River Trust - 24.1.2020
Consultation Response Env Agency 18.02.20
Consultation Response Archaeology 18.02.20
Consultation Response UDL
Consultation Response - conservation - 24.3.2020
Consultation Response NHS-UHCW 01.04.20

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