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Plans, documents and other information that forms part of the application is attached at the bottom of the page.

Application Details
Reference number RMM/2019/3059 Application Description Planning Application (Reserved Matters (Major))
Coventry Reference OUT/2016/1874
Site Address Land to west of
Cromwell Lane

Proposal Reserved Matters for the approval of access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of a residential development of 240 dwellings including affordable housing and open space granted under Outline application OUT/2016/1874
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 04/12/2019 Valid date 09/09/2020 Decision expected Date 09/12/2020
Case Officer Liam D'Onofrio
End of Public Consultation Period 16/10/2020
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
Geoff Perry Associates Ltd
ST14348-017-P Tree Protection Plan
Soils and Agricultural report
Ground Investigation Report_compressed
Design and Access Statement 3 OF 3 REV A 28-46
Design and Access Statement 2 OF 3 REV A 16-27
Design and Access Statement 1 OF 3 REV A 1-15
Application Form
Cycle/bin stores
Parking Matrix
Affordable Housing Plan
Occupancy Plan
Master Plan
Boundary treatment Plan
Material Plan
Apartment Block B
Apartment Block A
Street Scene
Planning Layout
Planning Layout Colour
Site Location Plan
South Topographical Survey
North Topographical Survey
Heritage Statement
House types
Press Notice dated 09.01.20
Street Scene Dwg: 41 Rev D
House Type Brochure
Location Plan
Materials Plan Dwg: 46 Rev B
Boundry Treatment Plan Dwg: 47 Rev B
Massing Plan Dwg: 48 Rev B
Occupancy Plan Dwg: 49 Rev B
Parking Matrix Dwg: 51 Rev B
Chimney Location Plan Dwg: 99
Planning Layout Dwg: 100
Design and Access Statement Rev B
Updated Application Form.
Planning Layout Dwg: 002 Rev G
Materials Plan Dwg: 003 Rev D
Boundary Treatment Plan Dwg: 004 Rev D
Affordable Housing Plan Dwg:005 Rev D
Parking Matrix Dwg: 006 Rev D
Massing Plan Dwg: 007 Rev D
Massing Plan Dwg: 008 Rev D
Chimney Location Plan Dwg: 009 Rev D
Apartment Block A Dwg: 42 Rev C
Apartment Block B Dwg: 48 Rev C
Bin and Cycle Store Block A & C Plans and Elevations Dwg: 50 Rev A
Bin and Cycle Store Block B Plans and Elevations Dwg: 51
Street Scene A - F Dwg: 052 Rev C
Apartment Block C Plans and Elevations Dwg: 56 Rev B
Single Garage Plans and Elevations Dwg: 53 Rev A
Double Garage Plans and Elevations Dwg: 54 Rev A
Design and Access Statement
House Type Brochure
Consultation Response Streetscene 29.09.2020
Consultation Response -Highways - 30.09.202
Consultation Response - Network Rail 05.10.2020
Returned Neighbour Letter
Press Notice dated 17.09.20
Returned Neighbour Letter
Returned Neighbour Letters
Consultation Response - UD 11.12.2020

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