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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2019/1563 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Cox Street

Proposal Proposed demolition of the Bugatti Building and erection of a part four and part five-storey extension (class D1 use); various internal and external alterations to the Maurice Foss and Graham Sutherland Buildings; alterations to the service yard; landscaping and associated works.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 17/06/2019 Valid date 21/06/2019 Decision expected Date 20/09/2019
Case Officer Anne Lynch
End of Public Consultation Period 20/09/2019
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 21/11/2019
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 20/11/2022
Agent Name
Turnberry Planning Limited
Desk Study and risk assessment
Transport Statement_Part4
Transport Statement_Part3
Transport Statement_Part2
Transport Statement_Part1
Sustainability Statement
Statement of Significance - Graham Sutherland 3 of 3
Statement of Significance - Graham Sutherland 2 of 3
Statement of Significance - Graham Sutherland 1 of 3
SK-20190604-01-Sketch Planning GEA New Build Measure Plan
Planning Statement - FAH - Final_Part5
Planning Statement - FAH - Final_Part4
Planning Statement - FAH - Final_Part3
Planning Statement - FAH - Final_Part2
Planning Statement - FAH - Final_Part1
Phase II Geoenvironmental assessment
Operational Noise Report - Final (BDP)
Heritage Impact Assessment.
Graham Sutherland Brochure_Part4.
Graham Sutherland Brochure_Part3
Graham Sutherland Brochure_Part2
Graham Sutherland Brochure_Part1
Flood Risk Assessment_Part2
Flood Risk Assessment_Part1
Fee Calculation
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P303_- Typical Construction Details (3 of 3)
Typical Construction Details (2 of 3)
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P301_B - Typical Construction Details (1 of 3)
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P202_C - Typical Tree Details
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P201_B - Planting Strategy Plan
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P011 _ E - Landscape GA.
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P010 _ E - Landscape GA
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P008 - Tree Planting Plan
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P005_B - Tree Removals Plan
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P004_B - Planter Sections
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P003 _ E - Landscape Levels Plan
FAH-BDP-XX-XX-DR-L-90-P002_C - Landscape Masterplan
FAH-BDP-01-XX-SP-L-L001_P03 - Landscape Outline Specification
FAH-BDP-00-ZZ-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-3005_P12- Proposed Fifth_Sixth_Seventh_Eighth and Ninth Floors
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3408_P5 - Facade Study-08 Maurice Foss Extension
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3407_P4 - Facade Study-07 Immersive Studio
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3406_P4 - Facade Study-06 New Build Rear Entrance
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3405_P4 - Facade Study-05 New Stair Graham Sutherland
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3404_P5 - Facade Study-04 Graham Sutherland New Entrance
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3403_P4 - Facade Study-03 Cantilever Box Tower Interface
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3402_P4 - Facade Study-02 New Build Cantilever
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3401_P4 - Facade Study-01 New Build_Maurice Foss Stair
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3004_P4 - Proposed Sections 07_08 Short
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3003_P6 - Proposed Sections 05_06 Short
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3002_P6 - Proposed Sections 03_04 Long
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-3001_P6 - Proposed Sections 01_02 Long
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-1004_P4 - Existing Sections 07_08 Short.
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-1003_P5 - Existing Sections 05_06 Short
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-1002_P5 - Existing Sections 03_04 Long
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_80-1001_P5 - Existing Section 01_02 Long
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-1012- Existing Roof Plan
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-1006-P3 - Existing Fifth_Sixth_Seventh_Eighth_Ninth Floors
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-1005-P3 - Existing Fourth Floor
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-1004-P3 -Existing Third Floor
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-1003-P3 - Existing Second Floor
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-1002-P3 - Existing First Floor
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-1001-P3 -Existing Ground Floor
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0007_P2 - Site Layout Proposed Plan
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0005_P2 - Site Layout Existing Plan
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0003_P2 - Site Block Plan Existing
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0002_P3 - Site Block Plan Proposed
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0001_P3 - Site Location Plan
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_30-3002_P6 - Proposed North and East Elevations
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_30-3001_P6 - Proposed South and West Elevations
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_30-1002_P6 - Existing North and East Elevations
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_30-1001_P6 - Existing South and West Elevations.
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-PM_60_70-9001_P5 - Site Constraints Summary Plan
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-PM_10_80-0012-P1 - Planning - Proposed Gross Internal Area
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-PM_10_80-0011-P1 - Planning - Existing and Demolition Gross Internal Area
FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-PM_10_80-0001-P11 - Proposed Gross Internal Area Plans
FAH-BDP-00-R1-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-3006_P12 - Proposed Roof Plan
FAH-BDP-00-04-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-3004_P12 - Proposed Fourth Floor
FAH-BDP-00-03-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-3003_P12- Proposed Third Floor
FAH-BDP-00-02-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-3002_P12 - Proposed Second Floor.
FAH-BDP-00-01-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-3001_P13 - Proposed First Floor
FAH-BDP-00-00-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-3000_P13 - Proposed Ground Floor
Environmental Noise Assessment Report - Final (BDP)
Ecology Report
Drainage Strategy_Part3
Drainage Strategy_Part2
Drainage Strategy_Part1
Design and Access Statement and Landscaping Strategy_Part4
Design and Access Statement and Landscaping Strategy_Part3
Design and Access Statement and Landscaping Strategy_Part2
Design and Access Statement and Landscaping Strategy_Part1
Demolition and Construction Noise and Vibration Assessment
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Archaeological desk-based assessment-Open space in front of the Graham Sutherland Building.
Archaeological desk-based assessment-Land beside the Maurice Foss Building
Arboricultural Impact Assessment_Part4
Arboricultural Impact Assessment_Part3
Arboricultural Impact Assessment_Part2
Arboricultural Impact Assessment_Part1
Application Form
Air Quality Assessment
Drainage Strategy
Proposed Site Plan Dwg: FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0007 Rev P3
Existing Site Plan Dwg: FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0005 Rev P3
Existing Block Plan Dwg: FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0003 Rev P3
Proposed Block Plan Dwg: FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0002 REv P4
Location plan Dwg: FAH-BDP-00-XX-DR-A-ZZ_70_60-0001 Rev P4
Site Notice
Decision Notice

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