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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2019/1315 Application Description Full Planning Application
Coventry Reference
Site Address Brook Farm
Pickford Green Lane
Proposal Erection of 3 detached dwellings and a new access road
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 22/05/2019 Valid date 22/05/2019 Decision expected Date 17/07/2019
Case Officer Ayesha Saleem
End of Public Consultation Period 12/07/2019
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 16/07/2019
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 15/07/2022
Agent Name
David Fawkner Architectural Design Limited
(SUPERSEDED) Design and Access Statement
Existing Site Plan Dwg: 0918-02-001-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Site Plan Dwg: 0918-02-002-P2
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Site Sections Dwg: 0918-02-003-P2
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Tree Removals Plan Dwg: 0918-02-008-P2
Location Plan Dwg: 0918-02-010-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Ground Floor Plan Dwg: 0918-02-011-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed First Floor Plan Dwg: 0918-02-012-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Roof Plan Dwg: 0918-02-013-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Barn 1 Proposed Floor Plans and Elevations Dwg: 0918-02-014-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Barn 2 Proposed Floor plans and Elevations Dwg: 0918-02-015-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Barn 3 Proposed Plans and Elevations Dwg: 0918-02-016-P1
(SUPERSEDED) Garage Plans and Elevations Dwg: 0918-02-017-P1
Application Form
Advert - Coventry Telegraph - 6th June 2019
Consultation Response -Cadent Gas- 10.6.19
DWG: 0918-02-002-P3 - Proposed Site Plan
DWG: 0918-02-011-P2 - Barn Ground Floor Plans
DWG: 0918-02-012-P2 - Barn 1st Floor Plans
DWG: 0918-02-013-P2 - Barn Roof Plan
(SUPERSEDED) DWG: 0918-02-014-P2 - Barn 1 Plans and Elevations
(SUPERSEDED)DWG: 0918-02-015-P2 - Barn 2 Plans and Elevations
(SUPERSEDED) DWG: 0918-02-016-P2 - Barn 3 Plans and Elevations
DWG: 0918-02-003-P3 - Proposed Site Sections
0918-02 - Design & Acess Statement - rev P2 - June 2019
DWG: 0918-02-009-P1 - Site Access Visibility Splay
0918-02 - Tree Survey - July 2019
DWG: 0918-02-008-P3 - Proposed Tree Removals
(SUPERSEDED) Heritage Impact Assessment- July 2019
DWG: 0918-02-014-P3 - Barn 1 Plans and Elevations
DWG: 0918-02-015-P3 - Barn 2 Plans and Elevations
DWG: 0918-02-016-P3 - Barn 3 Plans and Elevations
Heritage Impact Assessment July 2019- Recieved 09/07/2019
Officer report
Decision Notice
Site Notice

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