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Application Details
Reference number RM/2019/1252 Application Description Planning Application (Reserved Matters (Major))
Coventry Reference S73/2018/2999
Site Address Paragon Park

Proposal Reserved matters approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale in respect of Phase 5 pursuant to condition 1 imposed on permission S73/2018/2999, which varied conditions imposed upon OUT/2014/2538 granted on 2nd March 2015 for erection of up to 700 dwellings and provision of up to 3500 sq m employment floorspace, remodelled public park, new playing field for school, public open space, attenuation areas, pedestrian routes, access to Foleshill Road and Stoney Stanton Road and creation of noise barrier adjacent to EMR premises. The outline application was an EIA application and an ES was submitted.
Application Status RMAPPC
Received Date 17/05/2019 Valid date 17/06/2019 Decision expected Date 16/09/2019
Case Officer Nigel Smith
End of Public Consultation Period 16/09/2019
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 04/10/2019
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
Phase 5 Planning Statement
Latest Forecast Viability April 2019
Design and Access Statement Phase 5 FINAL
Application Form
Viability appraisal - Appendix D Net Selling Prices Achieved
Viability appraisal - Appendix C Summary of Changes Between Baseline and Latest Forecast.
Viability appraisal - Appendix B Latest Forecast Appraisal
Viability appraisal - Appendix A Baseline S106 Appraisal
Dwg:124-PH5-HTSu-02 House Type Sutton- Elevations
124-PH5-HTSu-01 House Type Sutton- Plans
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:124-PH5-HTSo-02 House Type Souter- Elevations
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:124-PH5-HTSo-01 House Type Souter- Plans
Dwg:124-PH5-HTRo-02 House Type Roseberry- Elevations
Dwg:124-PH5-HTRo-01 House Type Roseberry- Plans
Dwg:124-PH5-HTHt-02 House Type Hatfield- Elevations
Dwg:124-PH5-HTHt-01 House Type Hatfield- Plans
Dwg:124-PH5-HTHa-02 House Type Hanbury- Elevations
Dwg:124-PH5-HTHa-01 House Type Hanbury- Plans
Dwg:124-PH5-HTCt-02 House Type Chatsworth- Elevations
Dwg:124-PH5-HTCt-01 House Type Chatsworth- Plans
Dwg:124-PH5-HTCl-02a House Type Clayton Corner- Elevations
Dwg:124-PH5-HTCl-01a House Type Clayton Corner- Plans
Dwg:124-PH5-HTAl-02 House Type Alnwick- Elevations
Dwg:124-PH5-HTAl-01 House Type Alnwick- Plans
Dwg:124-PH5-APT-05 Apartments A1 A2 and A3- Elevations 3 and 4
Dwg:124-PH5-APT-04 Apartments A1 A2 and A3- Elevations 1 and 2
Dwg:124-PH5-APT-03 Apartments A1 A2 and A3- 2nd floor plan
Dwg:124-PH5-APT-02 Apartments A1 A2 and A3- 1st floor plan
Dwg:124-PH5-APT-01 Apartments A1 A2 and A3- Ground floor plan
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:124-PH5-006- Street Scenes
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:124-PH5-005-Rev A-Storey Heights Layout
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:124-PH5-004-Rev A - Materials Layout
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:124-PH5-003_Rev A- Boundary Treatments Layout.
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:124-PH5-002_Rev B - Site Layout.
Dwg:124-PH5-001 - Location Plan
SUPERSEDED - Finished floor levels
SUPERSEDED - Soft landscaping sheet 2 of 2
SUPERSEDED - Soft landscaping sheet 1 of 2
SUPERSEDED - 002C - proposed site layout
Bund landscaping
SUPERSEDED - 002J - proposed site layout
901 P03 - soft landscaping sheet 1 of 2
902 P03 - soft landscaping sheet 2 of 2
Consultation Response - Highways - 16.9.19
002K - proposed site layout
003C - boundary treatments
004C - materials layout
HTSo-04 - Souter house type elevations
HTSo-03 - Souter house type plans
RED067-800 - FFL's
HTSo-02C - Souter house type elevations plot 520
HTSo-01C - Souter house type plans
Decision Notice

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