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Application Details
Reference number RMM/2019/0149 Application Description Planning Application (Reserved Matters (Major))
Coventry Reference RM/2016/1951
Site Address
Ellacombe Road

Proposal Submission of revised reserved matters for phase 1C3 (all matters) in respect of outline application reference 54800 dated 22/10/2009 for the redevelopment of the area (Revised layout on land adjacent Hollicombe Road and Ellacombe Road to provide 20 dwellings).
Application Status RMAPPC
Received Date 22/01/2019 Valid date 14/06/2019 Decision expected Date 13/09/2019
Case Officer Anne Lynch
End of Public Consultation Period 18/07/2019
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 13/09/2019
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
S104 Drainage Sheet 2 of 2(1)
E-Swept Path Analysis(1)
General Arrangement Sheet 2 of 2
F External Works Sheet 2 of 2(1)
SUPERSEDED House-Type-D105---Variation--A3L
SUPERSEDED House-Type-D105--A3L
SUPERSEDED House-Type-D104--A3L
SUPERSEDED Parking Assessment Plan -A1L
SUPERSEDED House Type D104 - Variation -A3L
SUPERSEDED House Type D101 -A3L
SUPERSEDED Materials Plan -A1L
SUPERSEDED Enclosure Details -A1L
SUPERSEDED Extent of Highway Adoption -A1L
SUPERSEDED Detailed Site Layout -A1L
SUPERSEDED Location Plan -A1L
Application Form
Coventry Brief addendum arb report.
Noise Report DEC. 2018
Pre-commencement surveys Addendum
Drawing Issue Sheet
Sustainable Building Design Statement
Proposed Plans and Elevations KP3G Dwg: B6368 PL 1015
Finished Floor Levels Dwg: B6368 PL 1016
Parking Assessment Plan Dwg: B6368 PL 1014 Rev B
Streetscenes Dwg: B6368 PL 1013 Rev B
House Type D105 - Variation Dwg: B6368 PL 1012 Rev A
House Type D105 Dwg: B6368 PL 1011 Rev A
House Type D104 - Variation Dwg: B6368 PL 1010 Rev A
House Type D104 Dwg: B6368 PL 1009 Rev A
House Type D101Dwg: B6368 PL 1007 Rev A
House Type D101- Variaton Dwg: B6368 PL 1008 Rev A
Elevation Key Plan Dwg: B6368 PL 1006 Rev B
Materials Plan Dwg: B6368 PL 1005 Rev B
Tenure Plan Dwg: B6368 PL 1004 Rev B
Enclosure Details Dwg; B6368 PL 1003C Rev C
Extent of Highway Adoption Dwg: B6368 PL 1002 Rev B
Detailed Site Layout Dwg: B6368 PL 1001Rev E
Location Plan Dwg: B6368 PL 1000 Rev B
Design Access Statement
Press Notice 11.4.19
Returned Neighbour Letters
Design and Access Statement 10.06.19
Location Plan
Detailed Site Layout
Extent of Highway Adoption
Enclosure Details
Tenure Plan
Materials Plan
Elevation Key Plan
Decision Notice
Officer Report

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