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Application Details
Reference number OUT/2018/3362 Application Description Outline Planning Application ( Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address 8a-10
Lythalls Lane

Proposal Outline application for the demolition of existing buildings, erection of up to 110 apartments in 3/4 storey building with associated access and basement parking and amenity space (access, layout of the site and scale submitted)
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 04/12/2018 Valid date 21/01/2019 Decision expected Date 22/04/2019
Case Officer Nigel Smith
End of Public Consultation Period 21/02/2019
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision WITHDRAWN Decision Date 09/04/2019
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
IDP Group
Fee Calculation
Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment
Environmental Noise Assessment 5 of 5
Environmental Noise Assessment 4 of 5
Environmental Noise Assessment 3 of 5
Environmental Noise Assessment 2 of 5
Environmental Noise Assessment 1 of 5
Attachment Summary
Topographical Survey
SUPERSEDED - Proposed Site Plan
SUPERSEDED - Location Plan
SUPERSEDED - Application Form
Preliminary Ecology Appraisal
Proposed Elevational Study DWG:301 Rev A
Proposed Long Section DWG:450 Rev A
Proposed Basement Car Park Plan DWG:199 Rev B
Proposed Ground Floor Plan DWG:200 Rev C
Proposed First Floor Plan DWG:201 Rev B
Proposed Second Floor Plan DWG:202 Rev B
Proposed Third Floor Plan DWG:203 Rev B
Proposed Roof Plan DWG:205 Rev A
Proposed Typical Flat Plans DWG:250 Rev A
Proposed Massing Study DWG:300 Rev B
Location Plan DWG:001 Rev A
Proposed Site Plan DWG:101 Rev D
Design and Access Statement Part 1
Design and Access Statement Part 2
Application form - dwelling unit supplementary information sheet
Application Form
Drainage strategy
Consultation Response - Education- 31.1.19
Consultation Response - Culture Leisure and Libraries- 31.1.19.
Consultation Response - Skills & Employment- 1.2.19
Consultation Response - Sustainable Services 5.2.19
Consultation Response- NHS - 7.2.19
Consultation Responses - EP 13.02.19
Consultation Response - Environmental Agency 14.02.19
Returned Neighbour Letters
Consultation response - employment skills team 11.02.2019
Consultation Response - Planning Policy 22.02.19
Consultation Response-Drainage-21.02.19
Returned Neighbour Letters
Returned Neighbour Letters
Consultation Response - Highways - 6.3.19
Consultation Response - EA - 19.03.19
Consultation Response - Urban Design 26.03.19
Drainage strategy rev 2 dated April 2019

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