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Application Details
Reference number LB/2018/1810 Application Description Listed Building Consent
Coventry Reference
Site Address Coventry Railway Station
Station Square

Proposal Listed building consent for construction of a new station building and multi storey car park with associated works
Application Status LBAPP
Received Date 21/06/2018 Valid date 29/06/2018 Decision expected Date 24/08/2018
Case Officer Nigel Smith
End of Public Consultation Period 09/08/2018
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 24/08/2018
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 00/00/0000
Agent Name
SLC Property Ltd
Application Form
Attachment Summary.
Location plan DWG: 0001
Existing Location Plan DWG: 0002
Proposed Site Plan DWG: 0003
Fee Calculation.
Portal Email.
Planning Statement
Supporting Statement
Covering Letter
Sustainability Statement
Article 13
Transport Assessment
Heritage Statement
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Outline Construction Phasing and Methodology
Location Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0001 P01
Existing Site Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0002 P01
Proposed Site Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0003 P02
Existing Ground Floor Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0007 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 0 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0008 P01
Existing Block Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0009 P01
Proposed Block Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0010 P01
Reflected Ceiling Plan Level 0 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0011 P01
Demolitions Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-00-DR-A-0012 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 1 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-01-DR-A-0001 P01
Reflected Ceiling Plan Level 1 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-01-DR-A-0002 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 2 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-02-DR-A-0001 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 3 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-03-DR-A-0001 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 4 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-04-DR-A-0001 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 5 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-05-DR-A-0001 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 6 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-06-DR-A-0001 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 7 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-07-DR-A-0001 P01
Proposed GA Plan Level 8 DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-08-DR-A-0001 P01
Proposed GA Plan Roof DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-RF-DR-A-0001 P01
Visualisations DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-XX-DR-A-0001 P01
Design and Access Statement
Elevations DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0001 P01
Elevations DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0002
Existing Elevations DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0003 P01
Existing Elevations DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0004 P01
Site Sections DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0005 P01
Interface Elevation DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0006
Footbridge Threshold Plan DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0007 P01
Footbridge Threshold Section DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0008 P01
Railing Detail DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0009 P01
Footbridge Access Steps DWG:CSG4-D5A-MB-ZZ-DR-A-0010 P01
Contaminated Land Statement Rev 04
Detailed Arrangement DWG:CSG4-WSP-MB-GF-DR-L-0001 P02
Existing Station Retained and Proposed Paving DWG:CSG4-WSP-MB-GF-DR-L-0002 P01
Existing Station Retained and Removed Paving DWG:CSG4-WSP-MB-GF-DR-L-0003 P01
Cross Sections DWG:CSG4-WSP-MB-GF-DR-L-0201 P01
Station Building Utilities Assessment
Planting Plan DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0021 P02
Hard Landscape Plan DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0031 P02
Typical Planting Details DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0221 P01
Typical Tree Planting Details in Areas of Hard Landscape DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0222 P01
Typical Paving Details DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0231 P01
Typical Paving Details Tactiles DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0232 P01
Typical Bollard Detail DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0241 P01
Typical Seating Detail DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0242 P01
Typical Wayfinding Totem Detail DWG:CSG4-WSP-ZZ-GF-DR-L-0243 P01
Desk Study
Returned Neighbour Letters
Decision Notice
Officer Report
SIte Notice

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