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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2018/0842 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major with Environmental Statement)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land at St Martins Road,
Howes Lane, Kings Hill Lane and
Green Lane

Proposal Proposed installation of two new highways access junctions on land west of Green Lane and the junction of Saint Martins Road / Green Lane / Howes Lane in relation to the site clearance and mixed-use development of land at Kings Hill for the provision of up to 2,500 dwellings (Use Class C3), 4,000 sq.m. of mixed use floor space (Use Classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, C2, D1 and D2) in a district centre, a primary school, a secondary school, formal and informal open space and enabling infrastructure including new roads within the site and improvements to the existing road junction at Stoneleigh Road.
Application Status Recommendation entered - Pending decision
Received Date 29/03/2018 Valid date 29/03/2018 Decision expected Date 19/07/2018
Case Officer Liam D'Onofrio
End of Public Consultation Period 28/05/2020
Referred to Secretary of State 17/02/2020
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 19/12/2019
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Agent Name
Site Location Plan
SUPERSEDED--Coventry Application Planning Statement
FINAL Consultation and Community Involvement Statement
Covering Letter
Application Form
Application Site
Allocations Plan
Application Boundary 1.3
Application Boundary 1.4
Dwg:02 Site Description and Proposed Development
Dwg:2.1 Illustrative Masterplan
Dwg:2.2 Land Use
Dwg:2.9 Stoneleigh Road Kings Hill Lane Junction
Dwg:2.9 Stoneleigh Road Kings Hill Lane
Superseded Dwg:2.10 St Martins Road Green Lane Junction
superseded Dwg:2.11 Green Lane Junction
03 EIA Approach
04 Alternative Options.
05 Consultation
06 Socio Economics
07 Ground Conditions
7.1 Geology of Applications Proposed
7.2 Environmental Features
08 Archaeology and Built Heritage
8.1 Non Designated Heritage
8.2 Designated Heritage
09 Water Environment.
10 Traffic and Transport
11 Noise and Vibration
11.1-11.10 Noise Figures
12 Air Quality
12.1 Air Quality Monitoring Locations
12.2 Existing and Proposed Receptors
13 Ecology
13.1 Phase 1 Habitat Overview
13.2 Non Stat Designated Sites
13.3 Winter Bird Survey Results Dec 2015
13.4 Winter Bird Survey Results Jan 2016
13.5 Winter Bird Survey Results Feb 2016
13.6 Breeding Bird Survey April 2016
13.7 Breeding Bird Survey Results May 2016
13.8 Breeding Bird Survey Results June 2016
13.9 Bat Transect and Detection Points
13.10 Bat Tree and Building Roosts
13.11 Bat Transect Survey early June 2016
13.12 Bat Transect Survey Late June 2016.
13.13 Bat Transect Survey July 2016
13.14 Bat Transect Survey August 2016
13.15 Bat Transect Survey Sept 2016
13.16 Badger Survey.
13.17 Great Crested Newt Survey
13.18 Reptile Survey
14 Landscape and Visual Impact
14.1-14.9 LVIA Figures
15 Agricultural Land
15.1 Agri Land Classification
15.2 Land Occupation Plan
ES Vol 1 Main Statement cover
ES Vol 2 Appendices Part 1 Cover
ES Vol 2 Appendices Part 2 Cover
ES Vol 2 Appendices Part 3 Cover
ES Vol 3 NTS cover
ES Volume 1A Figures Cover
ES Volume 3 - Non-Technical Summary
SUPERSEDED Kings Hill Contents list APPENDICES
Kings Hill Contents list FIGURES.
SUPERSEDED Kings Hill Contents list MASTER.
Revised EIA document covering letter CCC
TA1.1 Glossary
TA2.1 Waste Management Strategy
TA3.1 WDC Scoping Opinion
TA3.2 WDC Scoping Opinion Response
TA3.3 EIA Scoping Reponse Table
TA3.4 Committed Development Map
TA3.4. Kings Hill Committed Schemes.
TA3.5 WDC and CCC emails
TA7.1 -7.4 Ground Conditions
TA8.1 Heritage Assessment
TA9.1 Flood Risk Assessment
TA9.2 Surface Water Management Plan
TA10.1 Policy Environment
TA10.2 Traffic Data Application Proposals
TA10.3 Traffic Data Allocation
TA10.4 Transport Assessment
TA11.1 Noise Monitoring Results
TA11.2 Noise correspondence
TA12.1 AQ Supporting Data
TA13.1 Ecological Baseline
TA13.2 BIA tables 2018
TA14.1 LVIA Baseline
TA14.2 LVIA Figures
TA14.3 LVIA Assessment of Effects
TA14.4 Arboricultural Assessment
TA14.5 Light Obtrusion Report
TA15.1 ALC Report
Extract of Newspaper Article
Kings Hill Contents list MASTERv2.
Kings Hill Contents list APPENDICESv2
TA 9.3 Utility Report
ES Volume 3 - Non-Technical Summary V2a
Press notices - 19.4.18
Planning Statement
Press notices - 7.6.18
Press notices - 5.7.18
Extension of Time
EIA Addendum Covering Letter CCC
FINAL Comprehensive Development Document
FINAL Consultee Responses Schedule
Framework Travel Plan Issue_2_30-11-18
L.0384_15I Ill Masterplan
Dwg:L.0384_16L Parameter Plans
Amended Design and Access Statement
Amended Design and Access Statement - Coventry City Council specific
Dwg 2.1_L.0384_15I Ill Masterplan.
Dwg2.2 Land Use Rev E.
Dwg:2.3 Movement Rev E
Dwg:2.4 Building Heights Rev E
Dwg2.5 Illustrative Density Rev E
Dwg:2.6 Strategic Green Infrastructure Rev E
Dwg2.7 Indicative EIA Phasing Rev D
Dwg:2.8 Indicative Blue Infrastructure Rev E
Dwg:2.9 Stoneleigh Road Kings Hill Lane
SUPERSEDED Dwg:2.10 rev2 St Martins Road_Green Lane
Dwg2.11 rev2 Green Lane South Bus Link Limited Site Access
Addendum Appendix 1.3_Chpt 10 T&T Appendix 10.1 Final Issue - 04.12.18
Addendum Appendix 1.3_Chpt 10 T&T Appendix 10.2 Final Issue - 04.12.18
Addendum Appendix 1.3_Chpt 10 T&T Appendix 10.3 Final Issue - 04.12.18
Addendum Appendix 1.3_Chpt 10 T&T Appendix 10.4 Final Issue - 04.12.18
Addendum Appendix 1.3_Chpt 10 T&T Appendix 10.5 Final Issue - 04.12.18
Addendum Appendix 1.3_Chpt 10 T&T Final Issue - 04.12.18
Addendum Appendix 1.4_Append 12.1 Supporting Data Addendum
Addendum Appendix 1.4_Append 12.2 Low Emission Strategy (002) FINAL
Addendum Appendix 1.4_ES Ch 12 Air Quality Addendum FINAL
Addendum Appendix 1.4_ST15368-Figure 12.3 Air Quality Monitoring Locations-A3L
Addendum Appendix 1.4_ST15368-Figure 12.4 Existing Sens Recpt and Prop Recpt Plan-A3L
Append 1.1_Landscape and Ecology Plan edp3192_d075_F
Append 1.2_Arb Addendum_edp3192_r010_A
ES Addendum Non-Technical Summary
ES Addendum Volume 1 - Main Statement
Kings Hill Addendum contents lists_Dec18
TA Addendum 1 Final Issue - 04.12.18
EIA Addendum 2 Covering Letter CCC
KH Append A_19048_1_Kings Hill, Coventry_Ground Investigation Repor
ES Addendum 2 Append 1.1 TA Addendum 2 ISSUED_25.01.19
ES Addendum 2 Append 1.2 edp3192_d090_D
ES Addendum 2 Append 1.2 edp3192_d091_D
ES Addendum 2 Append 1.2 edp3192_r011_D
ES Addendum 2 Append 1.3 Groundwater Monitoring Report
ES Addendum 2 contents list
ES Addendum 2 Volume 1 Main Statement
ES Addendum 2 Volume 1 NTS
Advert - Coventry Telegraph - 6th June 2019
Addendum 3
Non-Technical Summary
Amended Roundabout Plan
Planning Committee Final Report 19.12.2019
Press Notice dated 07.11.19.

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