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Application Details
Reference number LB/2017/3223 Application Description Listed Building Consent
Coventry Reference
Site Address The Lodge Cemetery
London Road

Proposal Listed building consent for works/refurbishment to the heritage assets of London Road Cemetery, comprising the Grade II Anglican Chapel, Promenade Wall, Jewish Chapel, general landscape and monuments throughout.
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 20/12/2017 Valid date 31/01/2018
Determination Required Date 28/03/2018
Case Officer Liam D'Onofrio Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 08/02/2018 End of Public Consultation Period 01/03/2018
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name Mr Graham Hood
Agent Name Mr Andrew Simpson
IDP Group
Applicant Address Coventry City Council
Agent Address 27
Stage 3 Civil/Structural Design Report
New Drainage/Foul Drainage Layout DWG:S__L-002 A
New Drainage/Storm Drainage Layout DWG:S__L-001 A
Foul and Storm Drainage Standard Details DWG:S__D-001
Schedule of Condition
Report Part 4
Report Part 3
Report Part 2
Report Part 1
Promenade Wall Part 4
Promenade Wall Part 3
Promenade Wall Part 2
Promenade Wall Part 1
Structural Report
Manhole Depths
Proposed Pod Detail DWG:2700 P1
Proposed Elevations DWG:2500 P1
Bier Store Proposed Plan & Elevation DWG:2420 P1
Carriage Entrance Proposed Elevations DWG:2415 P1
Carriage Entrance Proposed Plan DWG:2410 P1
Promenade Wall Proposed Elevation DWG:2400 P1
Anglican Chapel Proposed East & South Elevations DWG:2201 P1
Anglican Chapel Proposed West & North Elevations DWG:2200 P1
Anglican Chapel Proposed Sections (indicative) DWG:2100 P1
Anglican Chapel Proposed Ground Floor Plan DWG:2000 P1
Jewish Chapel Existing DWG:1500 P1
Bier Store Existing Plan & Elevation DWG:1420 P1
Carriage Entrance Existing Elevations DWG:1415 P1
Carriage Entrance Existing Plan DWG:1410 P1
Promenade Wall Existing Elevation DWG:1400 P1
Anglican Chapel Existing East & South Elevations DWG:1201 P1
Anglican Chapel Existing West & North Elevations DWG:1200 P1
Anglican Chapel Existing Ground Floor Plan DWG:1000 P1
Heritage Statement
Soakaway Design
Household Survey Report
Developed Design Part 5
Developed Design Part 4
Developed Design Part 3
Developed Design Part 2
Developed Design Part 1
RIBA Stage 3 Masterplan Drawing DWG:101 Rev C
RIBA Stage 3 Masterplan Drawing DWG:101 Rev B
Electrical Services Bier Store & Carriage Tunnel DWG:1636-E100 BS-CT P1
RIBA Stage 3 Masterplan Drawing DWG:101 Rev B
Anglican Chapel Proposed Mechanical Services DWG:1636-M100 P1
External Lighting DWG:1636-E500-P1
Anglican Chapel Electrical Services Layout DWG:1636-E100-AC P2
Foul Drainage Field
Fee Calculation
Design Information Summary
Attachment Summary
ASL Report Part 5
ASL Report Part 4
ASL Report Part 3
ASL Report Part 2
ASL Report Part 1
Application Form
Portal Email
Location Plan
Proposed Block Plan
Listed Building Consent Site Location Plan
Communications Report
Consultation Responses

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