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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/2862 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference FUL/2017/2862
Site Address Alan Higgs Centre
Allard Way

Proposal Redevelopment of the Alan Higgs Centre to provide a 50m swimming pool with associated changing accommodation, toilet provision combined with an increased area of fitness suite and function room space, within the footprint of the existing building. Alterations to the external appearance of the building in association with the redevelopment and the erection of a 3G football barn and associated car parking facilities and landscaping.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 10/11/2017 Valid date 24/11/2017 Decision expected Date 23/02/2018
Case Officer Mary-Ann Jones
End of Public Consultation Period 18/12/2017
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 23/02/2018
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 22/02/2021
Agent Name
FaulknerBrowns Architects
Fee Calculation
Attachment Summary
Application Form
Drawing: Proposed Elevations sheet 2 of 2 DWG:A-00_10-54
Drawing: Proposed Elevations sheet 1 of 2 DWG:A-00_10-53
Drawing: Existing Elevations sheet 2 of 2 DWG:A-00_10-52
Drawing: Existing Elevations sheet 1 of 2. DWG:A-00_10-51
Drawing: Internal Perspective DWG:A-00_10-502
Drawing: Internal Perspective DWG:A-00_10-501
Drawing: External Perspective DWG:A-00_10-500
Drawing: Roof Plan DWG:A-00_10-301
Drawing: Roof Plan as Existing DWG:A-00_10-300
Drawing: Level 02 Floor Plan DWG:A-00_10-201
SUPERSEDED - Proposed Site Plan DWG:A-00_10-2000
SUPERSEDED - Proposed Site Plan DWG:A-00_10-2000
Drawing: Level 02 Floor Plan as Existing DWG:A-00_10-200
Drawing: Level 01 Floor Plan sheet 2 of 2 DWG:A-00_10-102
Drawing: Level 01 Floor Plan sheet 1 of 2 DWG:A-00_10-101
SUPERSEDED Location Plan DWG:A-00_10-1000
SUPERSEDED Drawing: Location Plan DWG:A-00_10-1000
SUPERSEDED Location Plan DWG:lA-00_10-1000
Drawing: Level 01 Floor Plan as Existing DWG:A-00_10-100
Drawing: Proposed Football Hall DWG:A-00_10-090
Drawing: Proposed Section 5 DWG:A-00_10-04
Drawing: Proposed Section 3 + 4 DWG:A-00_10-0
Drawing: Proposed Section 1 + 2 DWG:A-00_10-02
Drawing: Existing Building Sections DWG:A-00_10-01
Drawing: Level 00 Floor Plan sheet 2 of 2 DWG:A-00_10-002
Drawing: Level 00 Floor Plan sheet 1 of 2 DWG:A-00_10-001
Drawing: Level 00 Floor Plan as Existing DWG:A-00_10-000
SUPERSEDED - Design and Access Statement
SUPERSEDED: Transport Statement
SUPERSEDED Document: Planning Statement
Document: Amended Design and Access Statement
Drawing: Proposed Site Plan Dwg 3403-FBA-00-XX-DR-A-00_10-2000 Rev P2
Consultation Responses
Document: Planning Statement REV A
Document: Preliminary Ecological Appraisal and Initial Bat Survey (August 2017)
Document: Transport Statement (Ref: 106675 TS2 14/12/2017)
Drawing: Site Plan (Existing) DWG: A-00_10-500 P1
Drawing: Location Plan DWG: A-00_10-1000 P2
Press Notice dated 30.11.17
Officer report
Decision notice
Site Notice

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