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Application Details
Reference number LB/2017/2781 Application Description Listed Building Consent
Coventry Reference
Site Address Upper Precinct
Smithford Way

Proposal Listed Building Consent for external alterations to Broadgate House associated with the removal of the upper level entrance ramp.
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 01/11/2017 Valid date 01/11/2017
Determination Required Date 27/12/2017
Case Officer Liam D'Onofrio Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 09/11/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 30/11/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name
Agent Name Pauline Roberts
Applicant Address London
Agent Address 14 Regents Wharf
N1 9RL
Heritage Impact Assessment
Planning Statement
Planning Statement Part 2
Design and Access Statement Part 1
Design and Access Statement Part 2
Design and Access Statement Part 3
Design and Access Statement Part 4
Design and Access Statement Part 5
Design and Access Statement Part 6
Existing First Floor Plan DWGA901UPC-CTA-00-01-DR-A-07004_00
Proposed First Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-01-DR-A-07018_00
Demolition First Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-01-DR-A-07026_00
First Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-01-DR-A-07077_00
Existing Second Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-02-DR-A-07005_00
Proposed Second Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-02-DR-A-07019_00
Demolition Second Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-02-DR-A-07027_00
Existing Third Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-03-DR-A-07006_00
Proposed Third Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-03-DR-A-07020_00
Demolition Third Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-03-DR-A-07028_00
Existing Fourth Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-04-DR-A-07007_00
Proposed Fourth Floor Plan DWG: A901UPC-CTA-00-04-DR-A-07007_00
Demolition Fourth Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-04-DR-A-07029_00
Existing Fourth Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-B1-DR-A-07009_00
Existing Basement Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-B1-DR-A-07023_00
Location and Site Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-GF-DR-A-07001_00
Existing Ground Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-GF-DR-A-07002_00
Proposed Ground Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-GF-DR-A-07016_00
Demolition Ground Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-GF-DR-A-07024_00.
Demolition Ground Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-GF-DR-A-070_00.
Existing Mezzanine Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-M1-DR-A-07003_00
Proposed Mezzanine Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-M1-DR-A-07017_00
Demolition Mezzanine Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-M1-DR-A-07025_00
Existing Roof Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-RF-DR-A-07008_00
Proposed Roof Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-RF-DR-A-07022_00
Existing Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-XX-DR-A-07010_00
Existing Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-XX-DR-A-07011_00
Demolition Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-XX-DR-A-07031_00
Typical Profiles DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-XX-DR-A-07071
Typical Profiles DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-XX-DR-A-07078
Typical Profiles DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-XX-DR-A-07079
Typical Profiles DWG:A901UPC-CTA-00-XX-DR-A-07080
Proposed Block Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-01-DR-A-07038_00
Proposed Block Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-02-DR-A-07039_0
Proposed Block Plan Third Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-03-DR-A-07040_00
Proposed Block Plan Fourth Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-04-DR-A-07041_00
Proposed Block Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-GF-DR-A-07037_00
Proposed Block Plan Ground Floor Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-M1-DR-A-07074_00
Proposed Block Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-RF-DR-A-07042_00
Proposed Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-XX-DR-A-07043_00
Proposed Sections DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-XX-DR-A-07044_0
Zone 1 Bay 1 Elevation, Sections and Plans DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-XX-DR-A-07045_00
Zone 1 Bay 2 DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-XX-DR-A-07046_00
Proposed Plan DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-XX-DR-A-07075_00
Proposed Amenities DWG:A901UPC-CTA-01-XX-DR-A-07076_00
Proposed Block Plan First Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-02-01-DR-A-07048_00
Proposed Block Plan Ground Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-02-GF-DR-A-07047_00
Proposed Elevations and Sections DWG:A901UPC-CTA-02-XX-DR-A-07049_00
Zone 2 Sections and Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-02-XX-DR-A-07050_00
Proposed Block Plan First Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-01-DR-A-07053_00
Proposed Block Plan Second Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-02-DR-A-07072_00
Proposed Block Plan Ground Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-GF-DR-A-07051_00
Proposed Block Plan Mezzanine Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-M1-DR-A-07052_00
Proposed Block Plan Roof DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-RF-DR-A-07073_00
Existing Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-XX-DR-A-07012_00
Proposed Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-XX-DR-A-07054_00
Proposed Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-XX-DR-A-07055_00
Proposed Sections DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-XX-DR-A-07056_00
Proposed Sections DWG:A901UPC-CTA-03-XX-DR-A-07057_00
Zone 3 Bay 1 A901UPC-CTA-03-XX-DR-A-07058_00
Elevations, Sections and Plans DWG:
Zone 3 Bay 3 Elevations, Sections and Plans DWG: A901UPC-CTA-03-XX-DR-A-07060_00
Proposed Block Plan First Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-01-DR-A-07062_00
Proposed Block Plan Ground Floor DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-GF-DR-A-07061_00
Elevations, Sections and Plans DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-XX-DR-A-07065_00
Proposed Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-XX-DR-A-07063_00
Proposed Sections DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-XX-DR-A-07064_00
Zone 4 Bay 1 Elevations, Sections and Plans DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-XX-DR-A-07065_00
Zone 4 Bay 2 Elevations, Sections and Plans DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-XX-DR-A-07066_00
Zone 4 Bay 3 Elevations, Sections and Plans DWG:A901UPC-CTA-04-XX-DR-A-07067_00
Existing Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-05-XX-DR-A-07014_00
Proposed Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-05-XX-DR-A-07068_00
Existing Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-06-XX-DR-A-07015_00
Proposed Elevations DWG:A901UPC-CTA-06-XX-DR-A-07069_00
Application Form
Attachment Summary
Fee Calculation
Communications Report
Returned Neighbour Letters

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