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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/2759 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Car Park
Salt Lane

Proposal Provision of a new Multi Storey Car Park on the site of the existing Salt Lane surface car park to provide a minimum of 600 parking spaces and associated public realm improvements.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 31/10/2017 Valid date 02/11/2017
Determination Required Date 01/02/2018
Case Officer Liam D'Onofrio Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 03/11/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 23/11/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 22/01/2018
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 21/01/2021
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name Mr John Abbott
Agent Name Seymour Harris
Seymour Harris Architecture
Applicant Address Oxford Street
Agent Address 58
B5 5NR
(SUPERSEDED) Heritage Statement
Design Statement
Planning Meeting
Crime Prevention Design Advisor
Footpath Calc
Area Calc
Fee Calculation
Drainage Planning Note
(SUPERSEDED) Detailed UXO Risk Assessment Pt 4
(SUPERSEDED) Detailed UXO Risk Assessment Pt 3
(SUPERSEDED) Detailed UXO Risk Assessment Pt 2
(SUPERSEDED) Detailed UXO Risk Assessment Pt 1
Design and Access Statement Rev D
Structural Survey
Relevant Legislation and Planning Policy
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Planning Statement
Preliminary bat roost assessment of trees and other structures
Cascade Char
Attachment Summary
Archaeology Desk Based Assessment
Little Park Street 2 Photomontage Grey Option DWG:AP_ 99-39
(SUPERSEDED) Little Park Street 1 Photomontage Grey Option(1) DWG:AP_ 99-38
Greyfriars Lane Photomontage Grey Option. DWG:AP_ 99-37
Greyfriars Lane Shrub Walk Photomontage Grey Option DWG:AP_ 99-36
Greyfriars Lane - Shrub Walk Photomontage Grey Option(1) DWG:AP_ 99-36
Greyfriars Lane - Salt Lane Photomontage Grey Option DWG:AP_ 99-35
Fords Hospital Garden 2 Photomontage Grey Option DWG:AP_ 99-34
Fords Hospital 2 Photomontage Grey Option DWG:AP_ 99-32
Fords Hospital 1 Photomontage Grey Option DWG:AP_ 99-31
Barracks Way Photomontage Grey Option DWG:AP_ 99-30
Existing and Proposed Sunlight Study DWG:AP_ 99-01
Proposed Staircore Section DWG:AP_ 38-05
Proposed Site Section DWG:AP_ 38-04
Proposed Site Section DWG:AP_ 38-03
Proposed Site Section DWG:AP_ 38-02
Proposed Site Section DWG:AP_ 38-01
(SUPERSEDED) North and South Elevations DWG:AP_ 36-03
(SUPERSEDED) West Elevation DWG:AP_ 36-02
(SUPERSEDED) East Elevation DWG:AP_ 36-01
Roof Plan DWG:AP_ 30-04
(SUPERSEDED) Fifth and Sixth Floor DWG:AP_ 30-03
(SUPERSEDED) Third and Fourth Floor DWG:AP_ 30-02
(SUPERSEDED) First and Second Floor DWG:AP_ 30-01
(SUPERSEDED) Ground Floor DWG:AP_ 30-00
Existing Site Sections East and West DWG:AP_ 24-02
Existing Site Sections North and South DWG:AP_ 24-01
Exisiting Site Plan DWG:AP_ 20-04
Ownership Plan DWG:AP_ 20-03
(SUPERSEDED) Block Plan DWG:AP_ 20-02
Location Plan DWG:AP_ 20-01
Application Form
Material Palette
Viewpoint Photos
Landscape Masterplan DWG:70036589-L-500-001 P02
Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Geo-Env Desk Study - Part 5
Geo-Env Desk Study - Part 3
Geo-Env Desk Study - Part 2
Geo-Env Desk Study - Part 1
Underground Drainage DWG:6589-D-100 rev P1
Arboricultural Impact Plan
Tree Schedule
Tree Constraints Plan DWG:170919 0658 TCP V1
Existing and Proposed Lighting
Portal Email
Location Plan DWG:AP_ 20-05
Communications Report
Transport Assessment
Julie Venn Morton Correspondence
Block Plan Dwg AP_20-02
Ground Floor Plan Dwg AP_30-00
Little Park Street 1 Photomontage Grey Option Dwg AP_99-38
Heritage Statement November 2017 Version 1.2
Air Quality Report November 2017
Detailed UXO Risk Assessment November 2017 Part 3
Detailed UXO Risk Assessment November 2017 Part 2
Detailed UXO Risk Assessment November 2017 Part 1
Consultation Responses
West Elevation DWG:AP 36-02 Rev 05
Proposed Site Section DWG:38-03 Rev 04
East Elevation DWG:36-01 Rev 05
First and Second Floor Plan DWG:AP 30-01 Rev 07
Ground Floor Plan DWG:AP 30-00 Rev 14
North and South Elevations DWG:AP 36-03 Rev 06
Third and Fourth Floor DWG:AP 30-02 Rev 06
Fifth and Sixth Floor DWG:AP 30-03 Rev 06
Noise Assessment
Noise Survey
Air Quality Assessment
Officer report
Decision notice
Press Notice dated 09.11.17

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