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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/2704 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land and Buildings on the North Side Of
Whitefriars Lane

Proposal Demolition of existing buildings including clearance of site and erection of a new purpose built facility for the Coventry Boys and Girls Club (Use Class D2) and part 16 and 18 storey building providing student accommodation (up to 778 beds) (Use class Sui Generis), with associated cycle parking, bin stores, amenity space, landscaping and other associated works. PLEASE NOTE: This further notification letter is to make you aware that the proposal description above has been updated. Following the issue of the previous notification letter no changes have been made to plans, however the previous description counted the ground floor (Floor 0) and the 17 floors above as a 17 storey building. For clarity this should be counted as an 18 storey building. The description has been updated accordingly.
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 26/10/2017 Valid date 31/10/2017
Determination Required Date 30/01/2018
Case Officer Liam D'Onofrio Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 13/11/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 02/03/2018
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name
Watkin Jones and Son Ltd
Agent Name Miss Clare Droog
Watkin Jones Group
Applicant Address Agent Address 3
Preston Brook
Traffic Management Plan Part 3
Traffic Management Plan Part 1
Sustainability Statement
Student Management Plan - Fresh Student Living
Statement of Community Involvement
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Planning Statement
Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment Part 5
Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment Part 4
Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment Part 3
Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment Part 2
Heritage Statement
Ground Investigation Report Part 9
Ground Investigation Report Part 8
Ground Investigation Report Part 7
Ground Investigation Report Part 6
Ground Investigation Report Part 5
Ground Investigation Report Part 4
Ground Investigation Report Part 3
Ground Investigation Report Part 2
Ground Investigation Report Part 1
Fee Calculation
Energy Statement
EIA Screening Opinion
Drainage Strategy and Flood Risk Assessment
Design and Access Statement Part 9
Design and Access Statement Part 8
Design and Access Statement Part 7
Design and Access Statement Part 6
Design and Access Statement Part 5
Design and Access Statement Part 4
Design and Access Statement Part 3
Design and Access Statement Part 2
Design and Access Statement Part 14
Design and Access Statement Part 13
Design and Access Statement Part 12
Design and Access Statement Part 11
Design and Access Statement Part 10
Design and Access Statement Part 1
Daylight and Sunlight Report
Construction Management Plan
Bat Emergence and Re entry Survey Report
Attachment Summary
Archaeological Desk Based Assessment
Application Form
Ambient Noise and Building Envelope Assessment
Air Quality Assessment
Landscape Planting Plan DWG:502
Whitefriars Student Residence Planting Plan DWG:501
Cover Letter
Elevations DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_20
Elevations DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_200
Sections DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_10
Sections DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_106
Roof Level DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_104
Level 2. DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_103
Level 1 DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_102
Level 0 DWG:1527_PL_CBGC_100
Section DD DWG:1527_PL_213
Section CC DWG:1527_PL_212
Section AA DWG:1527_PL_210
Elevation DWG:1527_PL_203
Elevation DWG:1527_PL_202
Elevation DWG:1527_PL_201
Elevation DWG:1527_PL_200
Roof Level DWG:1527_PL_120
Level 17 DWG:1527_PL_119
Level 16 DWG:1527_PL_118
Level 15 DWG:1527_PL_117
Level 14 DWG:1527_PL_116
Level 13 DWG:1527_PL_115
Level 12 DWG:1527_PL_114
Level 11 DWG:1527_PL_113
Level 10 DWG:1527_PL_112
Level 9 DWG:1527_PL_111
Level 8 DWG:1527_PL_110
Level 7 DWG:1527_PL_109
Level 6 DWG:1527_PL_108
Level 5 DWG:1527_PL_107
Level 4 DWG:1527_PL_106
Level 3 DWG:1527_PL_105
Level 2 DWG:1527_PL_104
Level 1 DWG:1527_PL_103
Level 0 DWG:1527_PL_102
Proposed Site Plan DWG:1527_PL_101
Phasing Plan DWG:1527_PL_005
Location Plan DWG:1527_PL_000
Whitefriars Street View
Letter dated 18.10.17
Wind Microclimate Study
UXO Desk Study & Risk Assessment
Transport Statement
Traffic Management Plan Part 2
Existing Site Plan DWG:1527_PL_002
Landscape Plan DWG:102
Whitefriars Student Residence Landscape Plan DWG:10
General Arrangement Plan DWG:100
Whitefriars Car Park View
Lanchester Library View
Gosford Street View
William Morris Building View
Portal Email
Communications Report
Consultation Responses
Superseded- Roof Plan DWG:1527_PL_120A
Superseded-Level 0 DWG:1527_PL_102A
Superseded-Level 1 DWG:1527_PL_103A
Superseded-Level 2 DWG:1527_PL_104A
Superseded-Level 3 DWG:1527_PL_105A
Superseded-Level 4 DWG:1527_PL_106A
Superseded-Level 5 DWG:1527_PL_107A
Superseded-Level 6 DWG:1527_PL_108A
Superseded-Level 7 DWG:1527_PL_109A
Superseded-Level 8 DWG:1527_PL_110A
Superseded-Level 9 DWG:1527_PL_111A
Superseded-Level 10 DWG:1527_PL_112A
Superseded-Level 11 DWG:1527_PL_113A
Superseded-Level 12 DWG:1527_PL_114A
Superseded-Level 13 DWG:1527_PL_115A
Superseded-Level 14 DWG:1527_PL_116A
Superseded-Level 15 DWG:1527_PL_117A
Superseded-Level 16 DWG:1527_PL_118A
Superseded-Level 17 DWG:1527_PL_119A
Superseded-Elevation Sheet 1 DWG:1527_PL_200A
Superseded-Elevation Sheet 2 DWG:1527_PL_201A
Superseded-Elevation Sheet 3 DWG:1527_PL_202A
Superseded-Elevation Sheet 4 DWG:1527_PL_203A
Location Plan DWG:1527_PL_000A
Phasing Plan DWG:1527_PL_005A
Proposed Site Plan DWG:1527_PL_101A
Superseded-Section AA DWG:1527_PL_210A
Superseded-Section BB DWG:1527_PL_211A
Superseded-Section CC DWG:1527_PL_212A
Superseded-Section DD DWG:1527_PL_213A
Superseded-Section EE DWG:1527_PL_214A
Superseded-Section FF DWG:1527_PL_215A
Cover Letter 12.01.18
Ambient Noise & Building Envelope Assessment
Press Notice dated 16.11.17
General Arrangement Plan DWG:P01
Residence Landscape Plan DWG:P01
Residence Planting Plan DWG:P01
Assessment of Impact Report
Dwg:PL_102_E - Level 0
Dwg:PL_103_C - Level 1
Dwg:PL_104_C - Level 2
Dwg:PL_105_C - Level 3
Dwg:PL_106_C - Level 4
Dwg:PL_107_C - Level 5
Dwg:PL_108_C - Level 6
Dwg:PL_109_C - Level 7
Dwg:PL_110_C - Level 8
Dwg:PL_111_C - Level 9
Dwg:PL_112_C - Level 10
Dwg:PL_113_C - Level 11
Dwg:PL_114_C - Level 12
Dwg:PL_115_C - Level 13
Dwg:PL_116_C - Level 14
Dwg:PL_117_C - Level 15
Dwg:PL_118_C - Level 16
Dwg:PL_119_C - Level 17
Dwg:PL_120_E - Roof Plan
Dwg:PL_200_C - Elevation Sheet 1
Dwg:PL_201_B - Elevation Sheet 2
Dwg:PL_202_B - Elevation Sheet 3
Dwg:PL_203_B - Elevation Sheet 4
Dwg:PL_210_B - Section AA
Dwg:PL_211_B - Section BB
Dwg:PL_212_C - Section CC
Dwg:PL_213_B - Section DD
Dwg:PL_215_B - Section FF
Email from officer 16.02.2018
Cover Letter

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