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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/2239 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address The Old Dairy Crest Site
Harper Road

Proposal Demolition of existing Dairy Crest Distribution Depot with the erection of a three to six-storey student residential building containing 50 cluster flats totalling 266 student bedrooms with associated amenity space, communal facilities, bicycle parking and landscaping
Application Status Recommendation entered - Pending decision
Received Date 06/09/2017 Valid date 04/10/2017
Determination Required Date 03/01/2018
Case Officer Mary-Ann Jones Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 11/10/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 11/02/2018
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee Date 15/02/2018
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name Mr Michael Moran
Agent Name Mr R Lawlor
DAY Architectural
Applicant Address Styal Road
M22 5WB
Agent Address STUDIO 6
M4 5JJ
Application Form
SUPERSEDED Existing and Proposed Site Plan
SUPERSEDED Existing Block Plan
SUPERSEDED Proposed Sections
SUPERSEDED Proposed Roof Level
SUPERSEDED Proposed Fifth Floor Level
SUPERSEDED Proposed Fourth Floor Level
SUPERSEDED Proposed Third Floor Level
SUPERSEDED Proposed First Floor Level
SUPERSEDED Proposed Ground Floor Level
SUPERSEDED Proposed Site Plan
SUPERSEDED Site Location Plan
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevation 04 - North-West Elevation
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevation 03 - South-East Elevation
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevation 02 - North-East Street Elevation
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevation 01 - Harper Road Street Elevation
SUPERSEDED Proposed Second Floor Level
SUPERSEDED Proposed Street Elevations
Portal Email
Air Quality - covering letter
Ecological Assessment Rev A
EIA Letter
Flood Risk Assessment
Flood Risk Assessment
Planning Statement
Statement of Community Involvement
Statement of Community Involvement
SUPERSEDED Student Management Statement
Sustainability Report
Transport Statement
Unexploded Ordenance Risk Assessment
Noise Assessment
Jananese Knotweed Survey
Japanese Knotweed Letter of Reliance
Site investigation_Part 2.
Site investigation_Part 1
Harper Road Reliance Letter.
Design and Access Statement.
Policy E8 Justification
Communications Report
Drainage comments
Low and Zero Carbon Feasility Study
Air Quality Assessment
SUPERSEDED Relationship to River Sherbourne
SUPERSEDED Proposed ground floor plan
SUPERSEDED Proposed site plan
SUPERSEDED Elevations with reductions dimensioned
SUPERSEDED Section to illustrate relationship to River Sherbourne
Press Notice dated 19.10.17
Planning Committee Final Report Dated 14.12.2017
SUPERSEDED Updated Student Management Plan
UPDATED Student Management Plan (Recevied 14-12-2017)
UPDATED: Proposed Street Elevations Dwg: AE-04-000 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Elevation 01 - Harper Road, Street Elevation DWG: AE-04-001 REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Elevation 02 - North-East, Street Elevation DWG: AE-04-002 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Elevation 03 - South-East Elevation DWG: AE-04-003 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Elevation 04 - North-West Elevation DWG: AE-04-004 - REV P03
UPDATED: Site Location Plan DWG: AL-02-001 - REV P03
UPDATED: Existing Block Plan DWG; ASK-02-002 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Site Plan (with combined cycle/ foot path dimensions) DWG: AL-04-000 - REV P05
UPDATED: Proposed Ground Floor Level DWG: AL-04-001 - REV P04
UPDATED: Proposed First Floor Level DWG: AL-04-002 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Second Floor Level DWG: AL-04-003 REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Third Floor Level DWG: AL-04-004 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Fourth Floor Level DWG: AL-04-005 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Fifth Floor Level DWG: AL-04-006 - REV P03
UPDATED: Proposed Roof Level DWG: AL-04-007 - REV P03
UPDATED: Artist Impressions 31.01.2018
UPDATED: Proposed Sections DWG: AS-04-001 - REV P03
UPDATED: Existing & Proposed Site Plan (Comparison) DWG: ASK-04-001 - REV P04
Communications Report
UPDATED: Relationship to River Sherbourne REV A 01.02.2018
UPDATED: Layout Plan showing footprint of existing dairy and proposed development DWG: 556-17 ASK-02-002 REV P-01
Planning Committee Final Report Dated 15.02.2018
Consultation Reponses
NHS Consultation response

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