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Application Details
Reference number OUT/2017/1825 Application Description Outline Planning Application ( Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land to the South of
Westwood Heath Road

Burton Green
Proposal Hybrid application for the erection of up to 425 dwellings (detailed first phase of 129 dwellings) convenience store of up to 400 sqm gross together with the erection of formal and informal open space including allotments, infrastucture provision and associated work together with means of access onto Westwood Heath Road and agricultural access onto Bockendon Lane
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 17/07/2017 Valid date 19/07/2017
Determination Required Date 18/10/2017
Case Officer Nigel Smith Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 26/07/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 24/08/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision WITHDRAWN Decision Date 04/10/2017
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 00/00/0000
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name C/O Agent
Crest Nicholson Operations Ltd.
Agent Name Des Dunlop
D2 Planning Ltd
Applicant Address Agent Address Suite 3 Westbury Court
Landscape General Arrangement DWG:DR-0001
Planting Plan 1of11 DWG:DR-0002
Planting Plan 2 of 11 DWG:DR-0003
Planting Plan 3of 11 DWG:DR-0004
Planting Plan 4 of 11 DWG:DR-0005
Planting Plan 5 of 11 DWG:DR-0006
Planting Plan 6 of 11 DWG:DR-0007
Planting Plan 7 of 11 DWG:DR-0008
Planting Plan 8 of 11 DWG:DR-0009
Planting Plan 9 of 11 DWG:DR-0010
Planting Plan 10 of 11 DWG:DR-0011
Planting Plan 11 of 11 DWG:DR-0012
Instant Hedge Plan DWG:DR-0013
Street Furniture and Boundary Treatments DWG:DR-0014
Indicative Planting Palette - 1 of 2 DWG:DR-0015
Indicative Planting Palette - 2 of 2 DWG:DR-0016
Indicative Furniture Palette DWG:DR-0017
Site Wide Landscape Strategy DWG:SK-0001
Central Open Space DWG:SK-0002
Western Open Space DWG:SK-0003
Southern Open Space DWG:SK-0004
North Eastern Entrance Space DWG:SK-0005
Eastern Open Space DWG:SK-0006
North Western Entrance Space DWG:SK-0007
Illustrative Section DWG:SK-0008
Landscape Management and Maintenance Plan
Drawing Issue Sheet
Drawing Issue Sheet
Application Boundary Plan DWG:7842/P100
Proposed Illustrative Site Layout DWG:P101
Information Site Layout DWG:P102
Streetscenes AA & BB DWG:P103
Streetscenes CC & DD DWG:7842_P104
Parking Assessment DWG:P105
Refuse & Cycle Strategy DWG:P106
Site Areas & Tenure Plan DWG:P107
Access & Movement - vehicles DWG:P108
Access & Movement - pedestrians DWG:P109
Storey Heights DWG:P110
Wall Materials Plan DWG:P111
Roof Materials DWG:P112
Existing and Proposed Site Sections DWG:P120
Affordable Flat Blocks A+B Plans DWG:P150.1
Affordable Flat Blocks A+B Elevations DWG:P150.2
Maisonette Block C+D Plans DWG:P151.1
Maisonette Block C+D Elevations DWG:P151.2
Elmswell Plan DWG:P160.1
Elmswell V1 160.2 DR4
Elmswell V2 Elevations DWG:P160.3
Loft Plans DWG:P161.1
Loft V1 Elevations DWG:P161.2
Hartley Plan DWG:P162.1
Hartley V1 Elevations DWG:P162.2
Hartley V2 Elevations DWG:P162.3
Hartley V3 Elevations DWG:P162.4
Elsenham Plan DWG:P164.1
Elsenham V1 Elevations DWG:P164.2
Elsenham V2 Elevations DWG:P164.3
Elsenham V3 Elevations DWG:P164.4
Hartley Hnyda Plan DWG:P165.1
Hartley Hnyda V1 Elevations DWG:P165.2
Hartley Hnyda V2 Elevations DWG:P165.3
Walberswick V1 Plan DWG:P166.1
Walberswick V1 Elevations DWG:P166.2
Walberswick V2 Plan DWG:P166.3
Walberswick V2 Elevations DWG:P166.4
Walberswick V2 Elevations DWG:P166.5
Monksfield Plan DWG:P167.1
Monksfield V1 Elevations DWG:P167.2
Monksfield V2 Elevations DWG:P167.3
Avon Plan DWG:P168.1
Avon V1 Elevations DWG:P168.2
Avon V2 Elevations DWG:P168.3
Somerton Plans DWG:P169.1
Somerton V1 Elevations DWG:P169.2
Somerton V2 Elevations DWG:P169.3
Somerton V3 Elevations DWG:P169.4
Calder Plans DWG:P170.1
Calder V1 Elevations DWG:P170.2
Calder V2 Elevations DWG:P170.3
Caldwick Plans DWG:P171.1
Caldwick V1 Elevations DWG:P171.2
Caldwick V2 Elevations DWG:P171.3
Bed House Plan DWG:P172.1
Bed House Elevations DWG:P172.2 2
Bed House Plans DWG:P173.1 3
Bed House Elevations DWG:P173.2 3
4 Bed House Plans DWG:174.1
4 Bed House Elevations DWG:P174.2
Refuse Area Plans and Elevations DWG:P190.1
Refuse & Cycle Plans and Elevations Blocks A, B & C DWG:P190.2
Refuse & Cycle Plans and Elevations Blocks DWG:P190.3
Single Garage Plans and Elevations DWG:P190.4
Double Garage Plans and Elevations DWG:P190.5
Double Garage Plans and Elevations DWG:P190.6
Triple Garage Plans and Elevations DWG:P190.7
Substation Plans and Elevations DWG:P190.9
Drawing Sheet Issue
Schedule of Accommodation
SUDS Masterplan
Phase 1 Site Layout DWG:P-3200
Phase 1 Drainage Layout DWG:P-3250
Phase 1 Levels Layout DWG:P-3300
Loop Road Overall Layout Levels DWG:14514-3200
Loop Road Overall Layout Levels sheet 1 of 4 DWG:14514-3201
Loop Road Overall Layout Levels sheet 2 of 4 DWG:14514-3202
Loop Road Overall Layout Levels sheet 3 of 4 DWG:14514-3203
Loop Road Overall Layout Levels sheet 4 of 4 DWG:14514-3204
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout DWG:14514-3250
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout sheet 1 of 7 DWG:14514-3251
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout sheet 2 of 7 DWG:14514-3252
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout sheet 3 of 7 DWG:14514-3253
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout sheet 4 of 7 DWG:14514-3254
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout shet 5 of 7 DWG:14514-3255
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout sheet 6 of 7 DWG:14514-3256
Loop Road Overall Drainage Layout sheet 7 of 7 DWG:14514-3257
ES Appendix 1.1 - Scoping opinion
ES Appendix 4.1 - Methodology
ES Appendix 4.2 - Landscape Area Review
ES Appendix 4.3 - Representative Viewpoints
ES Appendix 4.4 - Landscape Sensitivity Study 2013
ES Appendix 5.1 - Baseline Ecological Appraisal
ES Appendix 5.2 - Biodiversity Offsetting and Associated Metric/BIA tool
ES Appendix 6.1 - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment
ES Appendix 6.2 - Geophysical Survey Report
ES Appendix 7.1 - AM and PM Peak Flows
ES Appendix 7.2 - AM PM 425 Unit Development Distribution.
ES Appendix 7.3 - Sustainable Access Routes
ES Appendix 8.1 - Soils and Agricultural Report
ES Appendix 9.1-Summary Information
ES Appendix 9.2-Technical Appendix
ES Appendix 9.3-Raw data
ES Appendix 9.4-Average hourly levels
ES Appendix 9.5-Client Drawings
ES Appendix 9.6-Noise contour plots
ES Appendix 9.7-HS2 model data
ES Appendix 9.8-Glazing mark-up plan
ES Appendix 10.1-Relevant UK Air Quality Strategy Objectives
ES Appendix 10.2-Relevant Local Planning Policy
ES Appendix 10.4-Summary of the IAQM Assessment Methodology
ES Appendix 10.5-Windrose for Coventry Airport
ES Appendix 10.6-Traffic data used in the Assessment
ES Appendix 10.7-Model Results
ES Appendix 10.8-Sensitivity Analysis
ES Appendix 10.9-Model Verification
ES Appendix 11.1-Flood Risk Assessment
ES Appendix 11.2 - Drainage Strategy
ES Appendix 12.1 - STL Site Investigation Report
ES Appendix 12.2 - WDC 02.05.17 Landsearch - Westwood Heath Road
ES Appendix 12.3 - MACC UXO RA Report
Application Form CCC
Application Form WDC
Design and Access Statement
Description of Development
Energy Statement
Environmental Statement Non Technical Summary
Environmental Statement
Illustrative Masterplan
Phase 1 Coordinated Utilities Plan DWG:P2093-4001
Planning Statement
Red Line Plan DWG:156025B / PP06E
Public Views
Site Wide Service Strategy Plan DWG:P2093-4000
Utilties Report
External Materials Schedule
Transport Assessment
TA - Appendix A
TA - Appendix B
TA - Appendix C
TA - Appendix D
TA - Appendix G
TA - Appendix H
TA - Appendix E & F
TA - Appendix J & K
TA - Appendix I
TA - Appendix N
TA - Appendix O
TA - Appendix L & M
Communications Report
Access Application submission documents as downloadable files
Consultation Responses
Press Notices 03.08.17
Drainage Layout DWG:10210-P-3250 P2
Drainage Strategy

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