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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/1352 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference FULl/2017/1352
Site Address
Land at Bond Street, Hill Street, Ringway Hill Cross and
Upper Well Street

Proposal Construction of a mixed-use development comprising a 15 storey 100 apartment residential building, a 14 storey 385 bedroom student residential building and a 9 storey 80 bed hotel building (Use Classes C3, Sui Generis and C1) with associated landscaping, highways, engineering and other associated works
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 30/05/2017 Valid date 28/09/2017
Determination Required Date 28/12/2017
Case Officer Rebecca Grant Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 20/06/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 19/10/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 16/11/2017
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 15/11/2020
Legal Obligation 19736/CR/CR
Applicant Name
Downing Students (Mercia) Ltd Partnership Incorporated
Agent Name Mr Glenn Robinson
Applicant Address Floor 2 Le Marchant House
St Peter Port
Agent Address Riverside 4
M15 4RQ
Application Form
A summary of the attachments in the proposal
Outline Drainage Strategy Dwg BEL-AJP-XX-00-DR-D-0001 Rev P2
Drainage Strategy Report May 2017 Part 1
Drainage Strategy Report May 2017 Part 2
Drainage Strategy Report May 2017 Part 3
Drainage Strategy Report May 2017 Part 4
Proposed Landscape Masterplan Dwg D2495 L.100
Proposed Site Sections Dwg D2495 L.400
How the fee was calculated
Noise Assessment May 2017
Air Quality Assessment May 2017
Energy Statement May 2017
Transport Statement May 2017
Framework Travel Plan May 2017
Planning Statement May 2017
Waste Management Strategy
Area and Room Schedule Dwg 10048-B0-A-F900-SC-099
Superseded-East Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-E-E-099
Superseded-North Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-E-N-099
Superseded-South Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-E-S-099
Superseded-West Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-E-W-099
Superseded-Existing Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-EX-099
Superseded-Ground Floor Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-00-099
Superseded-Level 01 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-01-099
Superseded-Level 02 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-02-099
Superseded-Level 03 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-03-099
Superseded-Level 04 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-04-099
Superseded-Level 05 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-05-099
Superseded-Level 06 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-06-099
Superseded-Level 07 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-07-099
Superseded-Level 08 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-08-099
Superseded-Level 09 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-09-099
Superseded-Level 10 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-10-099
Superseded-Level 11 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-11-099
Superseded-Level 12 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-12-099
Superseded-Level 13 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-13-099
Superseded-Level 14 Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-14-099
Superseded-Roof Level Site Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-P-RF-099
SUPERSEDED Section AA Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-S-AA-099
SUPERSEDED Section BB Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-S-BB-099
SUPERSEDED Section CC Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-S-CC-099
SUPERSEDED Section DD Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-S-DD-099
Site Location Plan Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-SL-099
Existing East Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-XE-E-099
Existing North Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-XE-N-099
Existing South Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-XE-S-099
Existing West Elevation Dwg 10048-B0-A-G100-XE-W-099
SUPERSEDED External Landscaping - Wild Flower Roof Dwg 10048-B0-A-G710-PREC-099
SUPERSEDED Render 03 Upper Hill Street/Hill Cross Ringway Dwg 10048-B0-A-Z200-03-099
SUPERSEDED Render 05 Perspective Lamb Street 02 Dwg 10048-B0-A-Z200-05-099
SUPERSEDED Render 06 Bond Street View Dwg 10048-B0-A-Z200-06-099
SUPERSEDED Detailed Elevation - Type A1 Dwg 10048-BA-A-G251-D-TY1-099
SUPERSEDED Detailed Elevation - Type A2 Dwg 10048-BA-A-G251-D-TY2-099
SUPERSEDED Detailed Elevation - Type B Lower Floors Dwg 10048-BB-A-G251-D-TY1-099
SUPERSEDED Detailed Elevation - Type B Upper Floors Dwg 10048-BB-A-G251-D-TY2-098
SUPERSEDED Detailed Elevation - Type C Dwg 10048-BC-A-G251-D-TY1-098
Letter from agent dated 30.05.17
Portal Email
Cover Letter 30.05.17
SUPERSEDED Render 01 Bishop Street Footbridge DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-01-099
SUPERSEDED Render 02 View Down Radford Road DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-02-099
SUPERSEDED Render 04 Perspective Lamb Street 01 DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-04-099
SUPERSEDED Render 07 View Across Belgrade Plaza DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-07-099
Explosive Ordnance Desktop Threat Assessment
Landscape Design Report DWG:D2495 Stage 3 Rev 01
Phase I Site Appraisal DWG:GRM/P7942/DS.1
Superseded-Transmittal Info
Communications Report
Precedent Study_Revised Elevation Study
Consultation Responses
(reduced file) Design and Access statement
Consultation Responses
Site Notice
Revised Building Elevations
SUPERSEDED Render 05 Perspective Lamb Street 02 DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-05 Rev. 01
SUPERSEDED Detailed Elevation DWG:10048-BA-A-G251-D-TY1-099 Rev 01
SUPERSEDED Render 04 DWG:10048-BO-A-Z200-04-099 Rev 01
SUPERSEDED Render 02 DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-02-099
SUPERSEDED Render 03 Upper Hill Street/Hill Cross Ringway DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-03-099 Rev 01
SUPERSEDED Render 01 Bishop Street Footbridge DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-01-099
SUPERSEDED Section DD 10048-B0-A-G100-S-DD-099
SUPERSEDED Section BB DWG:10048-B0-A-G100-S-BB-099
SUPERSEDED Render 08 View Across Ringroad DWG:10048-B0-A-Z200-08-099
Press notice dated 22.06.2017
Cover Letter dated 27.09.17
Application Form
Proposed east elevation 10048-B0-A-G100-E-E-099 02
North elevation 10048-B0-A-G100-E-N-099 02
South elevation 10048-B0-A-G100-E-S-099 02
West Elevation 10048-B0-A-G100-E-W-099 02
Proposed ground floor 10048-B0-A-G100-P-00-099_01
Section AA 10048-B0-A-G100-S-AA-099 01
Section BB 10048-B0-A-G100-S-BB-099 02
Section CC 10048-B0-A-G100-S-CC-099
Section DD 10048-B0-A-G100-S-DD-099 02
Wild Flower Roof 10048-B0-A-G710-PREC-099
Render 06 Bond Street 10048-B0-A-Z200-06-099
Render 07 view to Belgrade Plaza 10048-B0-A-Z200-07-099
Detailed elevation A1 10048-BA-A-G251-D-TY1-099 02
Detailed Elevation Type B Lower Floors 10048-BB-A-G251-D-TY1-099
Proposed Landscape Masterplan
Site section D2495 L400 Rev A Site Sections.
Detailed elevation Type C 10048 BC A G251 D TY1 099
Detailed Elevation Type B Upper Floor 10048 BB G251 D TY2 99
Amended East Elevation Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-E-E-099Rev2
Amended North Elevations Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-E-N-099 Rev 2
Amended South Elevation Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-E-S-099Rev02
Amended West Elevation Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-E-W-099Rev02
GA Site Plan - Ground Floor Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-00-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 01 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-01-099rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 02 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-02-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 03 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-03-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 04 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-04-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 05 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-05-099rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 06 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-06-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 07 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-07-099Rev01
GA Site Plan -Level 08 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-08-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 09 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-09-099Rev01
GA Site Plan -Level 10 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-10-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 11 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-11-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 12 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-12-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 13 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-13-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Level 14 Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-14-099Rev01
GA Site Plan - Roof Plan Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-P-RF-099Rev01
Sections AA Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-S-AA-099Rev01
Sections BB Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-S-BB-099Rev02
Section DD Dwg:10048-B0-A-G100-S-DD-099rev02
Detailed Elevation Type A1 Dwg:10048-BA-A-G251-D-TY1-099rev02
Cover Letter and List of Amendments dated 22.09
Letter dated 22.09.2017
S106 Agreement dated 9/11/2017
Decision Notice
Officer report
Press Notice dated 05.10.17

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