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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/0892 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Manor Farm Estate
Hermes Crescent

Proposal Public realm works comprising enhancement of all courtyards and pedestrian footpaths, external works with planting, seating and replacement boundary treatment and demolition of garages
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 04/04/2017 Valid date 10/05/2017
Determination Required Date 09/08/2017
Case Officer Anne Lynch Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 01/06/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 08/09/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 29/09/2017
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 28/09/2020
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name Mr Paul Kerby
Whitefriars Housing Group
Agent Name Mr Ross Pritchard
BM3 Architecture
Applicant Address Little Park Street
Agent Address 28
B5 5QH
Application Form
Cover Letter
Drawing and Document Register DWG:52928 2
Drawing and Document Register DWG:52928 1
Landscape Management & Maintenance Specification
Planning Statement
Topographical Survey DWG:L(00)001
Topographical Survey DWG:L(00)002
Topographical Survey DWG:L(00)003
Location Plan DWG:L(00)004
Demolition Plan DWG:L(90)001
Demolition Plan DWG:L(90)002
Demolition Plan DWG:L(90)003
Landscape Plan DWG: L(90)004
Superseded Landscape Plan DWG:L(90)005
Superseded Landscape Plan DWG:L(90)006
Superseded Highways Plan DWG:L(90)007
Superseded Highways Plan DWG: L(90)008
Superseded Highways Plan DWG:L(90)009
Detailed Planting Design - Courtyards DWG: L(90)010
Detailed Planting Design - Closes DWG: L(90)011
Construction Details DWG:L(90)012 Rev A
Landscape - Central Park DWG:L(90)013
Park Design DWG:L(90)014
Existing Adopted Site Plan DWG:L(90)015
Existing Adopted Surfaces Topographical Site Plan DWG: L(90)016
Existing Adopted Topo Alterations DWG:L(90)017
Vehicle Tracking Plan DWG:L(90)018
Vehicle Tracking Plan DWG:L(90)019
Vehicle Tracking Plan DWG:L(90)020
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-1
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-2
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-3
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-4
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-5
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-6
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-7
Appendix A - Topographical Survey DWG:23858-8
Appendix B - Drainage Strategy DWG:101 P1
Appendix B - Drainage Strategy DWG:102 P1
Appendix B - Drainage Strategy DWG:103 P1
Appendix B - Drainage Strategy DWG:104 P1
Appendix B - Drainage Strategy DWG:105 P1
Appendix C - Final Response from Environmental Agency 30.12.16
Appendix C - Flood Map
Appendix C - Selected Levels Location Map
Appendix C - Return Periods
Flood Risk Assessment
Communications Report
Consultation responses
Site Notice
Planning Statement
Landscape - Hornsey DWG:L(90)004A
Landscape - Lambeth DWG:L(90)005A
Landscape - Doncaster & Hermes DWG:L(90)006A
Highways Plan - Hornsey DWG:L(90)007A
Highways Plan - Lambeth DWG:L(90)008A
Highways Plan - Lambeth DWG:L(90)008A
Vehicle Tracking - Hornsey DWG:L(90)018A
Vehicle Tracking - Lambeth DWG:L(90)019A
Vehicle Tracking - Doncaster & Hermes DWG:L(90)020A
Extension of Time Agreement
Press Notice dated 08.06.17
Manor Farm Coventry parking beats
Parking Beat Survey Summary
Decision notice

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