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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/0519 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Edgwick Park Industrial Estate
Canal Road

Proposal Demolition of existing warehouse to develop new commercial units (Class B1, B2, B8) and an indoor go-karting facility (sui generis use); widening of existing entrance, parking and manoeuvring areas and associated landscaping
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 24/02/2017 Valid date 15/03/2017
Determination Required Date 14/06/2017
Case Officer Andrew Cornfoot Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 16/03/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 22/05/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee Date 13/07/2017
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 14/07/2017
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 12/07/2020
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name Vining
Agent Name Mrs Wendy Griffin
Nicol Thomas
Applicant Address Siskin Parkway
Agent Address Suite 108
Fort Parkway
B24 9FD
Soft Landscaping Plan DWG:01A
Specification for Doft Landscape Proposal
Severn Trent Water Sewer Record
Flood Risk Assessment
Bat and Nesting Bird Survey
Fee Calculation
Drawing Issue Sheet
Design & Access Statement 2 of 2
Design & Access Statement 1of 2
Proposed Roof Plan DWG:(PL) 011
Proposed Sections DWG:(PL) 010 A
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations and Street Scenes 3 of 3 DWG:(PL) 009A
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations and Street Scenes 2 of 3 DWG:(PL) 008A
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations and Street Scenes 1 of 3 DWG:(PL) 007A
Proposed Floor Plans DWG:(PL) 006
SUPERSEDED Proposed Site Plan DWG:(PL) 005 Rev E
Existing Elevations and Sections DWG:(PL) 004
Existing Floor and Roof Plan DWG:(PL) 003
Existing Site Plan DWG:(PL) 002A
Site Location Plan DWG:(PL) 001A
Attachment Summary
Application Form
Appendix F-Groundsure Flood Insight
Appendix E-Planning Feasibility Study B6349-SK-201 Rev C
Appendix D - Severn Trent
Appendix A - Site Location
Appendix D - Standard Fieldwork and Assessment Procedure
Detailed Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Risk Assessment
Groundsure Enviro Insight
Geological Survey
Historical Map Pack Legend
Appendix C-Historical Map Pack Legend
Desk Study
Final Travel Plan
Final Transport Statement
Measured Building Survey DWG:09
Measured Building Survey DWG:08
Topographical Survey 1 of 2 DWG:02
Topographical Survey 2 of 2 DWG:01
Portal Email
Communications Report
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations and street scene Dwg:008RevB
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations and street scene Dwg:007RevB
Consultation Responses
Site Notice
Press Notice
Air Quality Assessment
Proposed Elevations DWG:008C
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations DWG:007C
Proposed Elevations DWG:009B
SUPERSEDED Proposed Site Plan DWG:005
Noise Impact Assessment Report Rev 1
Extension of time agreement
Noise Assessment Letter
Proposed Site Plan DWG:B6349 (PL) 005 G
Sections Dwg:10 RevA
Proposed Elevations Dwg:007RevE
Proposed Boundary Treatments Dwg:012
Existing Boundary Treatments Dwg:011
Planning Committee Final Report Dated 13.07.2017
Decision Notice
Letter confirming that commercial uses can operate in all units

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