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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/0405 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Former T.Joyce & Sons Garage
Land to the east of
Paradise Street

Proposal Development of a part 3, 12 and 14 storey building to provide 301 student beds, communal facilities, cycle parking, landscaping and pedestrian access (addition to building approved under FUL/2015/3153 granted on 14/01/16).
Application Status Consultations/Re-consultations issued
Received Date 14/02/2017 Valid date 17/03/2017
Determination Required Date 16/06/2017
Case Officer Liam D'Onofrio Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 07/04/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 15/05/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision PENDING Decision Date
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name
London Gateway LTD
Agent Name Miss Emma Mounsey
Applicant Address Agent Address 140
(SUPERSEDED) Wind Report
MOT Test Centre
Site Location Plan
Water Mains Records
Appendix C and D
(SUPERSEDED) Flood Risk Assessmet
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
Desk Study for Potential Unexploded Ordnance Contamination
Phase 1 Desk Study
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part8
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part7
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part6
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part5
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part4
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part3
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part2
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part13
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part12
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part11
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part10
Phase 1 Desk Study reduced_Part1
SUPERSEDED--Application Form
(SUPERSEDED) Design and Access Statement
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Sections CC
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Section BB
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Section AA
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Elevation E
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Elevation D
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Elevation C
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Elevation A
(SUPERSEDED) 13th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 12th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 11th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 10th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 9th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 8th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 7th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 6th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 5th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 4th Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 3rd Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 2nd Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 1st Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) 1200-A-Ground Floor Plan
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Site Plan
Existing Site Plan
(SUPERSEDED) Air Quality Assessment
(SUPERSEDED) Paradise Street TS February 2017 Final
Framework Travel Plan
(SUPERSEDED) Paradise Student Management Plan - Final
(SUPERSEDED) Paradise Street - Planning Statement
Paradise Street - Covering Letter - FINAL
Paradise Street_Additional site_Planning_DRAFT_2017.02.09
(SUPERSEDED) Landscape Plan
Portal Email
Cover Letter
(SUPERSEDED) Utility Statement Extended Scheme Rev A
Energy Statement - Rev B
Ventilation Statement
Planning Report
Management Plan
Landscape Masterplan DWG:M 0120_100_A
Landscape Details
Second Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1202
Eleventh Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1211
Twelfth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1212
Elevation A DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-2100
Elevation C DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-2102
Section AA DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-3100
Travel Plan
Transport Statement
Energy Statement - Rev C
Ventilation Statement - Rev B
Site Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1001
Seventh Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1207
Roof Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1214
Utility Statement Extended Scheme Rev B
Ground Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1200
Sixth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1206
Elevation E DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-2104
Proposed Section CC DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-3102
Air Quality Assessment
Condition Report on Pedestrian Level Wind Microclimate
Acoustic Assessment
Fourth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1204
Eighth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1208
Proposed Section BB DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-3101
Design and Access Statement
Ninth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1209
Tenth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1210
Planning Statement
Fifth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1205
Elevation D DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-2103
Third Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1203
Thirteenth Floor Plan DWG:PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1213
Communications Report
Consultation Responses
First Floor Plan Dwg PS-FBM-A-DR-969-(P)-1201 Rev B
Application Form
Press Notice dated 27.04.17

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