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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2017/0362 Application Description Full Planning Application
Coventry Reference
Site Address Priory Hall
Priory Street

Proposal Demolition of Block 'G' and part demolition of Block 'H' to include temporary demolition compound and associated works; site remediation/landscaping; relocation of rooftop plant; erection of fire escape stairwell extension; and associated facade treatment.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 08/02/2017 Valid date 08/02/2017
Determination Required Date 05/04/2017
Case Officer Anne Lynch Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 22/02/2017 End of Public Consultation Period 16/03/2017
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 05/04/2017
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 04/04/2020
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name
Coventry University
Agent Name Mr Wai-kit Cheung
Turnberry Planning Ltd
Applicant Address Agent Address 41-43
Site Welfare Layout DWG:006 Rev A
Structural Report
Site Waste Management Plan
Revised Crane Location Plan DWG:005 B
Cover Letter
Planning Statement
EIA Screening Request
Demolition Phasing Plans DWG:001 A
Demolition Method Statement
Outline External Works Specifications
Proposed Landscaping 3D View DWG:PHD-BDP-(05-20)-DR-L-00-XX-009 - P01
Landscape Layout Plan DWG:PHD-BDP-(05-20)-DR-L-00-XX-008 - P01
Proposed Planters and Seat Design DWG:PHD-BDP-(05-20)-DR-L-00-XX-007 - P01
Proposed Landscape Sections DWG:PHD-BDP-(05-20)-DR-L-00-XX-004 - P02
Proposed Landscape Layout Plan DWG:PHD-BDP-(05-20)-DR-L-00-XX-002 - P02
Existing Site Plan (landscape details) DWG:PHD-BDP-(05-20)-DR-L-00-XX-001 - P02
Demolition Perspectives DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-04)-DR-A-XX-XX-006 - P01
Demolition DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-04)-DR-A-XX-XX-005 - P03
Proposed Sections A-A & B-B DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-XX-SE-001 - P02
Proposed Axo Views DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-XX-005 - P04
Proposed Elevation DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-XX-004 - P05
Proposed Elevation - East DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-XX-003 - P05
Proposed Elevation - North DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-XX-002 - P05
Proposed Elevation - West DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-XX-001 - P05
Block H - Proposed Basement DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-BA-001 - P05
Block H -Proposed Level 01 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-01-001 - P05
Block H - Proposed Level 00 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-03)-DR-A-BH-00-001 - P05
Existing Elevations - South DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-XX-004 - P03
Existing Elevations - East DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-XX-003 - P03
Existing Elevations - North DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-XX-002 - P03
Existing Elevations - West DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-XX-001 - P03
Existing Sections A-A & B-B DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-SE-001 - P02
Existing Level Basement DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-BA-001 - P03
Existing Plans Level 21 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-21-001 - P03
Existing Plans Level 20 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-20-001 - P03
Existing Plans Level 19 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-19-001 - P03
Existing Plans Level 11-18 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-11-001 - P03
Existing Plans Level 4-10 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-04-001 - P03
Existing Plans Levels 03 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-03-001 - P03
Existing Plans Levels 02 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-02-001 - P03
Existing Plans Level 01 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-01-001 - P03
Existing Plans Level 00 DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-02)-DR-A-XX-00-001 - P03
Proposed Site Plan DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-00)-DR-A-XX-XX-003 - P02
Site Location Plan DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-00)-DR-A-XX-XX-002 - P02
Existing Site Plan DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-00)-DR-A-XX-XX-001
Existing Site Plan(1) DWG:PHD-BDP-(00-00)-DR-A-XX-XX-001
Optimo Product Data Sheet
Heritage Impact Assessment
Fee Calculation
Demolition, Noise and Vibration Assessment
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Attachment Summary
Application Form
Air Quality Assessment
Bat Roost Characterisation Report and Mitigation Plan
Arboricultural Method Statement
Preliminary Roost Assessment
Wharton Cover Letter
Design & Access Statement
Portal Email
Communications Report
Flood Risk and Drainage-Addendum to CEMP
Consultation Responses
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Officer report
Decision Notice
Lighting Design Strategy Report March 2017
Stormsaver System Statement May 2015
Triton Installation Instructions November 2014
Triton Certificate
Chamber Detail Sheet 1 of 1 Rev B
Triton Stormwater Solutions Manual January 2015
Drainage General Arrangement Sheet 1 Dwg C301 Rev C04
Drainage General Arrangement Sheet 2 Dwg C302 Rev C04
Proposed Attenuation Unit Dwg 01 Rev A
Drainage General Arrangement Sheet 3 Dwg C303 Rev C05
Manhole Schedules Foul Water Dwg C330 Rev C04
Manhole Schedules Surface Water Dwg C331 Rev C03
Method Statement and Risk Assessment March 2017
Returned Neighbour Letter
Press Notice
Site Notices

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