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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2016/2245 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land at Grange Farm
Grange Road

Proposal Demolition of farm outbuildings and construction of 107 dwellings and associated vehicular and pedestrian access including pedestrian / cycle access adjacent to 139 Grange Road
Application Status FREF
Received Date 07/09/2016 Valid date 19/09/2016
Determination Required Date 19/12/2016
Case Officer Nigel Smith Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 22/09/2016 End of Public Consultation Period 14/11/2016
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee Date 15/12/2016
Decision REFUSED Decision Date 19/12/2016
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name
Westleigh Partnerships Ltd
Agent Name Miss Kerry Walker
Pegasus Group
Applicant Address Agent Address 5 The Priory
Sutton Coldfield
B75 5SH
Fee Calculation
Attachment Summary
Application Form
SUPERSEDED - Site Layout DWG:7667 006P
SUPERSEDED - Location Plan DWG:7667 002C
Portal Email
SUPERSEDED - Air Quality Assessment
Noise Assessment.
Email from Agent dated 12.09.16
Dwg:7667 029D, Type DD - P28-29
Dwg:7667 030A Type D - P73-74
Dwg:7667 031C Type DDDDD - P20-24
Dwg:7667 032C Type DDD - P25-27
Dwg:7667 033B Type DDD - P70-72
Dwg:7667 034B Type DDDD - P01-04
Dwg:7667 036B Type E - P78-79
Dwg:7667 037C Type EEE - P60-62
Dwg:7667 038C Type EEE - P5-7
Dwg:7667 040C Type FEEE - P12-15
Dwg:7667 041B Type G - Group of four - P48-51
Dwg:7667 042B Type H Flats - P36-41
Dwg:7667 043C Type H & H1 Flats - P42-47
Dwg:7667 053A Indicative Visual -Plots 12 -31
Dwg:7667 056 Type FEEE - P8-11
Dwg:7667 065C Type CCCCC P 103 - 107
Dwg:7667 072C Type CCCC - P95-98
Dwg:7667 073 Type DDD P63-65
Dwg:7667 074 Type DDD P80-82
Dwg:7667 075 Type AA P83-84
Dwg:7667 076 Type AA P85-86
Dwg:7667 077 Type AA P87-88
Dwg:7667 078 Type AA P68-69
Dwg:7667 079 Type 87-3-E and F P89-91
Dwg:7667 080A Type 87-E and F P92-93
SUPERSEDED - Dwg:7667 081 Type 87-F P94-1468
Dwg:7667 082 Type A P101-102
Dwg:7667 083Indicative Visual -Plots 68-69 and 92-1468
Dwg:7667 084 Indicative Visual -Plots 103-107-1468
Dwg:7667 044C Type JDD - P33-35-1468
Dwg:7667 045B Type JDDD - P56-59-1468
Dwg:7667 046B Type EEEK - P52-55-1468
Dwg:7667 047H Street Scenes compressed-1468
Dwg:7667 051B Type D - P66-67-1468
Dwg:7667 052C Type EEE - P30-32-1468
Phase I Desk Study Report
Phase II Exploratory Investigation
Design and Access Statement
Flood Risk Assessment
Report of ecology & protected species survey March 2016
Heritage Statement Final
Transport Assessment
Tree Survey
Biodiversity Impact
E-mail from agent regarding tenure dated 19.9.16
Communications Report
Consultation Responses
Returned Neighbour Letters
SUPERSEDED - 002D - location plan
SUPERSEDED - 006S - proposed site layout
Air quality assessment revision 3 dated 9.11.16
Returned Neighbour Letter
002E - location plan
A3 006T - proposed site layout
Planning Committee Final Report dated 15.12.16
081A - plans and elevations plot 94
Bat building and tree assessment October 2015
Decision notice
Planning Commiteee Powerpoint Presentation
Site Notice
Work Sheet
Returned Neighbour Letter

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