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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2016/2178 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address
Land off
Prior Deram Walk

Proposal Erection of 250 dwellings including attenuation pond, temporary access, permenant access, landscaping and associated infrastructure
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 31/08/2016 Valid date 07/09/2016
Determination Required Date 07/12/2016
Case Officer Rebecca Grant Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 09/09/2016 End of Public Consultation Period 30/09/2016
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 07/12/2016
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 07/12/2019
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name Mrs Charlotte Henson
Barratt Homes
Agent Name Mrs Charlotte Henson
Barratt Homes
Applicant Address Mellors Way
Agent Address 2 Horizon Place
Nottingham Business Park
Application Form
A summary of the attachments in the proposal
1800mm Screen Wall Dwg 2010/DET/221
Single Detached Garage Classic Dwg 2010/DET/C/135
Double Detached Garage Classic Dwg 2010/DET/C/136
(SUPERSEDED) Noise Impact Assessment October 2015
Letter from agent dated 31.08.16
Design and Access Statement August 2016
How the fee was calculated
Location Plan Dwg H7338/02
(SUPERSEDED) Materials Layout Dwg H7338/06
Floor Levels for Planning Dwg MID4309-SK01
Planning Statement August 2016
Proposed Access Junction Dwg 2736-SK-001 Rev D
Remediation Options Appraisal and Reclamation Strategy November 2009
Statement of Community Involvement August 2016
900mm Post and Rail Fence Dwg 2010/DET/219
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Brentwood Dwg 2010/BRE/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Hadleigh/Layton Dwg 2010/HAD/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Foxton Dwg 2010/FOX-3/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Foxton Dwg 2010/FOX-3/C/02
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Foxton Dwg 2010/FOX-4/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Foxton Dwg 2010/FOX-4/C/02
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Foxton Dwg 2010/FOX-4/C/03
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Amble/Malton Dwg 2010/AMA/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Amble/Malton Dwg 2010/AMA/C/02
1800mm Close Boarded Fence Dwg 2010/DET/217
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Alverton Dwg 2016/AVT/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Amber Dwg 2016/AMB/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Buchanan Dwg 2016/BUC/C/02
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Ennerdale Dwg 2016/ENN/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Eskdale Dwg 2016/ESK/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Haversham Dwg 2016/HVR/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Hesketh Dwg 2016/HSK/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Kenley Dwg 2016/KNL/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Maidstone Dwg 2016/MAI/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Moresby Dwg 2016/MMS/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Oxford 1 Dwg 2016/OX1/C/01
(SUPERSEDED) House Type Woodcote - End Dwg 2016/WOO/C/01
Travel Plan August 2016
Topographical Update Survey Sheet 1 of 6 Dwg 5135903_406_ATK_SURV_0001 Rev P03
Topographical Update Survey Sheet 2 of 6 Dwg 5135903_406_ATK_SURV_0002 Rev P03
Topographical Update Survey Sheet 3 of 6 Dwg 5135903_406_ATK_SURV_0003 Rev P03
Topographical Update Survey Sheet 4 of 6 Dwg 5135903_406_ATK_SURV_0004 Rev P03
Topographical Update Survey Sheet 5 of 6 Dwg 5135903_406_ATK_SURV_0005 Rev P03
Topographical Update Survey Sheet 6 of 6 Dwg 5135903_406_ATK_SURV_0006 Rev P03
Arboricultural Impact Assessment October 2015
Tree Constraints Plan Sheet 1 Dwg 5135903/COL/ARB002 Rev 2
House Type Amble/Malton 1 of 2 Dwg 2010/AMA/C/01
House Type Amble/Malton 2 of 2 Dwg 2010/AMA/C/01
Portal Email
(SUPERSEDED) Planning Layout Dwg H7338/101
Remediation and Reclamation Validation Report May 2012
Street Scenes Dwg H7338/05
(SUPERSEDED) Preliminary Ecological Appraisal June 2016
(SUPERSEDED) Bat Activity Surveys August 2016
Flood Risk Assessment August 2016
Geo-environmental Assessment Report December 2015 Part 1
Geo-environmental Assessment Report December 2015 Part 2
Geo-environmental Assessment Report December 2015 Part 3
Transport Assessment Addendum August 2016
Tree Constraints Plan Sheet 2 Dwg 5135903/COL/ARB003 Rev 2
Communications Report
Consultation Responses
Conservation comments
Press Notice dated 15.09.16
West Midlands Police comments
Agents Response to Wildlife Trust
Email 28 October 2016
(SUPERSEDED) Planning Layout Dwg:010RevC
Biodiversity Impact Assessment Calculator
Biodiversity Imact Assessment Calculation
Emails from the agent - October 2016
Dwg:SK01 - Floor levels for planning - Rev B
Materials layout rev A
Oxford Detached- Planning RevN Dwg:2016/OX1/03CD/01
NM Woodcote - Contemporary - Render Dwg:2016/WOO/X/01
NM Woodcote - Contemporary - Weatherboarding Dwg:2016/WOO/X/01
Woodcote (End)- Planning RevA Dwg:01
NM Oxford - Contemporary - Weatherboarding Dwg:2016/OX1/X/01
(SUPERSEDED) NM Brentford - Contemporary - Render
(SUPERSEDED) NM Brentford - Contemporary - Weatherboarding
NM Oxford - Contemporary - Render Dwg:2016/OX1/X/01
Kenley (Mid)- Planning RevA Dwg:01
Maidstone- Planning RevA Dwg:01
Moresby (Det)- Planning RevA Dwg:01
Moresby (End)- Planning RevA Dwg:01
Brentford- Planning Rev Dwg:01
Haversham- Planning RevA Dwg:01
Hesketh- Planning RevA Dwg:01
Kenley (End)- Planning RevA Dwg:01
Foxton Classic 4 storey without balcony Dwg:03
(SUPERSEDED) Foxton Clasic 4 storey Without balcony Elevation Dwg:01
Focton Classic 4 storey without balconu Dwg:02
Hadleigh & Layton- Planning Rev- Dwg:01
Amble Malton 4storey- Planning 1of2 Dwg:2010/AMA/C/01
Amble Malton 4storey- Planning 2of2
Amble Malton 3storey- Planning 2 Rev Dwg:02
Coleford Hornsea Loughton- Planning Rev Dwg:
Amble Malton 3storey- Planning 1 Rev-. Dwg:01
(SUPERSEDED) Soft Landscape Proposals
(SUPERSEDED) 02 Soft Landscape Proposals
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:01 Soft Landscape Proposals
Noise report October 2016
Growing with Nature prepared by Barratts
Swept Path Analysis DWG:MID4309 - 101
Street Scene DWG:H7338/05 A
(SUPERSEDED) Planning Layout DWG:H7338/101 C
Floor Levels DWG:H7299/P/FFL
Noise report prepared by Acoustic Air October 2016
Brentford contemporary render Rev A
Canley materials pallett Nov 2016
Brentford contempoary weatherboarding Rev A
Biodiversity enhancments 05B
Soft landscaping proposals 04B
Soft landscaping proposal 03B
Soft landscaping proposals 02B
Soft landscaping proposals 01B
Planning Statement Addendum Nov 2016
Sustainability Statement prepared by Barratts
Foxton Rev A
Hesketh contemporary render
Hesketh comtemporary render A
Email from Mark Roger dated 29 November 2016
Planning layout Rev J
Decision Notice
Officer Report
Correspondence with agent re non material amendment

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