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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2016/2087 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address The Old Dairy Crest Site
Harper Road

Proposal Demolition of existing Dairy Distribution Depot with the erection of a new 3/5/6 storey building comprising of 3/4/5/6/7 bedroom clusters and 1 bedroom studios totalling 200 student bedrooms, with associated communal facilities, car parking, cycle parking and landscaping (revised scheme)
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 15/08/2016 Valid date 16/08/2016
Determination Required Date 15/11/2016
Case Officer Rebecca Grant Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 17/08/2016 End of Public Consultation Period 08/09/2016
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee Date 29/09/2016
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 03/10/2016
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 03/10/2019
Legal Obligation
Applicant Name
Callingham Associates Limited
Agent Name Miss Laura Wagemakers
Callingham Associates Limited
Applicant Address Agent Address 2 Hearsall Lane
Application Form
A summary of the attachments in the proposal
Email from agent dated 15.08.16
How the fee was calculated
SUPERSEDED Air Quality Assessment June 2016
SUPERSEDED Ecological Impact Assessment June 2016
Energy and Sustainability Assessment June 2016
Policy E8 Justification April 2016
Japanese Knotweed Management Plan April 2016
Environmental Noise Survey and Assessment April 2016
SUPERSEDED Planning Statement June 2016
Statement of Community Involvement June 2016
Student Management Plan June 2016
Supporting Document April 2016 Rev A (including visuals for the scheme)
SUPERSEDED Transport Statement June 2016
Preliminary Unexploded Ordnance Risk Assessment June 2016
SUPERSEDED Location Plan Dwg 894.101A
SUPERSEDED Existing Site Plan Dwg 894.102
SUPERSEDED Existing Street Scene Dwg 894.103
SUPERSEDED Proposed Site Plan and Landscaping Dwg 894.104C
SUPERSEDED Proposed Ground Floor Plan Dwg 894.105C
SUPERSEDED Proposed 1st and 2nd Floor Plan Dwg 894.106C
SUPERSEDED Proposed 3rd and 4th Floor Plan Dwg 894.107C
SUPERSEDED Proposed 5th Floor Plan Dwg 894.108B
SUPERSEDED Proposed Roof Plan Dwg 894.109B
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations 1 of 3 Dwg 894.110C
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations 2 of 3 Dwg 894.111C
SUPERSEDED Proposed Elevations 3 of 3 Dwg 894.112C
SUPERSEDED Proposed Street Scene Dwg 894.113A
SUPERSEDED Typical Room Layouts Dwg 894.114
Portal Email
WIndowless Sampler Borehole Log
Certificate of Analysis
SUPERSEDED Flood Risk Assessment
Proposed 5th floor plan
SUPERSEDED Proposed ground floor plan
Site investigation
SUPERSEDED Visualisation
SUPERSEDED Design and Access Statement
Communications Report
Press Notice
SUPERSEDED Proposed ground floor plan 894.105E
Transport Statement Rev A
Planning Statment Rev A
Air Quality Assessment Rev A
Ecological Assessment Rev A
Consultation Responses
Visual of front elevation
Ecology comments
Flood Risk Assessment prepared by BWB
Conservation comments
Proposed 2nd Floor Plan 894.120
Typical room layout 894.114
Proposed street view 894.113B
Proposed elevations (3 of 3) 894.112C
Proposed elevations (2 of 3) 894.111D
Proposed elevation (1 of 3) 894.110D
Proposed roof plan 894.109C
Proposed 3rd and 4th floor plans 894.107D
Proposed 1st floor plan 894.106D
Proposed ground floor plan 894.105F
Proposed site plan 894.104D
Existing street scene 894.103
Existing site plan 894.102
Location plan 894.101A
SUPERSEDED Visual of rear elevation
Noise Assessment 7.09.2016 prepared by
Proposed street view 894.113C
Design and Access Statement (revision C) prepared by Callingham Architects
Visual of rear elevation 15 Sept
Planning Committee Final Report dated 29.09.16
Planning Committee Powerpoint dated 29.09.16
Decision Notice
Email from Agent 3 October 2016
Work Sheet

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