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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2016/1302 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference FUL/2016/0207
Site Address Cornerfield Cottage
Shultern Lane

Proposal Demolition of existing childcare facility & construction of new building to incorporate student dwellings & associated amenities (resubmission of FUL/2016/0207)
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 13/05/2016 Valid date 25/05/2016
Determination Required Date 24/08/2016
Case Officer Kurt Russell Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 26/05/2016 End of Public Consultation Period 26/09/2016
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Planning Committee Committee Date 04/08/2016
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 06/10/2016
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 06/10/2019
Legal Obligation CR19142
Applicant Name Mr Jasbinder Shergill
Signature Sites
Agent Name Mr Bob Ghosh
K4 Architects
Applicant Address Far Gosford Street
Agent Address 122
B5 5RS
Fee Calculation
Attachment Summary
Application Form
(SUPERSEDED) Level 3 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)103 Rev D
(SUPERSEDED) Level 2 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)102 Rev D
(SUPERSEDED) Level 1 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)101 Rev D
(SUPERSEDED) Level 0 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)100 Rev E
(SUPERSEDED) Proposed Site Plan DWG:1498(P)001 Rev A
(SUPERSEDED) Location Plan DWG:1498(P)000
(SUPERSEDED) Southwest Elevation DWG:1498(P)200 Rev D
(SUPERSEDED) North west elevations DWG:1498(P)201 Rev D
(SUPERSEDED) North East Elevation DWG:1498(P)202 Rev D
(SUPERSEDED) South East Elevation DWG:1498(P)203 Rev D
Portal Email
Communications Report
(SUPERSEDED) Level 0 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)100 Rev F
(SUPERSEDED) Level 1 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)101 Rev E
(SUPERSEDED) Level 2 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)102 Rev E
(SUPERSEDED) Level 3 Floor Plan DWG:1498(P)103 Rev E
(SUPERSEDED) South west elevation DWG:1498(P)200-200 Rev E
Preliminary Roost Assessment
(SUPERSEDED) Design and Access Statement
Email from Agent dated 24.05.16
Consultation Responses
Swept Path Analysis DWG:16052 - SK160513.1
Email from Agent dated 14.06.16
Email from Agent dated 23.06.16
Site Notice
Press Notice 09.06.16
Email from agent dated 29.06.16
(SUPERSEDED) Level 2 Floor Plan Dwg 1498(P)102 Rev G
(SUPERSEDED) Level 3 Floor Plan Dwg 1498(P)103 Rev G
(SUPERSEDED) Southwest Elevation Dwg 1498(P)200 Rev F
(SUPERSEDED) Level 0 Floor Plan Dwg 1498(P)100 Rev G
(SUPERSEDED) Level 1 Floor Plan Dwg 1498(P)101 Rev G
Email from Agent dated 06.07.16
Email from agent dated 21.07.16
Location Plan Dwg 1498(P)000
A3 Proposed Site Plan Dwg 1498(P)001 Rev A
A3 Level 0 Plan Dwg 1498(P)100 Rev H
A3 Level 1 Plan Dwg 1498(P)101 Rev H
A3 Level 2 Plan Dwg 1498(P)102 Rev H
A3 Level 3 Plan Dwg 1498(P)103 Rev H
A3 Level 4 Plan Dwg 1498(P)104 Rev H
A3 Unit Layouts Dwg 1498(P)300 Rev H
Nocturnal Emergence and Dawn Re-entry Bat Surveys June 2016
Bat Clerk of Works June 2016
Design and Access Statement July 2016
Email correspondence dated 19.07.16
A3 Southwest Elevation facing Shultern Lane Dwg 1498(P)200 Rev H
A3 Northwest Elevation facing Aldi Dwg 1498(P)201 Rev H
A3 Northeast Elevation facing cemetery Dwg 1498(P)202 Rev H
A3 Southwest Elevation facing cemetery Dwg 1498(P)203 Rev H
Planning Committee Final Report dated 04.08.16
Email 26 July 2016
Planning Committee Powerpoint dated 04.08.16
Late Representations dated 04.08.16
Officer Email to Agent dated 17.08.16
Extension of Time Agreement
Email from Agent dated 07.09.16
Extension of Time Agreement
Decision notice
Section 106 Legal Agreement dated 06 October 2016
Email to officer dated 06.10.16
S106 Agreement
Work Sheet
Email to officer dated 07.10.16
Closing memo dated 07.10.16

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