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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2016/1102 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference FUL/2016/1102
Site Address Land at
Kingfield Road

Proposal Residential development of 84 dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 25/04/2016 Valid date 29/04/2016
Determination Required Date 29/07/2016
Case Officer Nigel Smith Case Officer Site Visit Date
Start of Public Consultation Period 11/08/2015 End of Public Consultation Period 29/07/2016
Referred to Secretary of State Date Referral Expiry Date
Decision by Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 05/09/2016
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 05/09/2019
Legal Obligation .
Applicant Name
Westleigh Partnerships Ltd
Agent Name
Applicant Address Enderby Road
Agent Address 130
Application Form
A summary of the attachments in the proposal
How the fee was calculated
Phase II Geoenvironmental Assessment May 2015
Ecology and Protected Species Survey Report July 2015
Finished floor levels - Dwg FW859-902
Tree Constraints Plan 1 of 2 Dwg 15.1188.001
Tree Constraints Plan 2 of 2 Dwg 15.1188.002
SUPERSEDED - Tree Protection Plan 1 of 2 Dwg 15.1188.003 Rev A
SUPERSEDED - Tree Protection Plan 2 of 2 Dwg 15.1188.004 Rev A
SUPERSEDED - Arboricultural Implications Assessment December 2015
Topographical Survey Sheet 1 of 3 Dwg 15497cv-01 Rev A
Topographical Survey Sheet 2 of 3 Dwg 15497cv-02
Topographical Survey Sheet 3 of 3 Dwg 15497cv-03
Location Plan Dwg 40273/003
SUPERSEDED - Site Plan Dwg 40273/057D
SUPERSEDED - Street Scenes Dwg 40273/058C
SUPERSEDED - Plots 1-2, 13-14, 22-23, 24-25, 75-76 House Type BB Dwg 40273/059
SUPERSEDED - Plots 3-5 and 37-38 House Type BBB Dwg 40273/060
SUPERSEDED - Plots 6-7 House Type CD Dwg 40273/061
SUPERSEDED - Plots 8-12 House Type DCCCC Dwg 40273/062
SUPERSEDED - Plots 15-17 House Type B1BB Dwg 40273/063
SUPERSEDED - Plots 18-21 House Type BBBB1 Dwg 40273/064
SUPERSEDED - Plots 26-27 House Type GG Dwg 40273/065
SUPERSEDED - Plots 28-30 House Type BBB Dwg 40273/066
SUPERSEDED - Plots 31-35 House Type CCCCC Dwg 40273/067
SUPERSEDED - Plots 39-42 and 47-50 Flat Type AA1AA1 Dwg 40273/068
SUPERSEDED - Plots 43-46 Flat Type AA1AA1 Dwg 40273/069
SUPERSEDED - Plots 51-56 and 79-84 House Type A2A3 Dwg 40273/070
SUPERSEDED - Plots 57-59 House Type FBF Dwg 40273/071
SUPERSEDED - Plots 60-63 House Type CCCD Dwg 40273/072
SUPERSEDED - Plots 64-66 House Type CCC Dwg 40273/073
SUPERSEDED - Plots 60-63 House Type DCCC Dwg 40273/074
SUPERSEDED - Plots 73-74 House Type FF Dwg 40273/075
SUPERSEDED - Plots 77-78 House Type AA1 Dwg 40273/076
Noise Assessment April 2016
Air Quality Assessment November 2015
Visual Sketch Plan 1
Visual Sketch Plan 2
Portal Email
SUPERSEDED - Transport Statement April 2016
Flood Risk Assessment April 2016
Initial Phase I Geoenvironmental Assessment December 2014
Design and access statement part 1
Design and access statement part 2
Arboricultural Implications Assessment Rev B
003B - Tree protection plan sheet 1 of 2
004B - Tree Protection Plan sheet 2 of 2
SUPERSEDED - 059A - plots 1-2, 13-14, 22-23, 24-25, 71-72 and 75-76 House type BB
SUPERSEDED - 060A - plots 3-5 and 36-38 House type BBB
SUPERSEDED - 074A - plots 67-70 House type DCCC
SUPERSEDED - 057E - Proposed site layout
Communications Report
Consultation Responses
E-mail from applicant dated 11.5.16 - Affordable housing mix
Returned Neighbour Letter
Returned Neighbour Letter
Response from consultant to EHO noise query
Response from consultant to EHO air quality and land contamination queries
Additional soil sampling letter dated 22.2.16
11A - pond / open channel details
SUPERSEDED - 57F - proposed site plan
Transport Assessment
Press notices - 19 May 2016
SUPERSEDED - 057G - proposed site layout
057J - proposed site layout
058D - streetscenes
068A - plots 39-42 and 47-50
069A - plots 43-46
Noise report addendum
Email 28 July 2016
Extension of Time Agreement until 5.9.16
Email from Agent dated 29.07.16
Plots 79-84 House Type DWG:40273 079
House Type BB dwg:40273 059B
House Type BBB DWG:40273 060B
House Type CD DWG:40273 061A
House Type DCCCC DWG:40273 062A
House Type B1BB DWG:40273 063A
House Type BBBB1 DWG:40273 064A
House Type GG DWG:40273 065A
House Type BBB DWG:40273 066A
House Type CCCCC DWG:40273 067A
House Type A2A3A2A3A2A3 DWG:40273 070A
House Type FBF DWG:40273 071A Plots 57-59 House
House Type CCCD DWG:40273 072A
House Type CCC DWG:40273 073A
House Type DCCC DWG:40273 074B
House Type FF DWG:40273 075A
House Type AA1 DWG:40273 076A
House Type BBB DWG:40273 078
Drawing Record and Issue Sheet
Email from Agent dated 17.08.16
Officer Report
Decision Notice
Work Sheet
Site Notice

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