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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2015/4174 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land off
Papenham Green and
Donegal Close

Proposal Construction of 83 new mixed tenure dwellings, associated 9 garages, new adopted highway, demolition of no's 25-75 Donegal Close, small area of highway stopping up off Donegal Close, external works, car parking and landscaping.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 04/12/2015 Valid date 08/12/2015 Decision expected Date 08/03/2016
Case Officer Rebecca Grant
End of Public Consultation Period 31/12/2015
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Delegated Committee Date
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 08/03/2016
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 08/03/2019
Agent Name
Oakley Architects Ltd
Location Plan
Perspective 1
Perspective 2
Perspective 3
Street Elevations
(SUPERSEDED) Narrow House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:21A 2B4P Narrow House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:22B 2B4P Corner House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:23B 2B4P Corner House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:24B 3B5P Narrow House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:25B 3B5P Narrow House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:26B 3B6P Narrow House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:27B 3B5P Splay House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:28A 3B5P Corner House
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:29B 3B5P Corner House
Dwg:30A 3B5P Wide House
Dwg:31A 4B7P Wide House
32B Apartments
(SUPERSEDED) Dwg:33B 2B3P Apartment
Dwg:34 Typical Garage
Dwg:100-214-C-300-P04_Levels Plan
Dwg:100-214-C-301-P04_Levels Plan 2
Dwg:100-214-C-302-P03_Drainage Strategy
Dwg:100-214-C-304-P2_Tracking Runs
SUPERSEDED Dwg:100-214-C-320-P04_Section 38 Plan
SUPERSEDED Dwg:ection 38 Plan 2
Dwg:17426-01a Transport Statement
Air Quality Note_Canley Papenham Green_v2 final
Application Form
SUPERSEDED Appraisal Repor
Cover Letter 3rd December 2015
Environmental Noise Survey & Assessment
Extended Phase 1 Habitats Survey prepared by WSP dated January 2015
Fee Calculations
Tree Survey Assessment
Nocturnal Bat Activity Survey
Design and Access Statement
Planning Statement December 2015
Bat Survey - Ketstone Ecology January 2015.
Reptile and Terrestrial Amphibian Survey
Construction Ecology Management Plan
Topo Survey Dwg:01revA Layout 1
Topo Survey Dwg:01revA Layout 2
RammSanderson June 2015
Phase 1 Site Appraisal
Ecological Summary Report
Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Statement
Cover Letter
Drawing 28B Corner House
Drawing update sheet
Drawing 33C apartments
Drawing 29C Corner House (sale)
Drawing 27C Splay House
Drawing 26C Narrow House
Drawing 25C Narrow House (sale)
Drawing 24C Narrow House
Drawing 23C Corner House (sale)
Drawing 22C Corner House
Drawing 21B Narrow House (sale)
Drawing 20B Narrow house
Email from agent dated 08.12.15
Landscaping Plan Dwg ADL126 Sheet 3 of 3
Landscaping Plan Dwg ADL126 Sheet 1 of 3
Landscaping Plan Dwg ADL126 Sheet 2 of 3
Consultation Responses
Revised CEMP January 2016
Email from agent 6 January 2016
Flood Risk Assessment January 2016
Press Notice
Amended Site Plan 11C
(C) 320 P06 S38/278 Plan
(C) 321 P06 S38/278 plan
Drainage Strategy 100-214 (C) 302 P04
Highway final comments
Email from agent dated 14.01.16
Biodiversity Impact Assessment Calculation January 2016
Drawing 30B 3B5P
Drawing 31B 4B7P
Drawing No. 32C 1B2P
Email from agent 7 March
Decision Notice
Work Sheet
Officers Report

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