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Application Details
Reference number OUT/2014/2282 Application Description Outline Planning Application ( Major)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Land bounded by Hall Brook,
Bennetts Road South, Sandpits Lane and
Tamworth Road

CV7 8
Proposal Outline application for the erection of up to 800 dwellings, with associated Local Centre comprising Convenience Store (Class A1) Retail/Commercial Units (Class A1, A2, A3, A5 and/or D1); a Primary School; Public Open Space (including equipped play area); allotments; nature conservation area; and landscaping; with all matters reserved except for means of vehicular access to the site from Tamworth Road and Bennetts Road South.
Application Status OAPP
Received Date 11/07/2014 Valid date 29/07/2014 Decision expected Date 28/10/2014
Case Officer Hannah Holt
End of Public Consultation Period 23/12/2015
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 26/02/2015
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 12/02/2018
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 11/02/2021
Agent Name
Pegasus Group
Utility Connections Report
Arboricultural Impact Assessment
Application Form
Attachment Summary
Consultation Report June 2014
Cover Letter
Fee Calculation
Framework Travel Plan dated June 2014
Hedgerow Survey Report and SUrvey Plan 06 01 14
SUPERSEDED Indicative Masterplan
Design and Access Statement B.0263_14-3 July 2014
ES Non-Technical Summary
Notification Letters of notice to landowners
Planning Statement
Site Location Plan
Sustainability Statement REV D 26 06 14
Topographical Survey Plans
Tree Survey Report Tree survey report DP 19 12 2013
Transport Assessment 17.06.14
Transport Assessment Appendix A
Transport Assessment Appendix B
Transport Assessment Appendix C
Transport Assessment Appendix D
Transport Assessment Appendix E
Transport Assessment Appendix F
Transport Assessment Appendix G
Transport Assessment Appendix H (Part 1)
Transport Assessment Appendix H (Part 2)
Transport Assessment Appendix I
Transport Assessment Appendix J (Part 1)
Transport Assessment Appendix J (Part 2)
Transport Assessment Appendix J (Part 3)
Transport Assessment Appendix K
Transport Assessment Appendix L
ES Appendix 1.1 Scoping letters
ES Appendix 5.1 Baseline Ecological Assessment
ES Appendix 5.2 BN Offsetting Consideration
ES Appendix 5.3 Article 16 Consideration
ES Appendix 6.1 Environmental Statement: Sustainable Urban Extension
ES Appendix 6.2 (Geophysics) (1)
ES Appendix 6.3 (Historical Research) (1)
ES Appendix 6.4 (Fieldwalking) (1)
ES Appendix 9.1 Public Safety & Housing
ES Appendix 9.2
ES Appendix 10.1 Flood Risk Assessment
ES Appendix 12 Traffic Flow Information
ES Appendix 13.1 Noise Monitoring Results
ES Chapter 1 - Introduction
ES Chp1 Figure 1.1 Site Context Plan
ES Chapter 2 - Site Description
ES Chp 2 Figure 1.1 Site Context Plan
ES Chp 2 Figure 1.2 Land Use Parameter Plan
ES Chp 2 Figure 1.3 Green Infrastructure Parameter Plan
ES Chp 2 Figure 1.4 Movement and Access Parameter Plan
ES Chp 2 Figure 1.5 Building Heights Parameter Plan
Superseded -Figure 6.1B Indicative Masterplan
ES Chapter 3 - Planning Policy Context
ES Chapter 4 - Sociol Economic
ES Chp 4 Figure 4.1 Ward Study Areas
ES Chapter 5 - Ecology
ES Chapter 6 - Archaeology
ES Chp 6 Figures 6.1-6.4 Keresley Coventry Enviromental Statement
ES Chapter 7 - Landscape
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.1 Site Location and Planning Designations
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.2 Landscape Character Area and Type
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.3 Topography
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.4 Viewpoint Locations and Public Rights of Way
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.5 Viewpoint Photographs
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.6 Landscape and Visual Analysis
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.7 Long Landscape Sections A-C
ES Chp 7 Figure 7.8 Illustrative Landscape Masterplan
ES Chp 8 Fig.8.2 - Agriculture
ES Chapter 8 - Agriculture and Soil Resources
ES Chp 8 Figure 8.1 Observations
ES Chapter 9 - Ground Conditions
ES 9.3 Mining Report plan
ES 9.3 Mining Report
ES Chapter 10 - Drainage & Flood Risk
ES Chapter 11 - Transport
ES Chp 11 Figure 9.1
ES Chapter 12 - Air Quality
ES Chp 12 Figure 12.1 - Existing and Proposed Receptors
ES Chapter 13 - Noise
ES Chp 13 Drawing 13.1
ES Chp 13 Figures 13.1-13.6
ES Chapter 14 - Overview & Summary
ES Contents page
BACS transfer confirmation
BACS transfer
Discrepancy Letter 17/07/14
Email from Agent dated 17.07.14
Email From Agent 21.07.2014
Email from agent dated 22.07.14
SUPERSEDED Indicative Phasing Plan
Proposed Heads of Terms for Section 106
Email from Agent dated 24.07.14
Email from James A. 29.07.2014
Agricultural Land Classification and Soil Resources
Notices to Tenants
Agent email 30.07.14
Land Owners and Tenants Notified
Email From Agent 30.07
Certificate B - Tenants
Email From Officer 04.08
List of N21s delivered
Site Notice
Email from Sport England dated 19.08.14
Press Notice - 14.8.14
Extension of time Agreement 13.10.2014
Consultation Responses
Dwg:06-1E Indicative Masterplan
Addendum Transport Assessment December 2014
Addendum Transport Assessment -Dwg 968-100 Revised Access Strategy Tamworth Road
Addendum Transport Assessment Appendix A [Dec 2014]
Addendum Transport Assessment Appendix B [Dec 2014]
Addendum Transport Assessment Appendix C [Dec 2014]
Email from Susie Rack 15 October
Press Notice
Extension of Time Agreement -22.12.2014
Email 1of 5 19 January 2015
Letter dated 19.10.2015
Transport Mitigation Strategy January 2015 (TMS)
Bus Strategy Document
Email 3 of 5 19 January 2015
TMS Proposed Signalisation Plan 968-08
TMS App C - Figure 4.1 Holbrooks Corridor
TMS Proposed Access Location Dwg:968-02c Bennetts Rd
TMS Revised Access Strategy 968-100a Tamworth Road
Email 2 of 5 19 January 2015
TMS Technical Note to TIA
TMS Technical Note to TIA - 2
TMS Basic Results Summary
Email 4 of 5, 19 January 2015
TMS App C - Figure 2.1 Coundon Wedge Corridor.
TMS App C - Figure 3.1 Radford Rd Tamworth Rd Corridor
Email 5 of 5 19 January 2015
B.0263_18-1B Indicative Phasing Plan
Press Notice 22 January 2015
Planning Committee Final Report dated 26th February 2015
Plannin Committee PowerPoint Presentation dated 26.02.2015
S106 email from Davies and Partners dated 22.04.15
Email from Lioncourt Strategic Land dated 24.06.15
Extension of Time Agreement
Further Breeding Bird Survey Results
Email from Agent dated 13.07.15
Further Bat Activity: Interim Results
Application update report 03/08/2015
Further Bat Activity Survey Results
Further Bat Activity Survey Results
Email correspondence dated 17.11.15 to 02.12.15
Extension of Time Agreement
Email from agent dated 07.12.15
Biodiversity Impact Assessment Calculator
B 0263_06-1A Indicative Masterplan - not secured
Email 20 December 2016
Extension of time agreement
Letter from National Planning Casework Unit 18.01.17
Extension of Time Agreement 28.02.17
Extension of Time Agreement dated 31.12.17
Letter from Secretary of State 21.12.17
Indicative Masterplan
Decision notice
Section 106 signed 12/02/2018
Extension of time agreement
Advert - Coventry Telegraph - 23rd May 2019
External Consultation requestt
Employment and skills plan (pursuant to Schedule 7 of the s106)
Affordable housing scheme (pursuant to Schedule 1 of the s106)

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