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Application Details
Reference number FUL/2013/0119 Application Description Full Planning Application (Major)
Coventry Reference FUL/2013/0119
Site Address University Hospital
Clifford Bridge Road

Proposal Erection of upper car park decks to car parks 5B and 9, highway improvement works within the hospital site and creation of new staff and emergency vehicular access off Farber Road.
Application Status FAPP
Received Date 29/01/2013 Valid date 26/02/2013 Decision expected Date 28/05/2013
Case Officer Hannah Holt
End of Public Consultation Period 21/03/2013
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 09/05/2013
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 21/05/2013
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 08/05/2016
Agent Name
ID Partnership - Midlands
SUPERSEDED Existing master plan Dwg C1507/001
SUPERSEDED Proposed master plan Dwg C1507/002
Existing Site Plan - Car park 9 Dwg C1507/003
Proposed site plan - Car Park 9/ground level Dwg C1507/004
SUPERSEDED Proposed site plan - Car Park 9/Upper level Dwg C1507/005
Existing site plan - Car park 5B Dwg C1507/006
Proposed Site Plan - Car Park 5B/Ground Level Dwg C1507/007
Proposed site plan - Car park 5B/Upper level Dwg 1507/008
Faber Road Link Works Dwg C1507/009
SUPERSEDED Proposed MHU Island Works Dwg C1507/010
Car Park 5A and Roundabout Works Dwg C1507/011
Helipad Island Works Dwg C1507/012
Disabled car park works Dwg C1507/013
SUPERSEDED Car Park 5B Elevations Dwg C1507/014
SUPERSEDED Car Park 9 Elevations Dwg C1507/015
Application form
A summary of the attachments
Design and Access Statement
Drop Off Area Improvements Dwg Figure 4B 02
Faber Road Gated Access Dwg Figure 4A 01
How the fee was calculated
Proposed Internal Highway Layout Improvements Dwg Figure 4 01
Portal email
SUPERSEDED Existing master plan Dwg C1507/001 Rev A
Transport Assessment Issue 25.01.13
Covering Letter
Fee Receipt
Car Park 9 Elevations Dwg C1507/015 Rev A
Proposed master plan Dwg C1507/002 Rev A
SUPERSEDED Location plan Dwg C1507/000
Email from agent 08.02.13
Proposed Site Plan - Car Park 9 Upper level Dwg C1507/005 Rev A
Car Park 5B Elevations Dwg C1507/014 Rev A
Proposed Site Plan Car Park 5B Upper level Dwg C1507/008 Rev A
Proposed MHU Island Works Dwg C1507/010 Rev A
Proposed layout - Bendi bus vehicle paths Dwg Figure 16 01
Transport Assessment
Email from Agent dated 14.02.13
SUPERSEDED Master Plan Dwg C1507 / 001 Rev A
SUPERSEDED Location Plan Dwg C1507 / 000 Rev A.
Letter Supporting Planning
Email Correspondence 15.02.13
Consultation Responses
Site notice
Access and Parking FRA
site notices posted 07-03-2013
Location Plan Rev A - Site notices
INFO. ONLY Brade Drive - Gate
Transport Assessment - Existing and proposed car parking spaces - March 2013
Transport Assessment - Shift Analysis - March 2013
Transport Assessment - Response to LHA Clarifications
Additional photos Brade Drive
Additional information - map
Additional photos
Email from agent 9.5.13
“Healthy” Travel Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2017
Location plan Rev B
Existing Master Plan Dwg 001 Rev B
Planning Committee Final Report dated 09th May 2013
Tree Constraints Plan
Pre-Development Tree Survey
Partial site survey - Farber Road
Press Notice
Email from agent 23.4.13
Decision notice

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