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Plans, documents and other information that forms part of the application is attached at the bottom of the page.

Application Details
Reference number OUT/2012/0575 Application Description Outline Planning Application ( Major with Environmental Assessment)
Coventry Reference
Site Address Coventry City Centre South, comprising land at Market Way,
Shelton Square, Bull Yard, Hertford Street, City Arcade,
Warwick Road
Rover Road, Queen Victoria Road, Greyfriars Road &
Proposal Comprehensive redevelopment of Coventry City Centre South area, comprising demolition and alteration of buildings and structures and costruction of anchor retail store and units accommodating shops, financial and professional services, cafes/ restaurants, public houses and hot food takeaways (use classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5), hotel (use class C1), residential dwellings (use class C3), leisure uses (use class D2), new multi storey car park, servicing arrangements, public realm and engineering operations and other associated works and facilities and stopping up of public highway (outline application with all matters reserved).
Application Status OAPP
Received Date 27/03/2012 Valid date 27/03/2012 Decision expected Date 21/07/2012
Case Officer Geoff Horsman
End of Public Consultation Period 07/05/2012
Referred to Secretary of State
Decision level Planning Committee Committee Date 31/05/2012
Decision APPROVED Decision Date 31/05/2012
Temp Permission Expiry Date Permission Expiry Date 31/05/2015
Agent Name
Outline Application Form
Tree Survey
Cover Letter
SUPERSEDED Design and Access Statement
EIA Non-Technical Summary
EIA Volume 1, Environmental Statement
EIA Volume 2 Appendix 16 1 (Key Views FINAL)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 1.1 (Parameters Plans)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 1.2 (EIA Scoping Report)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 1.3 (EIA Scoping Opinion
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 2.1 (Issues Scoped Out of the EIA)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 4.1 (Site Character Areas)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 8.1 (Ecology - Response from Natural England)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 8.2 (Ecological Assessment)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 9.1 (Built Heritage Assessment)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 10.1 (Archaeolgical Assessment)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 12.1 (Air Quality Study Area) (2)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 13.1 (Noise and Vibration Assessment)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 13.2 (Noise and Vibration Figures 13 1-13 5)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 14.1 (Ground Conditions Report)
SUPERSEDED EIA Volume 2, Appendix 15.1 (Flood Risk Assessment)
EIA Volume 2, Appendix 17.1 (Sunlight Daylight and Overshadowing Models)
EIA Volume 3, Framework Travel Plan
EIA Volume 3, Framework Travel Plan_Appendices (ex. C E and G)
EIA Volume 3, Framework Travel Plan_Appendix C
EIA Volume 3, Framework Travel Plan_appendix E
EIA Volume 3, Framework Travel Plan_Appendix G
EIA Volume 3, Transport Assessment
EIA Volume 3, Transport Assessment_Appendices (ex. E)
EIA Volume 3, Transport Assessment_Appendix E Bus Map
EIA Volume 3, Transport Assessment_Appendix E Cycle Map
EIA Volume 3, Transport Assessment_Appendix E Walking Map
Illustrative Masterplan Fifth Floor
Illustrative Masterplan First Floor
Illustrative Masterplan Ground Floor
Illustrative Masterplan Second Floor
Illustrative Masterplan Third and Fourth Floors
Outline Application Red Line Plan
SUPERSEDED Parameters Plans
Planning Statement
Statement of Consultation and Engagement
Sustainability Statement
Consultations sent and site history
Consultation Responses
National grid 18-04-12
Coventry Society 17-04-12
DJD Notice Letter to argos 16-04-12
Fee Receipt
Susan Smith Climate Change Officer 23-04-12
Coventry market (sent to list) excel spreadsheet
Consultation Responses
Neil Chaplin Environmental Protection 23-04-12
Natural England 24-04-12
GR Planning Consultancy 11-04-12
Neil McNaught 12-04-12
Press Notice
Site Notice
Email fron Kelly Paddick DJD 16-04-12
Env Statement Referrel to Secretary of State 11/05/12
Planning Committee Final Report dated 31st May 2012
returned consultation letter
Revised FRA Appendix 1c
Revised Flood Risk Assessment April 2012
Revised FRA Appendix 1a
Revised FRA Appendix 1b
Revised FRA Appendix 1d
Revised FRA Appendix 1e
Revised FRA Appendix 1f
Revised FRA Appendix 1g
Revised FRA Appendix 1h
Revised FRA Appendix 1i
Revised FRA Appendix 2
Revised FRA Appendix 3a
Revised FRA Appendix 3b
Revised FRA Appendix 4a
Revised FRA Appendix 4b
Revised FRA Appendix 4c
Revised FRA Appendix 4d
NPCU ES acknowledgement 15/05/12
Con & Arch 17/05/12
Urban Design 17/05/12
Env Protection 17/05/12
Urban Design 18/05/12
EA Response to Agent 22/05/12
PCT Comments 04/05/12
Con & Arch 04/05/12
Stopping Up Plan
Amended Parameters Document 29/05/12
Letter from Agent 29/05/12
Amended Design & Access Statement 29/05/12
Daylight/Sunlight Addendum Letter 30/05/12
Updated VSC Table Beauchamp Ho
Updated VSC Table Vicroft Court
Environment Agency Comments 30/05/12
returned mail
Press notice 12.04.12
Decision Notice
NPPF Compliance Statement
Jay Dodhia 30-05-12
Cover Letter
Amended Application Form
Press Notice

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